Monthly Tarot Forecast for February 2017 by Mita Bhan

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Monthly Tarot Forecast for February 2017 by Mita Bhan

Celebrity Tarot Card Reader - Mita Bhan brings you tarot predictions for the month of February 2017. Read what your sign has in store for you this month. Enjoy your reading.


Work matters come to the fore. If you've been struggling to find recognition and acceptance, the following weeks sees the team look up to you with newfound respect. You're good at what you do and people are beginning to notice it. Team related matters flow smoothly and deep down you begin to get a feeling that you're living your purpose. Job seekers should get good news, and if in business, things begin to pick up in a positive way. Take time out for the home and family, or at least warn them in advance that you will be working late hours. Students perform well and feel confident about their abilities. Your only warning, watch out for sudden expenses.


To get ahead we need to overcome our blocks but first, we need to identify the blocks. And yours appears to be a man in authority whose decision making abilities are questionable. Dominating, moody and with no clue of boundaries, he may make your path a little rough so be prepared. Double check everything with a microscope if you have to, seemingly insignificant matters can be overlooked or an error in judgment could come to notice, which may weaken your position. You may even choose to stay away from politics and avoid people - both personally and professionally. A difficult month in terms of interpersonal relationships but it's not going to last forever. Just keep an open mind and listen to what is not being said. 


Don't run away with your fears and remember everything you imagine may not happen. Stay grounded and focus on practical matters. You may feel someone close to you is changing their behavior, but before you react, step into their shoes and see things from their point of view. Be objective as far as possible. Your sleep patterns may be a little disturbed and you may find yourself yearning for a break, to get away from it all. Financially a good month for self-employed Geminis, just remember to save for a rainy day. Alternative healing will be beneficial for calming all the nervous energy you've collected and a celebration may lift your spirits. 


Expect a lot of communications this month. Letters, documents, presentations, conferences, talking and listening. A busy month for many, you may crave to go home and read a book or just watch TV, but not this month. Whatever plans are laid down this month will bear fruit in the months ahead. And a chance encounter with a stranger could lead to a magnetic friendship. Just watch out for an angry outburst, either by you or by someone close to you. It could just be a product of exhaustion and stress, so don't take things too personally. If you find yourself getting too overwhelmed by all the activity around you, just head for the spa or get some necessary "me" time.


When one door shuts, another one opens. You may find a relationship or an association comes to an end. Deep down, you knew it would happen, just pick up the pieces and keep moving. Great things are in store for you and you need to learn to let go of the past to usher them in. An interested opportunity may come your way, or you may be invited to a new place. You may have to hang out with people who aren't your type. Try new things, take a risk. Let go of the uncontrollable in your life. Learn to be in the present moment, great peace and joy awaits you.


Positive energy is all around you and the more you tap into it, the better you feel. The Universe brings you a moment of absolute bliss this month so sit back and enjoy it. Your selflessness is rewarded. And you get recognized for your efforts. All forms of healing are favored and you find yourself in the best of health and spirits. All forms of spiritual work are benefited in this period and if you're considering learning alternative therapies, or attending a healing program, go for it. A good month to give back to society, you may like to work for a cause you believe in or do your bit for the underprivileged. Blessings come your way from the Universe, just stay open and keep doing the wonderful work you do.


The clocks ticking and you have to make up your mind and make a decision. No more sitting on the fence. No more pushing things out of sight. This month is all about taking immediate action and being decisive. A family member may annoy you or put you in a spot. Be clear in your communications especially with coworkers. Watch out for overspending, an unexpected bill may throw you off guard. Health matters remain good and you may just indulge in a much needed weekend getaway.


After a period of cloudiness, the sun begins to shine again, literally and figuratively. Old conflicts are resolved and you may find yourself clearer, brighter and more determined to make a difference. Children are a source of joy and if there are no children in your life, the cards urge you to get in touch with your inner child and experience the moments of innocence and childlike joy. Creativity flourishes and students excel.  A great month for work and finance matters, things flow smoothly and people sense your renewed enthusiasm. Travel plans will get finalized. Marriages get fixed. Good things come your way.


If you find it difficult to accept changes, or new points of view, you will be tested this month. Learn to open your mind and see things from others perspective. The cards warn of patterns repeated until you learn. And the more you cling on to outdated ways of doing things or thinking, the more troubled you will be. A choice may be presented to you, which will require taking a risk. A new job opportunity or a completely different project will come your way. Are you ready for change? A much-needed break will be a wonderful change. And if you were planning on traveling, the trip will be very successful.


Your patience will be tested in the weeks ahead. Expect delays and don't fall for empty promises. Not everyone is as honest as you and someone may be taking you for a ride or misleading you with false promises. Stay alert for sudden errors and breakdowns especially in electronic items and machinery. Work that was done months ago may require changes and reworking. Stay flexible and prepare yourself for the unexpected. A good month for socializing and catching up with old friends, you could hear some wonderful news on the personal front. Money that was owed to you will get delayed, 


Tough times make tough people, and you may be in for a lot of inner strengthening this month. A stressful situation could reach breaking point before there's relief. Health matters may get aggravated before healing and the storm may reach its worst point before the calm comes back. Hang in there and stay calm. A misunderstanding at the workplace may require additional work. You may need to count on your allies to back you up. Some battles cannot be fought alone. Watch your temper and be wary of an old enemy. And if it gets too unbearable, remember this too shall pass. 


The clearer your goals the better your future. Make plans and follow them. Stop dreaming and start doing. Your actions will tell others everything they need to know. If you've got a great idea or a new creative plan, keep things to yourself and execute your idea. You may discover the truth about a relationship. Your instincts are heightened in the weeks ahead so pay attention to your dreams and gut feel. An attraction could develop into a serious relationship. Avoid splurging on impulse buys.