Miss World 2017 - Manushi Chhillar’s Astrological Analysis By Astroyogi

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Miss World 2017 - Manushi Chhillar’s Astrological Analysis By Astroyogi

As the stunning and intelligent Manushi waved out to the excited audience in Sanya, China, she proved to the world how multi-faceted and multi-talented a woman can get. The ‘perfect’  20 year old from the state of Haryana, India, with the most beautiful face and expressive eyes, showed the world how it is possible to achieve success with grit and determination.

Manushi, a student of medical science and a trained classical dancer, claimed the Miss World title back after a hiatus of 17 long years, much to the delight of millions of Indians.

Aiming to be a doctor in cosmetology and acupuncture, the gorgeous Manushi has always been inspired by the Late President, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, who worked at DRDO, where her father works; and former Miss India, Koyal Rana, who was her senior at St Thomas School, New Delhi. 

Manushi had competed with 30 contestants from the 30 States of India in the Femina Miss India beauty pageant held at Mumbai, in June this year. She not only won the crown in the contest but was also awarded ‘Miss Photogenic’.

At the Miss World pageantry, she was also co-winner of the ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ competition.

Born on 14 th May 1997, Manushi is a Taurus. And like a typical Taurus woman, she was not going to get provoked by a pun made at her expense by influential people like Shashi Tharoor, as she won the Miss World title. When Congressman Tharoor attempted to attack the Centre over demonetisation, using her surname, Manushi simply ‘Twittered’ back, tagging Tharoor with a smiley,” A girl who has just won the World, isn’t going to be upset over a tongue-in-cheek remark. ‘Chillar' talk is just small change - let’s not forget the ‘chill’ within the ‘Chillar’.

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Manushi won the Miss World title from among 108 contestants and this is where her Taurus character of having a strong endurance for stress and pressure, may have helped. It takes a lot of perseverance and stoicism in that very competitive environment of pageantry, to make it to the top.

Taurus women are known to be tomboyish, which justifies Manushi’s passion for outdoor sports like scuba diving and bungee jumping. They also admire the beauty and love their femininity, which has enabled her to walk the ramp with so much grace and poise.

A Taurus is never afraid to take on a new project and venture into the unknown. Coming from a closed community of Jats, Chhillars have not made any significant mark on the national stage. Last year did see two kabaddi champs from Haryana. But Manushi, stepped out of the ordinary to break all records and emerge as the very first Chhillar woman to make a mark not just nationally, but also on the International front.

2017 for the career of the Bulls had spelt hard work with perseverance. Mid-year, they would reap the rewards of their profession and so did Manushi when she won the Miss India title. A lot of recognition was to come her way by the time 2017 got to an end. Manushi has not only achieved that for herself, but also for her family name. Chhillar has become a household name now.