Millenials Read Their Daily Horoscopes But Preferably Online

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Millenials Read Their Daily Horoscopes But Preferably Online

From cassettes to cloud storage millenials have seen technology transforming our lives in a radical pace. They may be in their late 20s or even in 30s enjoying nostalgic music from the 90s and 80s on their smartphone. Their competence and incompetence are still being discussed and debated. Many say that they are the most volatile and bewildered generation, while some disagree. Fracas apart it’s an unambiguous fact that millennials have been through and seen a lot.  But what make them distinct from other generations is the sharp contrasts of their mind.  They are always excited about new technologies and never hesitate to try them. But the same time they are also traditional and more spiritually inclined when compared to the much progressive generations which followed.

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They are the most affluent and priced TG for all the ecommerce players and they there is a wide variety of stuff which can be delivered to them online. One of such demand which explainsis a typical example of traditional bend of millennial minds is for online horoscopes. There is a plethora of websites which offer online horoscopes and astrological consultation services today, following the success of few very authentic and trustworthy websites. To make things even more convenient we also have a lot of apps which deliver daily horoscopes directly to our smartphones.

Internet of Things is no longer a concept, it is at our doorsteps and soon we wouldn’t be able to live

without it. But just the thought of how it would be revolutionising our lives is exciting. Geographical

constraints would be eliminated and things wouldn’t just go missing! In  this context we would also see the marriage of tradition and technology because when we say all things on internet Astrology would also go along as it is a big thing for Millenials.  Daily horoscope columns were ubiquitous in all newspapers a decade before. Now you can find daily horoscope apps next to news apps in smartphones the difference is significant but the intrest remains the same!