Mercury Transit In Sagittarius- The Result Of Your Actions Will Be Speedy And Spontaneous

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Mercury Transit In Sagittarius 2021 - The Result Of Your Actions Will Be Speedy And Spontaneous

Mercury is considered the karka for learning, intellectual ability, communication skill, business, calculation, etc. It is a neutral planet that changes its property according to its aspect and conjunction. During this transit however, Mercury is unafflicted; it will conjunct with the Sun, but it is not a very close degree conjunction. So in the sign of Jupiter, its intellectual ability will be very high and will provide outstanding results. 

The planet of conscious mind, Mercury, will transit in Sagittarius on 10th December 2021, and it will stay in this sign up to 29th December 2021. During this time, Mercury will transit from the water sign Scorpio to the Fiery sign of Sagittarius. So the result will be speedy and spontaneous. Let us analyze the impact of mercury transit on every ascendant sign.  

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Impact of Mercury Transit in Sagittarius 2021 on Aries

Mercury is transiting to your 9th house at this time. It represents the house of luck, father, dharma, long journey, higher knowledge, and righteousness. It is a perfect time for writers, advocates, travel agents, and agency-related businesses. 

  • Your communication skills will be impressive, and you can easily forge good relationships with a stranger, which will help you improve your life. 
  • Those who are writers, your work would be published, and others will appreciate it. 
  • Court cases related proceedings will move forward. 
  • Marketing people will benefit from this transit; their convincing power will help them win the race among their competitors. 
  • Religious activity may increase, and you will further show interest and try to learn more about your religion and its teachings. 
  • It is a good time for the people preparing for competitive exams or pursuing higher studies. Your hard work and dedication can help you achieve your goals. Read Aries Horoscope 2022

Impact of Mercury Transit in Sagittarius 2021 on Taurus

Mercury is transiting to your 8th house this time. It signifies the house of mystics, research, unearned money, and obstacles. Students need to put more attention and hard work  to achieve their goals. Otherwise, they may face unnecessary barriers in their education. 

  • If you are dealing in any mystical science, it is a good time to understand this subject deeply. 
  • Your intuitive power will increase, and you can easily understand the hidden clues behind every conversation. 
  • You may get money through dowry or hereditary wealth. 
  • Your plan on getting back blocked money will be successful. 
  • It is an excellent time to reallocate financial resources. It will help you in generating wealth. 
  • Avoid sharing any money-related plans with others. 
  • Your decisions may go wrong, so think twice or take advice from your mentor to avoid unnecessary struggles in professional life. 
  • Your jolly good nature will make any gathering lively. 
  • Love birds could enjoy a romantic life. Read Taurus horoscope 2022

Impact of Mercury Transit in Sagittarius 2021 on Gemini

Mercury is transiting to your 7th house this time. It signifies the house of marriage, partnership, and business. This transit is very supportive for the Geminis. 

  • Unmarried people waiting for marriage might tie the knot with a suitable partner in the coming days. 
  • Married couples will feel a strong bonding with their spouse. 
  • People in business may sign new agreements of partnership and expand their business. 
  • Even the minimum efforts to promote your product will reward you with good brand value. 
  • Luxury and comfort may increase, and you will get full support from your family. 
  • Besides your charming personality, your judgmental and calculative ability would give you great success in your professional life. 
  • You will tend to weigh the pros and cons of every issue and make practical decisions during this time. Read Gemini Horoscope 2022

Impact of Mercury Transit in Sagittarius 2021 on Cancer

Mercury will transit through your 6th house this time. It is the house of competition, enemies, disease, and daily chores. Cancerian will get mixed results from this transit. 

  • You need to take very good care of yourself otherwise you may face nerves-related health issues and to resolve that issue, you might have to spend a lot of money. 
  • Open and mature conversations with your enemies would easily sort out daily challenges. 
  • You are inclined to make a “To Do” list and follow your schedule. 
  • You will focus on every minute detail of your work, and in return, you will get quality over quantity. 
  • Long pending paperwork will be complete. 
  • Expenses will be high, and you can take a loan, so please keep your expenditure in check. Read Cancer horoscope 2022

Impact of Mercury Transit in Sagittarius 2021 on Leo

Mercury will transit to the 5th house this time. This is the house of education, creativity, intellect, childbirth, applied knowledge, and new creation. 

  • It is a very productive time for the students enrolled in higher education. This transit will increase their learning ability. Some of them could also get a scholarship. 
  • Love birds will enjoy the romantic time; their relationship will strengthen. 
  • Creativity and applied knowledge may give some extra earning during this period. 
  • People in service will have a chance to get a promotion. You might develop an interest in brain games to improve your mind power. 
  • Your solution-oriented mindset will help you solve all the problems you had before. 
  • Money-making ideas will help you to increase secured wealth. Read Leo horoscope 2022

Impact of Mercury Transit in Sagittarius 2021 on Virgo

Mercury will transit to the 4th house this time. It represents the house of mother, comfort, early education, property, vehicle, and mental peace. Virgos will get good results from this transit. 

  • Professional success will increase your status. 
  • Your competitive attitude will keep you one step ahead of your rivals. 
  • You would like to work peacefully and focus on attaining luxury and comfort. 
  • Some people may work from home during this transit. 
  • People who are living away from their families may come back home. 
  • You will work to provide security and comfort to your family. 
  • The grasping power with regards to studies will increase. 
  • You may buy a new vehicle or property during this period. Read Virgo horoscope 2022  

Impact of Mercury Transit in Sagittarius 2021 on Libra

Mercury will transit to the 3rd house this time. It signifies the house of younger siblings, communication, and courage. So, this is an excellent period for the people connected to media, publication, writing, documentation, consultation, marketing, etc. 

  • Your way of speaking may attract people, and they will easily get convinced with your thought process. 
  • There is a possibility of a journey. 
  • Some people may shift their house, and if you are waiting for foreign travel, this transit will support you. 
  • You will efficiently work to make plans. 
  • Your expenses will be high so avoid unnecessary expenditure. 
  • It is an excellent time to complete your paperwork. 
  • Faith in religion will increase, and you will perform rituals religiously. Read Libra horoscope 2022

Impact of Mercury Transit in Sagittarius 2021 on Scorpio

Mercury will transit in the 2nd house this time. It signifies the house of speech, wealth, and immediate family. Scorpions may have sudden gains which will provide them financial stability. 

  • People in service may get a promotion or increase in salary. 
  • People in business will analyze their cash flow, income, and earning power. 
  • You will be more practical and rational in your approach to finance. 
  • Family values will help you to make a good social relationship. 
  • Some people will benefit from unearned money. 
  • You may get a chance to be involved in family gatherings. 
  • You may like to communicate on sensitive, intimate, and personal matters with rationality and logic. 
  • Newcomers can get good opportunities on the professional front. 
  • Your funny nature will create a positive and lively environment around you. Read Scorpio horoscope 2022 

Impact of Mercury Transit in Sagittarius 2021 on Sagittarius

Mercury will transit in your Lagan house this time. It signifies the house of self, personality, physical strength, etc. This transit will enhance your intellectual abilities. 

  • Your analytical ability can help you make difficult decisions wisely. 
  • People will be impressed with your decision-making skills and may come to seek guidance. 
  • Business people could make a futuristic plan to grow and expand their business. 
  • New partnerships can flourish. 
  • You will be inclined to speak up about matters that you previously ignored. 
  • Your appearance will affect things around you, and you will minutely observe your impact. 
  • Married couples will enjoy a peaceful and supportive relationship with their spouse. 
  • If you want to sell any property, it is the right time to put in your efforts. Read Sagittarius horoscope 2022  

Impact of Mercury Transit in Sagittarius 2021 on Capricorn

Mercury will transit to your 12th house this time. It signifies the house of expenses, meditation, and isolation. Researchers and scholars will come up with better findings. 

  • Students seeking foreign education could have a chance to get into their desired college. 
  • You may face some health issues, specifically, be careful about skin and nerves-related diseases. 
  • Relaxation exercise, meditation, and Yoga Nidra would be better options to avoid nerves-related issues. 
  • Your workaholic nature is mainly creating health trouble so take proper rest to avoid it. 
  • Uncontrolled expenses can create trouble, so make a proper budget to avoid unforeseen situations. 
  • Maintain your daily routine properly and complete your paperwork on time. Read Capricorn horoscope 2022 

Impact of Mercury Transit in Sagittarius 2021 on Aquarius

Mercury is transiting to your 11th house this time. The house of the elder sibling, gain, and fulfillment of desire, etc. This period is fruitful for you. Your mind is bright, alert, and more active during this cycle, and you could come up with unusual and inventive ideas.

  • Intuitive power will help you understand what others want to convey, which will help you to make effective conversations and strengthen social relationships. 
  • You will get name, fame, power, authority, and promotion, and your social status will increase during this period. 
  • If you are looking for a job change, you could get a better opportunity. Calculative speculations  will provide good gains. 
  • Some people may attain paternal wealth. 
  • Students will succeed in their exams and build a good reputation. 
  • Love birds will enjoy a good time with their partner. Read Aquarius horoscope 2022  

Impact of Mercury Transit in Sagittarius 2021 on Pisces

Mercury is transiting to your 10th house this time. The house of profession. This period will be very fruitful for your professional life; it will provide you with fame and status.

  • The business will prosper, and its brand value will increase during this period. 
  • You will also receive full support from your business partner. 
  • A quick calculation and analytical attitude will provide good gains for you. The workflow will be very smooth, mental peace will be there, and you will enjoy quality time with your loved ones. 
  • Your relationship with your mother will strengthen. 
  • Your amenities and comfort will increase. 
  • Buying and selling related retail businesses will prosper. 
  • You may be involved in passive income-making ideas, giving you good gains. 
  • You may ignore your personal life because of work. Read Pisces horoscope 2022

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