Mercury Transit in Gemini and Its Impact on You

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Mercury Transit in Gemini and Its Impact on You

In Vedic Astrology, the planet Mercury imparts abilities of speech, wisdom, business and communication skills. Individuals who are favoured by the planet Mercury are by and large quite intelligent and rational. These individuals are skillful at conversations as well as experts in Mathematics. The planet Mercury is considered positive by nature and rules the zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo.


The planet Mercury will transit in Gemini on May 24th at 23:55 PM.  This transit has an influence on all the Zodiac signs. Thereby, let us peer into the astrological predictions by our own Astroyogi’s Expert Astrologers on the influence of this transit on the life of the people of each zodiac sign.



With the planet Mercury being in transit into the 3rd house, it will be clearly indicative of a significant increase in one’s valor and willpower. Individuals will find themselves inclined to performing good deeds. Career-wise, it will be quite a creative period for the individuals and results will be beneficial in future. Health-wise, individuals will find themselves at their best physical ability with an outpour of energy which can be put to good use at the gym or some sporting activity. All is well at the lover’s abode with peace and harmony.



The planet Mercury transits into the 2nd house where it is indicated that there would be significant opportunities to accumulate wealth. Investments in property will reap in significant profits. Individuals in romantic relations and married individuals are advised to think before speaking as the wrong words can hurt loved ones. Career-wise, it is best to stay away from silly office politics that can affect when least expected. Individuals are advised to go for a periodical check up in order to ensure that precautionary steps are taken for anything, if needed.



Being that the planet Mercury will transit into the 1st house, individuals will experience a refinement to their personality making it more striking. Married individuals and lovers would be in state of euphoria with feelings of warmth and being blessed. Individuals will experience good health with energy levels on a high that can be directed to sporting activities or the gym. Career-wise, it is advised to focus on your tasks and deadlines so as to be among the top performers to be considered for the promotion.



The planet Mercury transits into the 12th house where it is advised to go for a full medical check up to take any precautions if needed. Travelling abroad is forecasted to take place soon through which one may experience a rise in expenses. It is advised not to take any loans or make any sort of financial promises or investments. The romantic partner or spouse will require some quality time to be spent well. It is recommended to make some new plans to change one’s job prospects or business practice angles.

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With the planet Mercury being in transit into the 11th house, individuals will experience significant increase in their income and will also receive various opportunities to increase one’s wealth. Individuals will experience a fulfillment of a long awaited wish. There will be an improvement in one’s social circles where applying one’s intellect will lead to significant gains. Career-wise, individuals will be curious to learn new things which will be helpful on the long run. Married couples and lovers will go through some rocky situations but can be resolved with constructive dialogue.



With the planet Mercury being in transit into the 10th house, individuals will go through a phase of being a workaholic by focusing on their work which would definitely lead to good reviews at the workplace. It is recommended to keep the spouse or lover in a happy mood by spending some quality time with them rather than bickering upon impulse. Travelling abroad is foreseen in the near future. Working out on a regular basis will keep one fit and healthier in the long run.



The planet Mercury transits into the ninth house where individuals can expect high profits and financial gains. Fame and status will also be in store for Libra individuals during this transit. Travelling abroad based on work is forecasted to happen soon. Married individuals or lovers will notice that their partner is becoming headstrong which indicates that quality time needs to be spent together with warmth and love. Health-wise, it is all clear skies yet it is still recommended to do a daily basic workout to keep one active.



With the transit of the planet Mercury into the 8th house, individuals will have a inclination to sudden profits which are highly expected, although a few losses are also likely which by any chance will not affect one’s financial stability in any way. Married individuals or lovers may find their partner to be angry and harsh with words whereby it can be resolved by listening patiently and taking them out for some entertainment or concerts. It is also recommended to do a full medical checkup in order to take any precautionary measures, if needed.

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The planet Mercury will transit into the 7th house whereby individual’s communication skills will significantly improve, however, it is recommended to be careful of what is spoken. There is an imminent probability of a promotion at the workplace with benefits. Playing sports on a regular basis such as tennis or squash will help burn off any extra weight that has been packing during the holidays. Individuals can experience dominative feelings from their spouse which can be controlled through constructive dialogue or distractions.



With the planet Mercury being in transit into the 6th house, individuals will see immense success at the workplace. Success at the workplace will bring in monetary benefits which can be utilized in property investments. Health-wise, individuals will experience a significant surge of energy which can be diverted to adventure sports or the gym. Married individuals will find that their partner requires some attention and caring warmth.



The planet Mercury will transit into the 5th house whereby there would be an increase in one’s intellectual level. There will be significant increase in the income earned which can encourage some tangible asset investment. Health-wise, it is recommended to do a periodical checkup with the doctor so as to take any precautionary measures, if required. The lover or partner in spouse will be supportive or whatever steps to be taken to improve the current situation significantly.



The planet Mercury transits into the 4th house where harmony will prevail in one’s domestic life and a significant amount of quality time can be spent with loved ones. A purchase of a new car or house is foreseen in the near future. It is recommended to play it smart at work and avoid any laziness in order to achieve that promotion. The lover or spouse will be elated as they have a chance of achieving awards at their workplace which should not go unrecognized and must receive all praise from you. Health-wise, it is all good if regular workout is carried out.