Mercury Transit from Capricorn to Aquarius

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Mercury Transit from Capricorn to Aquarius

Mercury is the planet of intelligence, communication, prosperity and showers success with happiness on the signs where it is positive. Aquarius will be the most affected by this transit of Planet Mercury. Natives of this zodiac sign will be powerful and highly knowledgeable. As per Vedic astrology, Mercury is to be the lord of the zodiac signs - Gemini and Virgo. If the transit is negative for some signs then the natives will use their intellect to deceive and cheat as well spread falsified information leading to problems. Individuals can behave in an agitated manner and cause disruptions by misusing their power as well.

However, Mercury can also arise with positive benefits in our lives which is why Vedic astrologers confirm that Mercury in transit is important. Mercury will be transiting from Capricorn to Aquarius from 28th January 2018 through 15th February 2018, Astroyogi's Expert astrologers predict the impacts of this important transit on each of the 12 Zodiac signs.

Consult our expert astrologers for an in-depth horoscope analysis in the light of this  Mercury transit. 

(Note: The predictions are to be seen as per the Moon Sign.)

Aries: Mercury transits into your Eleventh house and will lead to abundant happiness and positivity. Although, it is advisable to be vigilant and cautious during this particular period to not catch any fever or flu. Your spouse or romantic partner will be in good spirits where you can go dancing and long walks for some quality time together. At the workplace, you will be rewarded new responsibilities with your sharpness in knowledge and will prosper accordingly. It is a good time to be investing in business ventures of your interest.

Taurus: Mercury is coming in the tenth house due to which you are likely to earn a scholarship or promotion at the workplace. You will also increase your business networking circle. Your spouse or romantic partner will be quite fidgety therefore it is advised to be open with them but be careful with your words. It is advised to do frequent health checkup to avoid any surprises and take precautions if needed. Investment in some antiques will go a long way in the future.

Gemini: The transit of Mercury is in the ninth house for your sign and is considered to be stable. Joining the gym or some regular sport is highly recommended so as to avoid packing on the extra weight. You may experience some differences in opinions at your workplace, imbibe it in a constructive manner. Your romantic partner or spouse will be expecting something from you, try to make it good. Travelling short distances is also seen on a high. It is advised to be a little cautious about your finances.

Cancer: Mercury transits in the eighth house evidently being stable. You will need to take extra effort in your romantic relations or with your spouse in order to take it to the next level. There is a high possibility of individuals catching the flu or fever. Travelling abroad will have to be postponed to a different time. At the workplace, you will find yourself receiving a bonus or share of yearly profits. Investments in electronics and household furniture appear positive.

Consult our expert astrologers for an in-depth horoscope analysis in the light of this  Mercury transit. 

 Leo: Mercury is entering the seventh house with your zodiac sign which can be prosperous and enlightening. Your romantic partner or spouse will be expecting a surprise from you, which if you do it well, who knows, one can get lucky, a lot. It is advised to visit the doctor for a checkup as prevention is better than cure. At the workplace,  it is highly recommended to work with discretion. It is advised to not take part in any business ventures.

Virgo: The transit of Mercury is in the sixth house, where it is stable and calm. You will have the ability to remain calm and focused even in dire situations which will help you a lot. At the workplace, be vigilant for backstabbers and foul-mouthed people whereby refrain from getting into out of office discussions. Travelling abroad is seen to be an enriching experience with family or lover. You will experience a rise in income from your past investments.

Libra: Mercury will transit into the fifth house where you will require to do extra hard work to attain what you were seeking. Financial gains will be on a considerable rise. A promotion at the workplace is expected to be on your way.  Your romantic partner or spouse will be requiring extra attention as they may be going through a hard time. It is also advised to stick to your active regime so as to keep yourself fit and clear-headed otherwise it is highly recommended to join some yoga classes or some regular sport.

Scorpio: Mercury transits in the fourth house where you may face some hardships. At the workplace, you are likely to get into tiffs with colleagues over the various processes and authority thereby it is advised to avoid making any conflicting statements. It is better to take precautions rather than regret, therefore, it is advised to visit your doctor for a complete checkup. Your spouse or romantic partner may ask too much of you, talk to them calmly and suggest some plans ahead. Investments of any sort are not recommended. Visiting your parents and family back home would be peaceful and calming to the mind.

Sagittarius: Mercury transits into the third house bringing you positivity. It is advised to keep a check on your emotions at the workplace so as to avoid any embarrassing situations. This is a good time for you to take your romantic relation or married life to the next level. Your partner will also high in generosity.  You will have the willpower to overcome your bad habits if any. Travelling abroad adventurously seem to be highly likely.  It is advised to be cautious with your finances so as to avoid any losses.

Capricorn: Being that Mercury transits in the second house, there are benefits and is also considered auspicious. You will be climbing the career ladder into management level whereby your income will also be on a rise. You will be travelling to your dream places with your spouse or lover bringing a new zest to life. Investments in property, electronics, stock, and shares are all highly feasible with enormous returns. You will be energetic and healthy. You will also experience happiness in seeing your friends, relatives and their children.

Aquarius: With Mercury transitting into the first house and in your own zodiac sign, positive results can be seen in your professional life. You will be getting immense competition at your workplace. You will be experiencing a new high of romance with your partner or spouse. You will feel healthy and with high levels of high energy which is advised to be channelized into competitive sports. It is advised that this time is not good for investments financially.

Pisces: The planet transits into the Twelveth house evidently showing some stability. Any plans to purchase property or material things on a long-term basis at this time is highly unfavourable. At the workplace, everything will be smooth and colleagues will be extremely jovial as well. You will need to spend some quality time with your partner or spouse so as to avoid any tiffs or conflicts in the near future. You will need to visit your doctor for any difficulties you face while walking. It is advised to take rest and not do any strenuous activities for a short while. Be careful about your finances and control your expenditure.

Consult our expert astrologers for an in-depth horoscope analysis in the light of this  Mercury transit.