What will Mercury Retrograde 2020 drastically change in your life!

Mercury would retrograde in the Aquarius zodiac sign on 17th February 2020 and it would become direct only after 09-03-20. 


What do you mean by retrograde?

Retrogression is a very normal phenomenon observed by the planets and their results become erratic and unpredictable. A retrograde planet is also known to trigger certain events that an individual may have come across in the recent past.

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Technically speaking, Mercury cannot move 27 degrees beyond the Sun, so it is either conjunct or placed in either house to the Sun. Accordingly, it enters retrogression very often as compared to the other planets. 


When a planet becomes retrograde it uniquely gains “Cheshtha Bal”. Cheshtha means to “Try” and it is one of the energies a planet governs among the Shadbala and the planet becomes retaliating in nature. Interestingly, even though erratic in nature, the planet becomes very powerful and radiates tremendous energy to complete pending tasks, unfinished projects, unclaimed payments and clear bottleneck activities. 


What will Mercury Retrograde 2020 bring with itself!

Events like job interviews, unfinished project activities, long pending issues, unfinished conversations, unresolved discord with near dear ones, stuck up deals, unfinished negotiations etc would take the centre stage in life and there would be opportunities to deal with them and clear it once for all. 

Sun would be conjunct with Mercury during this period and it is likely to create synergy and surge in energy levels. Sun and Mercury conjunction creates Budh-Aditya Yoga and it is known to create very strong intellectual tendencies and decisiveness in the natives so there can be a lot that can be achieved during this period. 


A little piece of advice for the natives born under Capricorn, Cancer and Leo Moon ascendant. Do not act headstrong otherwise, this time can cause loss of reputation and work may slow down. For the rest of the Moon zodiac signs, the results would be more or less preferable.


Mercury retrograde remedies 

Tips: Offering argha to Surya and reciting Shri Vishnu Sahastranaam would be a complete blessing in itself.


Best of Luck

Aacharya Aaditya


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