Mercury Transit in Scorpio On 28 November 2020

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Mercury Transit in Scorpio On 28 November 2020

On 28th November 2020 Mercury the lord of business, communication, intelligence and travel will enter in Scorpio sign and it will stay there till 17th December 2020. Mercury is a convertible planet because when it is with beneficial planets, it gives auspicious results but if it is conjoint with malefic planets, it gives inauspicious results. A well placed Mercury in the birth chart makes one versatile, good in mathematical calculations, engineering, accounts and correspondence.

Predictions for Mercury in twelve signs (Based on Moon sign)


The transit of Mercury in Scorpio sign is going to create auspicious "Viprit Rajyog" for you. In this period hidden enemies will try to create delays in your work but they will not be able to succeed in their intentions. Be aware of your communications, it is the time to be patient and listen to others too. The businessman will get benefits from Partner. There will be expenses on travel and medical. Spend more time with the partner to keep the relationship smooth. 



Mercury is going to give auspicious results in career. Professionals will be able to get a good opportunity in getting desired projects and businessmen will be able to make good profits. If you are looking for a new job there will be a delay. In this duration, you will look at things with many angles and may become indecisive. Your communication will become more strong and networking will be good. You will be able to make new friends or find a special friend. 



Mercury The Lord of Gemini sign is going to transit from debt and enemy house. You need to stay alert while dealing with others. At the workplace, someone will try to come nearer to know your strategies. This is a good time to look for new opportunities in career. It is time to disclose feelings for others and you will come to know their real face. Mentally you will be very active and it can cause insomnia and anxiety.  

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Mercury is going to give you favours from a foreign country. You can go abroad for career purpose. It is also a good time to change job or join a new company. Social networking will become more strong and your creative skills will get appreciation. Do not sign any contract on a trust basis, someone can deceive you. You will spend time with a special friend too, it is a benevolent time in the relationship.



Mercury is the lord of wealth house for Leo sign. It is going to bless you with luxuries. At the workplace there will be a delay in completion of projects and work pressure will be on the higher side but you will be able to manage everything. It is time to keep balance in professional and personal life. You will get support from team members. In relationship be very careful, the difference of views can create separation.



Social networking and meeting will keep you busy. You will get appreciation from presentations and with your creative innovative ideas. It is the favourable time for marketing and media professionals. The businessman will feel less cash flow but will get good orders. If you are looking for a new job, Mercury can give you. Do not become aggressive in communication with your partner, the relationship is sensitive in this period.  

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It is a time to keep your eyes wide open, hidden enemies will try to defame. At the workplace it is a very sensitive time, avoid getting involved in office politics. It is time to keep the focus on work. The businessman will be able to get good gains but if you are in a partnership business there will be some problem from Partner. In a relationship it is a good time, misunderstandings will get clear and bonding between both of you will become more strong. 



Mercury is going to transit from Scorpio sign but it is not comfortable here as this is the sign of Mars which is enemy of Mercury. A businessman needs to keep their documents updated. Hidden obstacles from the government can increase mental stress. At the workplace, seniors will be less supportive. If you are going to take some important decisions, take advice from elders or seniors. It is not time to work spontaneously. In a relationship, you need to give more time to partner and ignore small issues. 



Mercury is the lord of career house for Sagittarius sign and it is going to increase favourable opportunities at the workplace. If you are looking for a new job or business project this is a good time to get it. Mercury is a mind and it will give you multiple opportunities at the same time which can create confusion to select which one. In this period you will become a workaholic and so the relationship will go backstage. 



The transit of Mercury in Scorpio sign is indicating expenses on travel and medical. It is a time to pay attention to health by taking proper diet and exercise. Litigation matters which are going from a long time can come to an end. Keep awareness of your action and communication before taking any decisions. Keep your expectations low In a relationship. There can be some arguments try to ignore small issues. 



This is the time to make a plan for professional life. You can do some studies to increase the chances of getting a promotion or a favourable job in the desired company. In this period you will be busy communicating with the outside world either through networking, advertising, contracts or negotiations. In a relationship, you will have a good time and can go on holiday trips too. 



Mercury is going to transit from luck and fortune house. This is the favourable period for starting any new job, business venture or to get admission in the university. Foreign travel can also appear in this period. The challenges you have faced until now will give rewards. Support from colleagues will be available at the workplace and in a relationship, things will become smooth.