Mary Kom – Astro Analysis of the Golden Girl

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Mary Kom – Astro Analysis of the Golden Girl

Indian Olympic boxer from Manipur, Chungneijang Mary Kom Hmangte, nicknamed, Magnificent Mary, is an inspiration for many sport enthusiasts, specially for those who come from a humble background and have to not only fight against society to pursue their dreams, but even their own family. Mary’s parents, who were at first reluctant to allow this champion to pursue her passion, in fear that she may scar her face and lose the chance to find a suitor, now stand tall next to her with pride on their faces.

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This woman who created history, is today, the most successful boxer in the world simply through her sheer grit and will! She holds the remarkable feat of not losing a World Championships bout for eight straight years! 

Mary Kom has to her credit, apart from the various awards; a film to her name, an autobiography(Unbreakable) by none other than Harper Collins and also a road in Imphal(MC Mary  Kom Road).

Born on 1 March, Mary Kom is a Pisces. Ruled by Neptune, this Water sign is the ‘dreamer’ of the zodiac.

Pisces are known to be selfless and Mary showed this nature of hers right from her teens. Being the eldest in her family, she ignored her studies in order to help her parents in the house. The fish always tend to be wise beyond their years and Mary managed facing challenges well, very early in her life.

Thanks to the powerful intuition that the fish possess, Mary says she is quick to take decisions in her daily life. This trait of the sign has turned out to be very helpful for Mary during boxing as she can intuitively guess her opponents next move and quickly make her own moves accordingly. In fact, Mary gives credit of her first World Championships medal in 2002, to her instincts which she followed. Pisces are spiritual in nature and Mary says that during a match, she doesn't stress about the outcome as she leaves it all to God.

Compassion is second nature for the fish and this is one value that Mary makes sure is instilled in her children.

With so many positive qualities, there simply had to be some negative ones too and for the fish, it is their idealistic nature that can be a bane. Mary is fussy about perfection, not only during her own training and about her fitness, but also with her children’s. She refuses to compromise with her children’s demands and does not get easily manipulated by them.

All set to make another ‘kill’ in the 2020 Tokyo Games, this mysterious fish, with an overload of stamina and perseverance, agrees with the greatest of her ilk, Muhammed Ali, that “Impossible is nothing”.

2019 promises good health and lots of energy to the Pisces. As the year comes to an end, one of their biggest dreams will begin to manifest, provided she put in hard work. And Mary Kom is a name that is synonymous with hard work. The world will wait with bated breath to see the gold around her neck in Tokyo 2020.

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