How Will Mars Transit in Taurus 2022 Affect The Zodiac Signs? Read To Know!

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Rajdeep Pandit By Rajdeep Pandit
How Will Mars Transit in Taurus 2022 Affect The Zodiac Signs? Read To Know!

The Mars transit in Taurus 2022 is set to roll in! The Mars transit is on 10th August 2022. Curious to find out how the impact of Mars transit in Taurus will be on your life? If yes, read on to know how this transit will affect the lives of the natives of the various zodiac signs.

The Mars transit in Taurus will happen on 10th August 2022 at 09:10 PM and continue until 16th October 2022 at 06:35 AM (IST). Mars is the planet for passion. This planet rules Aries and Scorpio. In Vedic astrology, it is known as Mangal, Angarak, Bhum, and Kuja. Mars rules energy, enterprise, action, dynamism, self-assertion, violence, explosives, fire, brother, affirmation, aggressiveness, soldiers, military endeavors, mechanical ability, engineers, surgeons, commanders, war, ambition, strength, arguments, conflict, passion, and desire. It is also connected with the medical field, high-temperature fever, accidents, operations, and grievances.

Mars has got the status of being the commander of all the planets. Its auspiciousness plays an important role in achieving marriage, property, and land goals. Mars is called the son of the earth, so it makes a person courageous, and courage has a unique role in achieving the goal. The natives are intelligent, majestic, and energetic. Mars, the lord of Aries and Scorpio, is considered debilitated in Cancer and exalted in Capricorn.

Now, let's get to know about the Taurus sign. Taurus is the second sign in the zodiac, represented by a bull. The worship of the sacred bull is found in mythology. Mars in Taurus produces a man who causes violence in his family. Taurus natives are reliable, practical, informal, tactical, sensible, and frugal. They have a transparent personality and always are active. The best quality of Taurus is that they are always ready for service for any good cause. They have patience, dedication, and sincerity.

This transit will improve the married life of many natives. If Venus is strong in the horoscope, their relationship will be strong, and they will have a happy life. The person will enjoy all kinds of luxuries and material pleasures.

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Let's get to know the impact of Mars transit in Taurus 2022 on all the Moon signs. This article will share how this transit will affect your day-to-day life. It also offers astrological remedies to make the transit a smooth affair for you.

Impact of Mars Transit in Taurus on Aries

This transit will be auspicious for you. During this time, there will be an increase in wealth, and you will get material achievements. You will be worthy and respected among family relatives. Some natives will face conflicts due to their voice and cruel nature. They will accumulate wealth by any method. Some natives will get the pleasure of a second marriage. Natives will get success through creativity and traditions.

Children will start their new education. Natives will be blessed with a newborn. You will have high expectations from others when it comes to family matters. You will use common sense to make your position strong. You can also be rigid and stubborn sometimes.

Remedy- Control your harsh speech and avoid arrogance.

Impact of Mars Transit in Taurus on Taurus

During this time, you will become ambitious and hardworking. The natives will start a new business. These natives doing business or a job will attain progress and wealth through hard work. The natives will have pride, and they will be skilled in business. The natives who are doctors or are associated with the medical field, hospital, and surgery will be in profit, and they will be appreciated.  

People will start with new education, and they will acquire technical abilities. The natives preparing to join forces and police security will be in profit. Your family life will be good, and your relationships will thrive. Your mother and any older adults' health will be tough. Some natives will get pleasure from their second marriage or an extramarital relationship.

Remedy- Focus on your mother's health and avoid any legal matter over the property.

Impact of Mars Transit in Taurus on Gemini

During this time, you will be very famous. Some natives might be in an unfavorable state due to some allegations or stigma. During this time, you will be more selfish and forget the gratitude of others. Natives will be strong in their political careers. Some natives who lack marital happiness might get divorced. Some natives might face a government penalty.

Your work will get more optimized, and you might find something work-related abroad. Natives who are associated with foreign-related work will be more profitable. They can try if people are trying to settle out of the country. Property-related matters will get resolved, and you can sell or purchase property during this time.

Remedy- Make your words more promising. Also, focus on your character.

Impact of Mars Transit in Taurus on Cancer

The Mars transit 2022 will make you virtuous, happy, and wealthy. It will be auspicious for wealth. However, it will not be suitable for children and spouses. Some natives will face accidents and injuries. Your child may go through surgery. There will be a start of a new relationship and a happy surprise in your love life. You will enjoy your marital life.

You will get support from elder siblings and senior people. You will feel more energetic and strong with them by your side. The transit will be very beneficial for the traders. Natives associated with land, property, agriculture, and horticulture will gain more. New vehicles and new properties will be in your destiny. You will gain pleasure from the luxury products in your home.

Remedy- Make your relationship strong with your elder siblings. Avoid any money transactions with your relatives.

Impact of Mars Transit in Taurus on Leo

This transit will be the best time for personal, professional, and educational life. One of the best Rajyoga will be formed during this time. Some natives will be blessed with a newborn baby. Your personality will become more powerful. You will become bossier and more controlling at your workplace. Natives associated with police, army, defense, adventure, fire, cooking, and the musical instrument will do good.

Your wishes will get completed during this time. You can connect with more public and political people. Your mother's health will be impacted. You might leave your motherland and native place. You will complete all the pending work. Your family life will not be favorable, and relationships might break. Some natives will go to a foreign country. Your professional life or career will flourish. Promotion is on the cards.

Remedy- Improve your skill and capability. Do more smart work, and get more than one income source.

Impact of Mars Transit in Taurus on Virgo

During the Mars transit 2022 time, you will be more informed about religion, mental attitude, fortune-telling, penance, pilgrimage, and charity. You will become arrogant, bright, and enthusiastic under the impact of Mars. You will get lucky in foreign countries. You will be more skilled in doing politics, and you will have a special respect for spirituality and religion. Some natives will move towards traditions and be inclined towards spirituality and being able to control themselves.

Natives will become fortunate. In your professional life, you will get the support for experiencing a happy environment. Government top officials will get promoted to a higher positions. Your love life will become more fruitful. Your old relationships will become stronger, and a reunion is possible. For the natives starting higher studies, this is the best time to use skills and strength. Some natives will join their family or a business owned by your father. 

Remedy- Follow your elder’s instructions like all the traditional and religious customs.

Impact of Mars Transit in Taurus on Libra

The Mars transit in Taurus will not give favorable results. You will face some obstacles in your health due to diseases and their age. You will have to face some struggles and problems due to money matters. But your parental property also will help, and sudden gain is on the cards. Your income from speculation will be excellent. Your marital life will be great, and your spouse might surprise you, and this surprise could be related to wealth. Your biggest benefactor will be able to help you. You can take legal help for property-related matters, and some relatives will offer you support to solve the trouble. You will be good at speculation.

Some natives will disagree with their father and his thought process. You might also go abroad for money matters. The natives who suffer from stomach problems should be careful during this time. Natives associated with gambling, betting, lottery, shares, and foreign trade will be more profitable.

Remedy- Make your relationship strong with your younger brother. Also, avoid legal matters during this time.

Impact of Mars Transit in Taurus on Scorpio

Wishes will be fulfilled for the natives who have been waiting for marriage for a long time. But some natives might change their mindset about their partner. During this time, there is more possibility for an extra-marital or an untraditional relationship. New partnerships and joint ventures will be more profitable. During this time, natives will become jealous, restless, irritable, and argumentative.

You can get angry quickly during this period. Your speech can be somewhat harsh. Your siblings might have a tense relationship with the family members. You will work hard for success. You might spend money on useless things. You might have some stomach-related problems during this period.

Remedy- You must become more trusting when it comes to your partner. Avoid new agreements at the start of a new partnership.

Impact of Mars Transit in Taurus on Sagittarius

During this time, you can win over enemies and diseases. Some natives might add another employee to their workplace. You will be a strong person in your professional life. Your patience is commendable in many respects. Sometimes expenses might become more than necessary. When it comes to health, skin problems might increase. When it comes to your family life, it will be neutral. Your love life will also be okay.

Some natives might face legal matters from a family member. Your father will be more powerful and occupy a prominent position. You will earn a lot of money, and all your desires will be fulfilled. You might be slightly angry and sharp-minded. You will be practical and prefer a job more than a business. Some natives will buy a pet animal.

Remedy-  Control unwanted expenses and unnecessary travels.

Impact of Mars Transit in Taurus on Capricorn

This Mars transit in Taurus 2022 will increase your intellect, giving you versatility. Some individuals will be blessed with a child, and there will be many events in the family. New education-related things will start. However, your nature might become aggressive. Your decisions will be taken without any discretion. It will be the best time for your love life and new relationship. Your old proposal will be accepted. You will be more attracted to the opposite gender.

Some natives will be more fortunate when it comes to pleasure. Some natives will be more inclined to hobbies related to speculative activities, shares, and easy money-making schemes. Some natives will feel proud of their child's growth and appreciate them more.

Remedy- Start education or technical skills again that you had stopped previously. Avoid making easy money, and have control over your eating and drinking habits.

Impact of Mars Transit in Taurus on Aquarius

The Mars transit in Taurus will add more joy and pleasure to your life, especially the pleasure of owning a vehicle and your children's happiness. A new house, shop, and commercial property can be purchased. A new house will be built far away from the natal place. They might live far away from their native land or home. Some natives will settle out of the country and long distance, you will continue to earn profit through various means.

Some natives will face issues due to their mother's health. They will be afraid of the dangers of fire. You will make significant progress in your chosen field of work, especially property, land, machines, police, and laborious work. Some natives could lose ancestral property due to family conflicts and face obstacles in getting an education. The time will not be good for their father's work or professional life. They might also have to suffer financial losses.

Remedy- Focus on your mother's health. Be careful when it comes to property and money dealings.

Impact of Mars Transit in Taurus on Pisces

During this time, the natives will enjoy spending time with their siblings, courage, travels, hands-on work, powerlifting, sports, and writing. They will be quite brave and famous.

You will become a patient and courageous person. You will become rich due to your muscle power. This transit will give success to your brothers, especially younger brothers. Your relations with your younger brother will be excellent. You can get a job where weapons and arms are supposed to be used. Your professional life will become exceptional. Your father might become somewhat angry and rude. They might also face separation and a loss of money. You will get less cooperation from your neighbors or subordinate employees. A dispute with them is also possible.

Remedy- Keep yourself cool, calm, and away from arrogance.

The planetary movements and positions always demonstrate notable life changes, and you can expect the same from the Mars transit in Taurus 2022. This transit will have many positive and negative effects on people's lives. It would be best if you remembered that the impact of Mars transit in Taurus would be different for each person.

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By- Rajdeep Pandit