Mars Transit to Pisces and Its Impact on You

Wed, Jun 17, 2020
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Wed, Jun 17, 2020
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Mars Transit to Pisces and Its Impact on You

When it comes to sheer energy and vigour, you know where to look up to. The fiery red spirit of Mars is evident among the other eight planets. Undoubtedly the red planet is the most masculine among the nine planets. If you are buckling up for the New Year eve, Mars transit to Pisces on the 18th of June, 2020 may be a game changer. This transit will manifest different connotations for each of the twelve zodiac sign. Force is not the way to do things when you are in Pisces, you have to wait and be patient.


Mars can be a bit uncomfortable in the sign. But it’s also a nice way to end the year – serendipity will surprise you, and all you have to do is be open. Do what you can, in the most organic and natural way capitalizing on your instincts and let the rest take care of itself. There may be a release post the transit as some tension and stress of the past few months dissolves. Just acknowledge that sometimes the most you can “do” is let go. Read on to find out how the Mars transit will affect your zodiac sign.


To capitalize on the positive implications and to dodge the negative impacts of this transit you would require the guidance of an expert astrologer. Consult India’s best astrologers on today. Click here to consult now!


Please note that these predictions are based on Moon signs. (Know Your Moon Sign)



Mars may induce some high octane thoughts inside your mind post the transit which will lead to the setting up of bigger goals. The price of happiness is burgeoning for you. It takes a lot more for quenching your overgrown aspirations. You should also understand that along with these enormous dreams comes, stress and pressure. It’s time to look around and appreciate all that small things which have made your life so beautiful. Let’s make it easy to stay happy. After the Mars transit on 18th of June, you should not be planning any major investments. Just put them on hold for some time if you were planning something. You may also have some minor health issues like cold post the transit.



Envision your current dreams and goals in a bigger canvas, this is the time to do more creative intellectual work and to make the big move. This Mars transit is particularly favourable for businesses like import-export and e-commerce. You will never lack in energy and enthusiasm as the fiery Mars will shower them in abundance upon you. Be careful while travelling there are indications of injuries. It would be wise and apt to display your versatility at the workplace, at times you have to market yourself in a subtle and low key manner. Senior officials are very likely to acknowledge your versatility at work and appreciate your efforts.



This Mars transit may make you encounter someone who will have a powerful influence on you. There are some chances of disappointments in personal life, if you encounter some obstacles in an auspicious event which you were planning for long, don’t get disheartened. It will happen but maybe not the way you anticipated. Be wary of your expenses during the end of the year as overspending may take a toll on your finances. The Mars transit will prove beneficial for your business, however. You may be able to crack a deal which you have been chasing for long during this tenure.

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The immediate time period after the Mars transit may not prove to be the best time for you. You may be faced with difficult situations where your reputation will be at stake. This may not be a professional scenario, your credibility as a friend, or partner may also be questioned. But if you are able to come out of it victorious, you will definitely get some adoration and respect. Mars will be imparting directional strength, it indicates that your efforts will be more action-oriented during this time period. You will be helpful to your friends and family during this time period. Serious investment plans will be considered during this time period. Parent’s health issues may bother you during this time period.



Avoid tense situations at work as well at home during this time period. This is going to be a wonderful time to spend privately with your spouse, so make the necessary arrangements for it. Your personal savings may gain some momentum and improve significantly; this is also a good time to review your investment portfolio. Pay attention to your written as well as verbal communication and you’ll be able to make a good impression to your seniors at work. Be careful while travelling and especially driving to avoid all occasions of heated debates and arguments.



Take your time when it comes to any decision related to finance during this time period. Maintaining harmony at the home is imperative and vital during this tenure as friction will affect your mental peace and overall stress level. If you have addictive habits like drinking alcohol, smoking, etc you should try and control them as there are chances of you overdoing it.  Just stay away from silly politics at workplace and avoid indulging in gossiping as they are not worth your time and you might end up in trouble doing so.



The Mars transit will be also bringing in some financial gains from unexpected sources but then your generous nature may lead to unnecessary expenses after the transit. You will enjoy the company and support of your partner and will be able to spend some quality time with them. Work may seem mundane and monotonous for you and you will really feel the lack of excitement there. Students and young adults who are staying along with their family may have some friction with their parents at this point in time. If you don’t mind the occasional fracas, love will be as beautiful as June.



After the Mars transit on 18th of June, it would be the right time to seek new beginnings and trying out new projects at work. You’ll be high on energy and very competitive during this time so it can turn out to be a favourable time for sales professionals to crack new deals and acquiring new clients. There will be an abundant inflow of positive energy and it would be wise to deploy it judiciously. Work-related travels would be productive and there would be some new breakthroughs. It would also be a good time to follow up and complete pending tasks and close them.

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You need to keep a check of your tone and flow of words while dealing with family members during this time period. On the brighter side, the greater zeal to stay close to your family during this time period should be capitalized on and channelize your energy accordingly.  Expenses during this month may be on the higher side. You may find it hard to concentrate and there are chances of tension regarding your mother's health. Recent loans and debt instalments may prove to eat up a chunk of your income, so it's better to not make any investments or purchases now.



Pack up your bags Capricorn, it’s time to travel. Yes, it can be a trip which you have been planning for long or an unexpected errand which you have to run. Anyways travel is on your cards and it is very prominent. Financial gains are also indicated, you will definitely have an edge over the competition in the workplace during this time period. Though luck is on your side, our expert astrologers suggest you to do your part and never leave any stones unturned. Minor arguments and friction at home are indicated but you can assuage them by being empathetic and affectionate.



The basic nature of Mars is quick-tempered, energetic, impulsive and impetuous. Most of these traits will be imparted to you during the time period of Mars transit. You might confuse arguments and judgmental remarks of your partner as an attack on your character. Though it might not be a very good time period for new business deals, existing business will thrive and there will be a steady increase in the revenue. It’s key to keep your cool and the outcome will ultimately be favourable. It’s time for you to become more creative and use your energies to diversify and think outside the box.



One should be ready to face difficult t situations in the workplace and to take some difficult calls which will also be a bit emotional or personal in the work front during this time period. If your decisions and actions are having profound impacts on the lives of your colleagues you should not be impulsive and should also take a second opinion. Financial gains are on the cards, you might receive some funds from a source which you never anticipated. Mars is a fiery and action-oriented planet by nature and it is known to impart the energy flow in human beings. This Mars transit in pisces of 2020 can turn out to be the best time period to complete pending tasks, fighting out pending court cases. So you are advised not to squander the energy which is being imparted and utilize it for the fulfilment of your goals.


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