Mars Transit to Leo on 9th August 2019 and Its Impact

Thu, Aug 08, 2019
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Thu, Aug 08, 2019
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Mars Transit to Leo on 9th August 2019 and Its Impact

Mars is considered to be the lord of zodiac signs- Aries and Scorpio, in Vedic astrology. The fiery planet is also believed to cause some negative impacts. Mars is considered to cause or elevate negative feelings and emotions like anger. However, Mars can also bring in some good impacts in our lives. This is the reason why a mars is transit is considered important by expert Vedic astrologers. Mars will transit from Cancer to Leo on Friday, August 9, 2019 05:12 AM and Astroyogi’s expert astrologers explain the impact of this transit on each of the 12 of the zodiac signs.

(These predictions are based on moon sign)


Aries - Mars is the lord of your sign and the transit will bring the planet to your fifth house which pertains to love life, relationships, and marriage. The transit of Mars from an unfriendly sign- Cancer, to a friendly sign- Leo will bring in some positive impacts especially in your love life and relationships. If you have a longing disagreement with your better half, you will sort out your differences. You would also get recognized and appreciated in the work front during this time period.


Taurus - Mars is transiting from your ‘Parakram Bhav’ to ‘Sukh bhav’. This transit of Mars will bring in some good impacts for you. You will get some financial gains from ancestral properties or assets. If you have been planning to buy a vehicle, house or to start up a business venture of your own this is an auspicious time for you. If you were concerned about the health of your mother for some time, her health will get better.


Gemini - The transit will bring Mars to your third house which is also known as your ‘Parakram bhav’. You will be proactive and energetic during this time period and natives who have been confused about career decisions will get the right guidance during this tenure. Siblings or cousins may visit you during this time period and you would enjoy spending some quality time with them. You may have to leave on frequent errands as part of work.


Cancer - Since Mars is transiting into your second house which is the house related to your financial gains. Mars in the second house increases the chances for financial gains. You might receive some unexpected funds from your parents or any close relatives. However, this positioning of Mars can also spark some disagreements and tension between you and your siblings or cousins.


Leo - Mars is entering your own zodiac sign, from an unfriendly sign- Cancer. Your self-confidence and conviction to accomplish your goals will be boosted up. At the same time, your financial condition may also become better as expenses may come down and you would be able to stick to your budgets. For a long time, if any work has been incomplete or if you were noticing some unutilized investments, you would be able to successfully complete your tasks and you would be able to make use of your unutilized resources. You would be enjoying a favorable time in the work front also.


Virgo - Virgos may have to try a little bit harder after the Mars transit, during this time you may not be getting the results as expected. Mars will be entering your 12th house. There are indications of an accident, especially if there is a chance of burn injuries in your work place. There is also the possibility of food poisoning or infection, so be careful about what you are eating and drinking, also use masks in public places (hospital etc.) You should consume food items or tonics that increase your immunity. Be humble with your life partner as there are chances of friction. You may have to go away from home as part of work, which can be the reason for your partner's displeasure.


Libra - The Mars transit will bring in some favorable impacts for you. You may get good profits or financial gain during this tenure. Unmarried natives may consider marriage seriously. During this time, your energy and vigor will increase.  Be humble and loving towards your older siblings and with your seniors at work. You are advised not to lend money or take any loans during this time period.


Scorpio - Mars is the lord of your sign and the transit will bring it to your 10th house, which is also known as your 'Karma bhav'.  Natives who are aspiring for a defense job may accomplish their goal during this time period. Engineers would also enjoy a favorable time period in the work front. There are high chances for them to get a new job offer or promotion.


Sagittarius -. This transit of Mars can bring a very pleasant change in your life. Employment opportunities will be found by natives who are job hunting or dissatisfied with the present sector. You can get a lot of support from parents and the elderly of the house.  Love life would be exciting, as you might leave on a romantic getaway with your partner to a beautifull location.


Capricorn - The transit of Mars may not be very favorable for you. Mars is entering the eighth place with your zodiac sign. Take special care of your health. There are also possibilities of burn injuries, so you need to be careful with fire or hot objects. Mars in your eighth house may also increase  difficulties for you.


Aquarius -   Mars will be positioned in your seventh house after the transit. Married natives will enjoy some quality time spent with their better halves.  Those who are in a relationship may consider marriage seriously. Singles may find some interesting romantic prospects in social gatherings.


Pisces - Mars will be entering your sixth house, which relates to diseases and enemies. During this time your rivalary and enemies may increase.  Your colleagues at the workplace might try to humiliate you because of jealousy or even try to malign your image in front of superiors.  You are advised to stay calm and deal such situations with diplomacy and smartness.

For a personalized horoscope analysis to understand the impact of Mars transit in your life, consult our expert astrologers online.


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