Mars Transit From Taurus to Gemini on 27th May

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Mars Transit From Taurus to Gemini on 27th May

Mars will transit from Taurus to Gemini On 27th May 2017, at 01:53 am. The planet is considered to be the significator of Energy and vigor, Mars was also worshiped as the lord of warfare and battles by ancient civilizations. It is the lord of Aries and Scorpio among the Zodiac signs. Read on to find out how this transit affects your zodiac sign.

Aries: Mars is the lord of your sign and is transiting from Taurus to Gemini. Gemini is a favorable sign for the planet, so the effects would be fortunate for you. You will be feeling more aggressive and assertive during this time period. You would feel confident and will be sharp in your work front. If you have been working on something for long, you would finally be able to crack success. Job seekers have high chances of getting a new job. If you are into business then you may reap good profit during this time period.

Taurus: Mars will be transiting from your zodiac sign and will be positioned in your second house after the transit. You need to take care of your health during this tenure. There are chances of head and eye related ailments, so we advise you to be a bit careful here. But the transit will bring in good luck in your work front. Procedures and formalities related to work which were taking a lot of time would catch the much-needed pace. If were yet to receive some funds which were stuck due to any reason, you may receive it during this tenure. There are also chances of financial gain and profits.

Gemini:  Mars will be transiting onto your zodiac sign. The transit can make your love life more happening. You may have to consider a serious proposal during this tenure. The transit can make you a bit aggressive and you may lose your cool easily. You have to control your temperament as an argument or friction with your near and dear ones can affect your relationship with them.

Cancer: Mars will be positioned in your 12th house, which means there would be a sudden increase in your expenses. You will feel a sudden change in your character and energy level. You need to be extra careful in your monetary transactions and business dealings.

Leo: The transit is favorable for your zodiac sign. You will be feeling very lucky and privileged during this tenure due to this effects of the transit. You will make good progress on the work front and will also earn the respect of others. If your work or procedures related to it were delayed for long, it would be successfully completed during this tenure.

Virgo: Mars will be positioned in your tenth house after the transit. Your hard work will be reciprocated by luck during this tenure. You may be a bit worried about your mother’s health during this time period. You might have small arguments and friction with your partner during this tenure, but everything can be sorted out with patience and understanding.

Libra: The transit is going to bring only good news for you. You might be assigned new responsibilities in the work front. If any of your plans were long delayed, all obstacles will be cleared during this tenure. The conjunction of Moon and Mars on your ‘Bhagya sthan’ says that you will be very successful in any new endeavor.

Scorpio: Mars is the lord of your sign and will be positioned in your eighth house after the transit. Mars in eighth house is considered to be very auspicious. This is the best time for you to put your best efforts for achieving your goals as luck is in your favor. You may have to leave for a long journey during this tenure, but the trip will be very much enjoyable and pleasant.

Sagittarius: Mars will be transiting on to your seventh house. Mars will have the direct influence of Saturn here. This can cause some friction in your relationship with your partner. You might have disagreements or arguments with your partner during this tenure. There are also chances of being separated from your better half during this tenure. You should also take good care of your health during this time period.

Capricorn: Mars will be positioned in your 6th house after the transit. The 6th house is the house which also represents, your enemies and diseases. Though the transit might not be very much in favor of your health, you might be able to succeed in competitions, and also in winning over your enemies. You might also feel relieved from a longing disease or injury.

Aquarius: Mars will be transiting onto your fifth house. You will be feeling confident and energetic during this time period. You will be feeling extra sharp and getting a good idea won't be a problem. You will be able to make good profits if you invest in a property during this tenure. You will also be hearing good news from your children during this tenure.

Pisces: Mars will be placed in your fourth house after the transit. This is good News for your career front and work. There are chances of disagreements with your mother during this tenure. You should be empathetic and try to think from your mother’s point of view during this tenure to avoid unnecessary friction. Job seekers will be getting the right opportunity during this tenure.

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