Mars Retrograde in Taurus: Good News for Lovebirds! What's on Charts for You?

Fri, Nov 11, 2022
Team Astroyogi   By Guru Shriram
Fri, Nov 11, 2022
Team Astroyogi   By Guru Shriram
Mars Retrograde in Taurus: Good News for Lovebirds! What's on Charts for You?

Mars Retrograde has returned; as usual, its intensity will astound you. On 13th November 2022, Mercury will begin its retrograde journey from Gemini into Taurus. While some people will benefit from it, others might endure hardships. What does your horoscope have in store for you? Learn more about this transit’s effect on all 12 zodiac signs by reading this article on the Mars Retrograde in Taurus 2022.

In Vedic astrology, Mars is the planet of action and represents energy, anger, passion, vitality, and willpower. Among the nine planets (Navagraha in Vedic astrology), Mars is also referred to as the commander-in-chief, and it is associated with brother, land, commerce, might, and courage. As Mars is a fiery planet, it affects the energy level of a human being. This planet not only creates positivity but also creates differences in the energy of human beings, which may convert into dispute. Mars creates the ability to defend the difficult situation within human beings. It indicates the ability to defend against trouble and the courage to fight difficult situations. Mars Retrograde is given a lot of importance in Vedic astrology and has a significant effect on people's lives. According to astrology, the transit of Mars will have a different impact on each sign of the zodiac. So let’s find out how Mars Retrograde in the Taurus sign will affect each zodiac sign’s life.

Mars Retrograde in Taurus Date and Time in 2022:

Mars Retrograde in Taurus will occur on 13th November 2022 at 21:00 (IST). Mars has been transiting in Taurus since 10th August 2022. On 16th October 2022, it moved to Gemini, and on 30th October 2022, it turned retrograde. Thereafter, Mars will turn retrograde in Taurus on 13th November 2022 at 21:00 (Indian Standard Time) and turn direct on 13th January 2023. Simply put, Mars will be in the Taurus sign and in retrograde motion until 13th January 2023. The retrograde motion of Mars in a zodiac sign usually lasts over two months, making it a rare retrograde.

Curious how Mars Retrograde in Taurus will impact your zodiac sign? Learn from the expert astrologer Guru Shriram on a Call or Chat consultation how this transit will affect you.

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Here's how the impact of Mars Retrograde in Taurus in 2022 will be on each of the 12 zodiac signs.

Effect of Mars Retrograde in Taurus on Aries

The Mars Retrograde will have a mixed impact on this fiery sign’s natives. Trouble is something that couples may have to deal with. However, this circumstance will give them a very favorable window of time for travel. Although there may be occasional disagreements during this time, the lovers will still be happy together, which is good for the development of their relationship. This is a good time to invest because people will get a good return on their money. Salaried people will find it difficult to deal with situations because they will not receive a proper raise.

Remedy- It is advised to recite Hanuman Chalisa daily to overcome troubles.

Effect of Mars Retrograde in Taurus on Taurus    

Taurus is governed by the planet Venus, and Mars Retrograde in this sign will be advantageous. Those in a love relationship will discover new energy between them and be content. However, problems may arise for married couples. Those making real estate investments will profit from their purchases. The salaried people will have some opportunities during this time. They may change jobs during this time, which will make them happy. However, those in the share market may face some trouble. So, investment should be made with proper precaution.

Remedy- Recite Vishnu Sahasranama daily, as it will help you immensely.

Effect of Mars Retrograde in Taurus on Gemini

The natives of the Gemini sign are very enthusiastic. During the period of Mars Retrograde, they will find new energy, courage, thoughts, and vision. People in a relationship will have different feelings about themselves and achieve a lot of love. Married couples will find a new kind of energy between them. For business owners, this period will be a little bit difficult because they have to decide wisely before making the investment. Students who are preparing for competitive exams will be successful.

Remedy- To avoid the adverse effect of Mars Retrograde, recite the "Om Namah Shivaya" Mantra 108 times every day.

Effect of Mars Retrograde in Taurus on Cancer

The natives of the Cancer zodiac will be affected in both positive and negative ways. Those who are doing business can start new projects. Those who are in the share market will get the proper amount of return on their investment. However, students preparing for examinations will not get good results. This period is going to give an advantage in terms of relationships.

Remedy- Recite Durga Kavach daily to avoid this transit's adverse effect.

Effect of Mars Retrograde in Taurus on Leo

Leo sign is known for leadership quality, but during Mars Retrograde, they will have more aggression within themselves. So they will not be able to adjust to the changes in the environment. Those in any kind of relationship will face some kind of trouble understanding. Investors are advised to do proper thinking before going for an investment. Those doing real estate business will get an advantage in their investment. People who are thinking of starting a new venture will have an advantage. Students appearing for exams will be able to get success.

Remedy- Say "Ram Ram" 108 times daily to eliminate troubles during this period.

Effect of Mars Retrograde in Taurus on Virgo

The people belonging to this sign are very good at communication skills. This transit change is going to create trouble in your world. In this period, you are advised to avoid conflict, and you should communicate in the proper manner. This period will give good results to business owners. They will get a proper return on their investment. This period will create opportunities for lovers to get new partners; however, married people will find it a little bit difficult to adjust to. Students will enjoy their studies during this period.

Remedy- Read Shrimad Bhagavad Gita one chapter daily to avoid this period's adverse effects.

Effect of Mars Retrograde in Taurus on Libra

The judgment and decision-making abilities are in large amounts in Libra natives. So during this period, they will be able to decide properly what to do and what not to do. This period will be very good for business owners, but salaried people will suffer. So they are advised to decide wisely before making any kind of investment. Students will face some trouble in learning. This period is good for investors, and they will get a proper investment return.

Remedy- Read Sunderkand every Tuesday to get the benefit of this period.

Effect of Mars Retrograde in Taurus on Scorpio

The adventurous and most energetic zodiac sign will suffer during this time but will also benefit. Those who are making an investment will be happy in this period. Their investment will yield a decent return. This is an excellent time for lovers. With a partner, they will gain new energy. Married people will benefit from this time. Students will get new opportunities in their life.

Remedy- To avoid the negative impact of this period, recite “Om Namah Shivaya” every day 108 times in the morning.

Effect of Mars Retrograde in Taurus on Sagittarius

The Sagittarius zodiac will experience mixed effects during this period. Those in business will be able to diversify their operations and gain new opportunities, which will be extremely beneficial to them. Married people, however, will endure hardship during this time. They won't be able to adapt to the current situation and will have difficulty adjusting to each other. Those who are in love will discover new opportunities and dimensions in their lives.

Remedy- To avoid the evil effect of this period, recite Gayatri Mahamantra 108 times every day.

Effect of Mars Retrograde in Taurus on Capricorn

This zodiac sign is known for its hard work. They will have no trouble expanding during this time. The investment will yield a reasonable return. Those who are employed might discover new opportunities in their lives. They might even be promoted. This period will yield positive results for students. Students will find it simple to grasp knowledge and will be able to pass the competitive examinations.

Remedy- To avoid the negative effect of this period, recite "Om Hun Hanumate Namah" 108 times every day.

Effect of Mars Retrograde in Taurus on Aquarius

The adaptive ability of Aquarius will give them proper results during the period. Business owners will face new challenges, which they will be able to overcome to reach new heights. They will be able to diversify their business. Those who are salaried will have to face some problems with their seniors. Married couples will have a hard time adjusting. Students preparing for competitive exams will be able to pass them. Students will enjoy this period.

Remedy- To avoid the evil effect of this period, recite the Mahamrityunjay Mantra 108 times every day.

Effect of Mars Retrograde in Taurus on Pisces

Pisces is characterized by honesty, integrity, and sincerity. During this time, they will face new business challenges. However, new opportunities will emerge for salaried workers. They'll get a promotion. Students will, however, struggle to adapt to the shifting circumstances. Lovebirds will have plenty of chances to discover more about each other and will enjoy this time. This period will usher in new ideas, thoughts, and challenges for the days ahead.

Remedy- Read the Durga Kavach once every morning to prevent the negative effects of this transit.

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Concluding Thoughts

Based on the above predictions, it can be concluded that Mars Retrograde in Taurus 2022 will impact us positively and negatively. Keeping our thoughts positive and showing courage and enthusiasm during this period will yield positive results. It is important to keep in mind that the results for each sign could vary and be influenced by the current Dasha sequence as well as other planetary transits.

If you want to know more about how Mars Retrograde in Taurus will affect your sign, consult with expert astrologer Guru Shriram.


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