Madhuri Dixit: Astro analysis of an artist’s muse

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Madhuri Dixit: Astro analysis of an artist’s muse

An actress, who is one of the very few to have been nominated, repeatedly for the Filmfare Best Actress Award, today, Madhuri is humble enough to declare that she was simply lucky to get good opportunities to showcase her talent. An accomplished Kathak dancer, the scintillating Madhuri danced her way into the hearts of millions with her ‘Ek do teen’ dance. It was her smile and expressive face that made her so endearing that there was no looking back from that point for Madhuri.

With a smile that can only be compared to yesteryears most beautiful actress, Madhubala, her beauty even besotted the internationally acclaimed Indian painter, M.F. Husain, who made her his muse.

Madhuri Dixit’s birthday is on 15 May, which makes her zodiac sign, Taurus.

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For someone to be an icon of the Bollywood Industry, Madhuri is quite a down to earth person. This is because a Taurean is an Earth sign and are sensible in their approach towards life. This makes her a cautious, rule-abiding person, which is why the directors loved working with her.

While being a Bull may sound rough and tough to others, in reality, they are loveable and generous people. Ruled by the planet Venus; which adds sensuality to her otherwise appealing personality; gives Madhuri the power to attract people towards her.

This dependable numero uno, was a boon to most directors in her time and her presence in a film ensured its success. She is counted among the very few actresses who could overshadow her heroes and ‘sell’ films all thanks to her memorable songs and movie moments. She was charging a fee commanded by the male actors of her times.

Fame did not just fall in Madhuri’s lap. She worked patiently through her first few fiascos. If it had not been for the persistent Taurus, who stubbornly stuck on improving herself with every move, Madhuri may have sunk like others before her.

This independent-minded girl was always game for taking up challenging roles in spite of being advised not to do so. This has been another reason for her success.

Her attraction towards a doctor and finally getting married to him was destined as Madhuri is an intelligent woman who herself wanted to become a microbiologist or a pathologist. In the process, she broke many hearts, which is another matter in itself.

Madhuri Dixit’s Horoscope for 2019 cautions her to be careful in her career by mid-year. ‘Kalank’ unfortunately sank without a trace and so did ‘Total Dhamaal’ before that. Madhuri needs to tap into her Taurean energy so that her enthusiasm to work does not sag. She should surround herself with positive people and work on something new that will give her satisfaction this year. The stars will be in her favor if she embarks on a new endeavor.

Health issues may crop up for her if she takes unnecessary stress. She should plan a vacation on her birthday to rejuvenate.

Astroyogi wishes Madhuri a wonderful birthday and looks forward to her return on the silver screen. #GPSforLife