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LoveScope Tarot

Every new month has a lot waiting to be revealed but unfortunately most occasions come as a surprise, leaving us unprepared to enjoy the passionate moments of love to the fullest.

LoveScope Tarot revelations come as an opportunity for many of you to prepare yourself better during such romantic and lovey-dovey situations. And with the additional Tarot insights, there is no looking back this May!

ARIES: As per astrologers at Astroyogi the month of May will begin on a demanding note as your partner will crave for your attention. Being a good listener will help redefine this relationship and you are likely to win the trust of your partner, which had unfortunately been sinking in the ocean of doubt for quite some time now. The situation might as well compel you to make a few minor adjustments to your schedule and you are required to be more spontaneous with your decisions. The initial few days of the month would be an ideal time for you to close any existing differences and avoid future misunderstandings. If you are yet to find a match who perfectly fits your taste,

"There are signs of an irresistible person approaching you anytime soon"

The encounter is expected to occur around the 3rd week and this person could either be an acquaintance or a new colleague at work. You are expected to hold your horses and create a mysterious seductive aura around yourself. Do not push yourself too hard or else you may ruin the opportunity, rather stick to passive playing and you will be hitting the right note in the coming days.

Plan a vacation towards the end of this month and surprise your partner but remember to consider their preference while deciding on a destination. You might lose out on a few brownie points if you go about it all by yourself and ignore the comforts of your partner.

For this month, Astroyogi has picked the Temperance Tarot Card indicating that you must create a balance and be more co-operative with your partner and in your personal life. Consult them before jumping to any decision and narrow down the list of activities to cope better on the romantic front.

TAURUS: Astroyogi predicts comfortable and equally understandable days ahead for you and your partner. It is a good time for you to express your desires honestly though at first you might be a little hesitant but it is important that you overcome your fears. If at the moment you are not comfortable with an ongoing relationship then you must introspect and consider working a little harder towards it. There is no point rushing into another or you'll be faced by similar situations in the coming days - face it and do not turn your back to it! A week or two into this month will definitely bring in the chances of meeting a prospective partner, someone you cannot help keep your eyes off! You are advised to be practical and take the next step forward; it is time to shake away all the sluggishness,

"A few opportunities only knock once"

Life for certain will move in forward gear if you grab this moment and approach this person with caution. Leave no stones unturned and emphasize on your loyalty, giving yourself up completely even if that calls for getting involved physically.

You get the Tower Tarot Card, symbolizing an unpredicted change in your life that you aren't really prepared for. This could be in the form of some difficulties in your existing relationship; a few might also be nearing its end. Be optimistic, some things are better to let go off than holding on to it desperately.

GEMINI: Astrologers at Astroyogi recommend that you keep your confusions aside and not mingle it with your ongoing relationship. You might doubt the loyalty of your partner and everything in your love life may seem unsettled. This is simply a momentary chaos wherein you will be plunging yourself into negativity but avoid getting caught up and spinning yourself out of control, landing in the arms of a complete stranger. Instead let your curiosity rest for a while, and

"Make every effort to revive your estranged love life"

Towards the closing week as you speculate on the past, you would realize that a lot of good things often start on a bad note as your relationship would appear to be in a more balanced state than it used to be earlier. These last few days can get really fortunate for the single souls if you are prepared to talk yourself into a really compassionate relationship. This might just be the beginning and there is a lot to unfold as you shower this person with your words of appreciation.

You have secured the Strength Tarot Card for this month and would be required to keep a check on your emotions and display the best within. Practice control and conquer your fears!

CANCER: Astroyogi astrologers consider the beginning few days of the month to be a time of testing. You should make every attempt to value the love of your life but avoid getting too emotional. Though, this surely isn't the time to indulge in a newly formed affair, instead take a back seat and focus on other more trivial issues. You are going to be more sensitive during this period, so take some time off from your busy schedule and

"Nurture the loved ones at home, especially those closest to you"

You are likely to be influenced by great shifts in mood and this would over time with some amount of struggle bring significant change in your personality. There isn't much for the loveless souls at the moment but you can certainly work towards getting involved in a casual relationship towards the end of this month. Someone close to you might as well move in with you during this time, think reasonably before you let this person in.

This month your sign is associated with the Lovers Tarot Card, symbolizing a period of emotional union with friends and family. Do not forget to appreciate the love that your closed ones shower on you and remember to reciprocate. It is an equally satisfying time on the sexual front with plenty of intimate moments to cherish.

LEO: Astrologers at Astroyogi consider this to be an ideal time to start afresh if you recently faced a break-up. Do not hesitate and trust your gut instinct, it is time to reveal yourself to the world of the other sex. The ones already preoccupied in a relationship, you are prone to facing some real time drama in your love life. Do not get too emotional about what your partner has to say, and be the person that they really want you to be. Doing so will allow you both to celebrate life to the fullest once the heat has boiled down.

You will be quite energized throughout the month but avoid taking unplanned steps in a rush. It might harm your reputation and you might also fail to justify your opinion. Fathers would be sharing a very affectionate relationship with their kids which would bring you a lot of emotional satisfaction.

"On going affairs are likely to bloom into marriages but it is best not to rush"

Since you have waited this long, it is wise that you wait a little longer and clear any existing doubts, if any. Communication during this time will be really helpful for you and your partner as it will strengthen the trust factor in your relationship.

The Lions this month are blessed with the Justice Tarot Card, a card that speaks of creating balance in your life and being fair to people around you. You must not let indecisions transform into hurdles and consult with those closest to you if in doubt.

VIRGO: As per astrologers at Astroyogi you are likely to come closer to someone you have always had a soft corner for. It will be beneficial if you allow this person to enter into your life though you might be a little critical about it in the beginning.

"Avoid taking this relationship based on assumption"

Be more communicative and express your feelings confidently. Do not let your sexual desires barge into this relationship so early and be more understanding towards your partner's emotions.

The entire month would be a satisfying one and you can rest your aggressiveness for the moment. You will get what to want but must avoid any form of argument with your partner. Be less critical about their behavior or attitude as you are obsessed with the idea of paying attention to details, even the minutest of it. They say sharing is caring and that is what you must stick to during this time and will see yourself as an indispensable person in this relationship during the latter half of this month, towards the end.

The Tower Tarot Card is in the box for you this month. You will witness major reorganization on the romantic sphere and there as an indication of some chaos in existing relationships. It is time to move ahead from things that haven't really worked but first you need to ask yourself if you have dedicatedly given enough time to it.

LIBRA: A sociable period for Librans during the first half of this month is confirmed by astrologers at Astroyogi. It is the time when you need to reflect on your current relationship but avoid any direct confrontation with your partner. Decisions among partners will not be easy to achieve and you might display craving tendencies to justify your opinion in such matters. Try sharing a constructive bond and be gentle to bring harmony and balance to your.

Somewhere around the 20th of this month and beyond, you might witness some issues cropping up in your love life. Those of you who have been thinking of taking your love affair to the next level, it is advised that you

"Lay low as this time is not appropriate for marital progress"

Even the smallest of issues can transform into bigger ones and you really need to keep your head above your shoulder to stop these matters from becoming worse. If you have been struggling with your marriage or relationship, then you might want to call it off as things will progress with ease.

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card symbolizes a change for better in your life and the end of a cycle. You must practice patience during this time as things might take longer to materialize. Ups and downs on the personal end are unavoidable and you will have to live with it, though you must not forget that in every crisis lies an opportunity. 

SCORPIO: Astrologers at Astroyogi foresee tough times ahead as you will find it really difficult to please your partner and others close to you. You are also expected to struggle with your emotions but overcoming it will infuse a sense of empowerment that will work towards your benefit in the long run. Not at all a good time for new relationships or proposals as rejections are in the air and that might lead to grief. Your manipulative behavior will also be threatening as

"There are indications of relationships coming to an abrupt end"

Take this time to understand your partner and their needs to enrich the feeling of intimacy and create a more meaningful affair. This is the ideal time to work on existing relationships and add depth to your life for a new beginning. Those of you who have recently gotten involved in a relationship, you will be very reluctant in giving up on your power but you must avoid it under any circumstances. Eventually your better half will understand the fact that an individual is only under the control of themselves and nobody else.

You get the High Priestess Tarot Card for this month signifying a sense of dualism in your life, something you are quite aware of. If there is a critical decision awaiting from your end, then the answers would be revealed very soon, though you must listen to your subconscious at all times.

SAGITTARIUS: Astroyogi astrologers predict a fruitful time to plan long term goals in your love life. You need to be more decisive in your manner and equally outspoken at the same time. This is the time when you can

"Bring a shift in your romantic relationship to an emotionally committed one"

Avoid making an exit if you are already feeling emotionally trapped with your partner; instead bring some discipline in yourself to keep away from such trivial thoughts. Socialize and hit the road with your better half, bring in some action on the personal front and impress your partner with a surprise. If there is a change that you've been thinking of bringing to your life, make that attempt now and you shall see it materialize.

The spirit of adventure will drive you through the month and you might as well get your lovable partner involved. This will turn out to be an incredible experience though you must remember not to be vulnerable to be taken advantage of. Keep your mood swings at bay or you might unintentionally hurt someone really close.

You get the Fool Tarot Card this month and it is requesting you to stop doubting people unnecessarily and bring in some trust in relationships. There is a new beginning indicated on the romantic sphere but you must be consciously aware of the person you plan to start it with. Always remember to think about others when you think of yourself.

Capricorn: Here is a time when there is not a thing in this world that you cannot do, even if that be your romantic affair, confirm astrologers at Astroyogi. You can also expect a few transformations; it could either be a new person in your life, or a change in behavioral patterns of your current partner, whatever it is it'll be for your own good.  You will hold the capacity to impact the life of your partner and that calls for being more responsible towards their feelings. Do not scrutinize or critique them!

Around the 3rd week of May you are likely to be held to your promises and it is important that you live up to your words. You must be aware of your partner's financial needs; they will be optimistically looking forward to your help. It is a good time to express your intimate feelings of affection and not be shy. There is a lot awaiting on the sexual front, but you must avoid a stubborn approach.

"A practical approach will result in a happier and fulfilling sexual experience"

The Hermit Tarot Card speaks of the arrival of a mentor in your life; this could also be in the form of your love interest. You must remember that life should never be in a rush and things cannot be forced to happen. The light shall only appear if you seek for it!

AQUARIUS: Astroyogi astrologers speak of a favourable experience for all Aquarians pursuing a new relationship. You can expect a lot of humour in the company of your partner and will be completely unbiased with your opinion. An emotional balance is required to understand the sensitive side of your partner. If you fear the loss of your freedom due to the recent arrival of a companion in your love life,

"It is time you prioritize practicality in your life and wave off such negative thoughts"

Many of you would be examining your relationship on monetary grounds, it is best to avoid it or this may lead to a scuffle between partners. Accept a romantic proposal that is expected to come your way around mid May. You might also want to go out and mingle with friends; one of them could also be a prospective partner, so keep your eyes open when you are outdoors celebrating.

Aquarians this month are blessed with the Chariot Tarot Card. This indicates a month of self control on emotional grounds for you where maintaining a balance in your life is inevitable. Do not waste your energy unnecessarily; instead maintain discipline and confidence to help you smoothly ride though the month without any trouble.

Pisces: Astrologers at Astroyogi predict this month to be a full of compassion for most of you. This is a

"Momentous time of your life but you must not be very secretive or vague with your partner"

Here is a time when your intuitions will be absolutely right about your partner's feelings. Though there might be situations wherein you will display your erratic tendencies, avoid it any cost. A good time to rebuild aspects within your relationships that have been ignored all this while. Some of you will wake up from your sleep of delusion and work towards searching a companion, something that you earlier thought would happen on its own, better late than never.

Adventure continues to play at the back of your mind and planning a trip off station with your loved one will undoubtedly bring some sparks. You will also realize and accept the idea of living in the moment and not dwell in a disillusioned world.

With the Star Tarot Card for this month, you will be confident to face any hurdle and would not leave a task until you accomplish it. You might need the help of a companion to fill up the void in your ongoing life and should approach a person you have known for a while and not an acquaintance.