Lovelorn Zodiacs - What Your Ex Misses About You The Most

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Lovelorn Zodiacs - What Your Ex Misses About You The Most

The end of a relationship is never easy especially if your lover possessed qualities that one doesn’t come by too often. Moving on is made so much more difficult if the next person doesn’t match the expectations of the bar that gets set too high. The quirkiness of each Zodiac leaves an indelible impression on the minds of their lovers. On the basis of your Zodiac, here is a list of characteristics your ex might still miss about you - 

Aries – Life with an Aries native is replete with a common camaraderie and oodles of adventure. When a relationship with this native comes to a halt, boredom is the immediate offshoot of the breakup. Try as they might, an Arian’s exit inevitably leads to a sudden slump in the life of their exes.

Taurus – The security that comes with dating Taureans is usually unmatched. Small squabbles and petty fights are never blown out of proportion, and it becomes clear to the lover that their bond isn’t going to crumble just because there is a difference of opinions. To find that sort of stability where you can rest your head, an angry head if you must, knowing that things will be back to normal in no time is hard to find. When fights threaten to consume you whole, your mind will wander off to the maturity of the Taurus native.

Gemini - For them, life is greeted with a welcoming smile every day; their joie de vivre never fades. A Gemini native is open to life with an exuberance that is rarely seen in the other zodiacs. When life gets too hard, Geminis still retain their optimism, and that’s the moment you would miss them the most. Their insistence on doing something new every day is inspiring, so the departure of this native might make your days less spirited than before.

Cancer – A Cancer native will love you like no other sign would. Their reservoir of love never runs out and they aren’t shy of sharing all the love they have to give. An ex of Cancers will forever look back with nostalgia at the overemotional native whose loyalty was unparalleled.

Leo – The daily dose of ego that a Leo native sends to their loved ones makes them feel like a million bucks. The reinforcement of their specialty during the relationship might make an ex still look back fondly when they need a confidence boost. Leos are egoistical creatures themselves who place a high value on their opinions and feelings, so they leave no stone unturned in making their partners feel like the King/Queen of the Jungle too.

Virgo – Virgos have a distinct talent of knowing how to do everything. Life feels like a smooth sail in first class with them that comes down to the drudgery of coach the minute the relationship goes for a toss. Every time the cable bill is not paid or the color of the rug doesn’t match the tapestry, an ex will miss the know-it-all attitude of Virgos that made life so easy.

Libra – This Sign is gifted with substantial social skills and an understanding of people. It would be a nagging worry for an ex to find someone who has the gift of the gab or can communicate with them as effectively. Librans are never at a loss for words and that helps in drawing a lot of people out of their shells. Their charm that comes across when they are expressing themselves is endearing and leaves an impression that makes it difficult for an ex to forget all the long conversations they once shared.

Scorpio – Their commitment to getting things done with their strong-willed personality is rivaled only by the heart of gold they possess. The duality of this nature, a tough exterior that holds an affectionate interior, is rarely found in others. An ex will miss the multifaceted nature of his/her old flame, the Scorpio.

Sagittarius – The infectious spirit of Sagittarians comes with a killer sense of humor that implores people to participate in all the merrymaking. Considering the fun-loving natives of this sign are jovial about most things in life, everyone else feels like a wet blanket to their exes once the curtain falls down on the relationship.

Capricorn – Everyone pales in comparison in front of Capricorns because they are flawlessness personified. What their exes miss the most is the effortlessly chic persona a Capricorn native emanated. Anyone coming after them feels like a downgrade.

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Aquarius – Aquarians have a habit of bringing out the best in people. Additionally, they know when to give space to their lovers because they are quite protective of their own alone time. The open-minded nature of an Aquarian native doesn’t put too much pressure on the paramours; the room to breathe is something an ex might miss once in a while when he/she feels smothered. The influence of Aquarians will make exes question the goodness within their own hearts which was drawn out by the natives of this sign.

Pisces – The intellectualism of Pisceans and their deep emotional sensibility will feel like a special combination to anyone. Their openness and lack of phoniness will be desired by an ex long after the relationship is dead. Their uniqueness is hard to find which makes it difficult for past lovers to move on.