The significance of June Solstice 2020- the longest day of the year

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The Significance of June Solstice 2020- the Longest Day of the Year

We all love seasons! Whether it is chilly winters, scorching summers, dripping rains or the colourful spring.


But what if amidst these seasons, you get to witness the longest day of the year and that too now? 


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By the way, did you even know that there is a longest and the shortest day of the year? I bet most of you don’t! Some might remember this as one of the topics studied in high school.


Let me help you brush up! 


June Solstice 2020 from a science perspective!

The longest day of the year is called June solstice! It takes place from 21st to 22nd June. It is a time to celebrate summers on the northern side of the world while in the southern part, it is the beginning of winters.


All the countries or places lying in the northern zone will experience days longer than 12 hours with the beginning of the summer season. Meanwhile, the ones located in the south will witness vice-versa. During this time the north side would see early dawn and late sunsets.


There are two types of solstice which take place every year. One is the summer one and the other is the winter. The summer solstice exhibits the northern pole coming closer to the Sun while the winter solstice which is held on December 21 shows how one pole of the Earth moves further away from the Sun. Thus, the latter is called the shortest day of the year and the longest night. 


It tells about the time how the people in the yesteryears understood the sky and its mechanism with the Sun.


Have you ever wondered that despite being the longest day in India during summers, it’s the month of July and August which are the hottest! Such a time is called the lag in seasons. When a season takes some time to come in its complete form. 


This whole phenomena in a spiritual context means accepting the change for good and adjusting with it.


Astrology & June Solstice 2020- Do they have a connection?

It marks the commencement of cancer month. Planet Sun enters the Cancer sign premises which means it is crossing the tropic of Cancer. Henceforth, it transfers its brightness, energy and liveliness to the sign.


According to astrology, the Sun represents the masculine side of the person. On the other hand, the Cancer zodiac sign rules the feminine one. The latter is governed by the emotional Moon. 


Eventually, this union will bring balance in life and ignite a new bond with self. 


Our body holds both such energies within us. Thus, it is the perfect time to look into ways in order to balance both masculine and feminine powers in our lives. The summer solstice is the best time to open up your mind and widen your thoughts of what it means to you. 


On this day the Sun takes the longest route which results in maximum daylight. It is observed that during this time Sun is the most powerful and will promote rejuvenation and self-analysis in each one. 


According to astrology, the axis during this period is considered important as it helps to find powerful angles in one’s birth chart. Subsequently, they exhibit the important events in one’s life. It is at this time one needs to pray to Lord Sun for a better season, events, life and time. 


Even though it marks an important day in science, it also means that this day has a major role to play in terms of birth chart, prediction, events and celestial shifts. 


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