Lok Sabha Elections 2014

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Lok Sabha Elections 2014

India is impatiently awaiting the outcome of the soon to be held polls, which is going to decide the new Indian government. With the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections around the corner, all the political parties in India are feverishly promoting their cause, making promises and innovative campaigns are being launched daily to lure the public. Apart from the major political parties, that is, Congress and BJP, there are other regional parties too, which are gaining momentum in this highly talked about election.

The result of the general assembly elections which will commence from 7th April, 2014 till 12th May, 2014 will be decided based on the party that wins the majority with 272 seats out of 543 constituencies. Chances of a hung parliament are high. The Lok Sabha elections will begin on April 7 and counting on May 16.

Here's an astrological overview of political leaders you need to watch out for in the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections:

Narendra Modi: Born on 17th September, 1950, Narendra Modi, the BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate is a Virgo and the Indian public seems to be in awe of this exemplary leader from Gujarat. Despite numerous controversies, his contribution in the development of Gujarat has been well acclaimed nationally as well as internationally. That gives enough evidence of his undisputed position as the Chief Minister of Gujarat since 2001. Now, he's more than ready to focus on India and not just contribute to the growth of Gujarat. His strong virgo drive for perfection and natural leadership abilities have helped him rise from being a son of a grocer to that of the popular BJP candidate contesting for the Prime Ministerial position. He perfectly complements his Virgo traits of being intelligent and ambitious that has helped him a great deal in succeeding in his political journey so far. His down to earth nature and typical conservative thinking of a Virgo has made him the face of BJP. The NaMo effect has taken India by storm. However, he needs to avoid being overly critical of anything that could cause any disharmony or hurdle in his political life.  Overcoming all the odds, a successful political regime and great leadership are highly indicated for him.

Rahul Gandhi: Born on 19th June, 1970, the GeNext can relate to Rahul Gandhi, Vice President of the Indian National Congress party and most probably the Congress candidate for the post of Prime Minister (as the party has still kept it under wraps). His progressive thinking and ideas have been well received by the youth wing that supports him incessantly. His ancestral lineage, which has been under the scanner for a long time, is something he stands by. He remains calm all the time and like all air signs, Rahul too relies on dealing with issues peacefully and shies away from conflicts. He has not left any stone unturned in campaigning for his party. He is trying a great deal to steal the Modi show with his speeches but the Indian public is not taken in and Modi definitely overshadows this young Congress leader. Rahul has a long way to go and despite his best intentions and efforts, 2014 will not see Congress return in power.

Arvind Kejriwal: Born on 16th August, 1968, this fiery Leo hit the goal of being the Chief Minister of Delhi in his debut election and has created great uproar with his Aam Aadmi Party. Despite controversies and innumerable dharnas, he has attracted and awakened a large section of the Indian society and he has gained immense popularity in the shortest span of time. His courageous and upfront nature has proved to be both a positive as well as a negative thing for him. The presence of Leo boldness and an ambitious nature makes him a born leader and he is not afraid of losing. He will excel at whatever he does. The Delhi victory has given him immense confidence to go ahead with the upcoming polls. It may be too early to predict the consequences, but there is a significant chance that the party may do well in this election. If there's unpredictability, the credit goes to Kejriwal who has emerged as the only candidate who’s giving tough competition to a widely popular Modi.

Sharad Pawar: Born on 12th December, 1940, the fearless Sagittarius leader of NCP has conquered the battlefield of Maharashtra for his alliance UPA several times in the past. His work has earned him some of the key positions in the central government. This optimistic and energetic leader has emerged victorious many a times and has even overcome Cancer. Despite his strong determination and confidence, the planets highlight bleak chances for him to sweep the polls this time.

Mulayam Singh Yadav: Born on 22nd November, 1939, this SP leader with the Zodiac sign Sagittarius is the three times Chief Minister of UP, succeeded by his son Akhilesh Yadav. He is optimistic about his party's win in the Lok Sabha elections. And even his stars look favourable this election. Like a typical Sagittarius he strives for power and is a big competitor for his rivals. He is capable of surprising his rivals.

Nitish Kumar: Born on 1st March, 1951, the Pisces Chief Minister of Bihar is one of the strong contestants for the position of the Prime Minister. After breaking the alliance with BJP, this idealistic leader of JDU is looking forward to the upcoming election. His remarkable contribution in the development of Bihar and improvement in education, health, jobs and innumerable welfare schemes launched under his tenure exemplify the inspirational aspect of this great leader.

Mamata Banerjee: Born on 5th January, 1955, the cautious Capricorn Chief Minister of West Bengal is all set with her campaigns to win maximum support in the upcoming polls. The ambitious Capricorn has come a long way and is definitely eyeing the hot seat now. However, she needs to focus and work towards what she wants a little harder to achieve her goals in 2014.

Mayawati: Born on 15th January, 1956, the ambitious and work committed Capricorn has worked her way to create a niche in the political field. This ex-Chief Minister of one of the largest state constituencies, Uttar Pradesh has made a great contribution in the development of Uttar Pradesh, especially the Dalits. This Dalit queen is often criticized due to her extravagant style however; her disciplined Capricorn trait is very much evident from the work she has done in Uttar Pradesh when her party BSP was in power. Her stars indicate that she will be contributing and playing a significant role in the upcoming elections.

Jayalalitha: Born on 24th February, 1948, this Pisces actress turned political leader of AIADMK and the fifth time Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu is also one of the top potential candidates being considered for the post of the Prime Minister. This "queen" of Tamil Nadu has great chances of making an impact. She has both the imaginative power as well as the Pisces intelligence that has helped her move forward with enthusiasm. Since, her planets are relatively in the progressive side, there are bright chances of her doing well in the 2014 elections.

Prakash Karat: Born on 7th February, 1948, the Aquarius CPM (M) leader is also a strong contestant this polling season, as there is a great probability that the third front may come into formation or play a major role in forming the government. It is anyways indicated that Aquarians perform better when in a group, hence the chances of the success of the third front are indicated. Like a typical Aquarius, he detests people who break promises and will be drawn towards humanitarian causes.