Light Up Your Fiery Stars, Aries

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Light Up Your Fiery Stars, Aries

The month of the Ram, Aries season is here. But how much do you really know about the first sign on the zodiac wheel? To start with have you ever wondered why Aries individuals are so fiery, determined and headstrong? This is because the ruling planet for Aries is Mars. If you are an Aries, get to know more about yourself or discover more about the Aries people in your life right here.

Personality: You love to take on new challenges and even lead the way, offering new ideas and finding easy solutions to problems that might seem baffling to others. But in all of this, you cannot rush into things; you certainly cannot work with someone who is always on the edge. Given the freedom, you will enjoy the challenge and do your best. You may not be one of the most popular person around even though you are an excellent companion. However, the good thing is such things do not affect you in any way. Because for you it is important to be honest and speak your mind.

Aries Man: You are masculine and have a strong personality. You are also gifted with a strong, muscular and athletic physique. With your courageous nature and confidence in your abilities you are able to prepare yourself for any kind of challenges. You like to do things which give you an adrenaline rush. You are highly imaginative and creative and have no problem coming up with new ideas and concepts.

Aries woman: You are a passionate woman and enjoy taking the lead in everything. Unlike some women, you are not the kind who will hesitate to make the first move. You enjoy male companionship. You will make your man understand your motives and enjoy watching his reaction to your moves. The seduction of a man to you is like a conquest, even if it just a passing affair with no strings attached. You can have a healthy and fulfilling relationship with a man you can be proud of and who inspires you.  

Love: For you, the world becomes a magical heaven where the idea of romance captivates you and other things matter to you the least. You are a hopeless romantic; candlelight dinners, slow dancing, good music and everything romantic one can think of. You will profess your undying love for your partner and there’s no limit. You make promises and you will always remember to fulfill them. You tend to get along the most with Aries, Leos, Sagittarius and Scorpios.

Erotic zones: The head is your most powerful pleasure zone. You are all charged up when your partner strokes or just plays with your hair or rubs your scalp. And to all women! If your partner is an Aries, just nibble his ear, this will give him strong uncontrollable urges.

Health: Your eating habits mirror your busy lifestyle or just poor eating habits. You are always on the move and do not pay much attention to what you eat most of the time. Lot of unhealthy fats and starches and not enough leafy vegetables or protein. You are a hard working individual but you often land yourself in stressful situations resulting in other health disorders. You are advised to follow a balanced lifestyle with proper exercise and balanced meals at the right time. Your most vulnerable areas are the head, face and eyes.

Profession: You make good professionals and like to lead your team which is why an Aries is referred to as a born leader. Fields like engineering, medicine, space science and metallurgy are good places for you. But you can also fare well in any job that may bring you recognition or attract attention. In a teamwork environment, you like to stand up and be counted; you certainly do not like to be ignored. Once a team member, you will never let your partners down as you strive for excellence.