Lifestyle Goals From The Vedic Era

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Lifestyle Goals From The Vedic Era

The Vedic era in Indian history is presumed to be the time period between c. 1500 - c.500 BCE. Many scholars and historians have marked it as the golden period of Indian history because it’s contributions to the mankind have been most significant when we take a look at the known history of Indian subcontinent. The Vedic age has gifted us, Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedic Astrology, which are all derivations from four main Vedic texts. Though three of these Vedic sciences deal with different aspects of life, they are all intended for the overall wellbeing of mankind. Our society is now realizing the importance of the Vedic teachings and reverting back to it. The Vedas also advocate a lifestyle which everyone aspires today but is found to be unpractical by many rational thinkers. This article will take you through the Vedic lifestyle, which would urge you to rethink about your lifestyle goals.

The crux of all teachings from the Vedic period is the four Vedas: Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Sama Veda and the Atharva Veda. It advocates us to live peacefully and soulfully. Vedas are very comprehensive, and its teachings are based on in-depth analysis of human life, body, and mind. According to the Vedas, we are all connected and our individual souls are a reflection of the cosmic soul (Paramatma), so there is no place for vengeance and animosity here. It’s all about relating to each other and discovering the intrinsic connection with our fellow beings in our conversations and interactions with them. One should lead a simple and humble life respecting all living beings as they all have their significant part to play in our ecosystem and all are driven by the cosmic energy which fuels us too. If you want to adapt to the Vedic lifestyle, and hence bring in some positive changes in life, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

Not just tolerating but respecting all beings and viewpoints:

Vedas have never advocated violence and hatred, but instead, it beckons us to accept and respect all fellow beings and their viewpoints. You might have a disagreement with an individual or his viewpoints, but that is natural and acceptable because all are different and the difference drives the overall progression in our society. What is happening with our society nowadays is that we are broadening our comfort zones, but are dwindling our tolerance levels. If we develop a more accepting mindset, then we can get rid of a lot of negativity in our thoughts, which leads to anger, animosity, and hatred. Just try being nice, you will enjoy it.

Take good care of your body:

Your body is the residence of your soul and should be obedient to your mind. It should be kept clean of all impurities and diseases. It is important to have a healthy body in Vedic lifestyle because only a healthy body can host positive thoughts and allow us to keep focused on our quest to find the divine connect. Ayurveda comes handy here,  it is the not just a medical science but a lifestyle. A lifestyle which would prevent illness from affecting your body in the first place. Here the emphasis is on prevention and not in curing a disease unlike in allopathy which gives instant relief to your sufferings but takes a toll on your health in the long run.  Healthy food habits and natural remedies are advocated here. This is not something is intended to cure your disease and then help you resume back to your normal lifestyle, but it is a lifestyle as such which keeps you away from diseases. All cures can be found in nature as it is the source and foundation for all beings you just have to go back to her and start loving her for that.

Tame your monkey mind:

Stress and tension of today’s generation would have been unimaginable in the Vedic era. The Vedas teach us to develop a connect with the super powerful subconscious, which has the answers to all questions. The very purpose of one’s life is to discover this divine connect and to delve deep into it to attain moksha. Practicing yoga will help you to realize the cosmic connect: Yoga advocates exercises and practices to ensure the body’s obedience to the soul. You will also be able to concentrate and bring clarity to your thought process if you practice yoga regularly. Being stressed out and tensed is a result of zooming too much into our current issues and contemplating about future and results. Practicing Yoga and meditation on a regular basis will help to develop a holistic outlook towards life, which would eventually bring in inner peace and the ability to control your mind and emotions.

Accepting your destiny:

As rightly said in the Geeta, one should keep doing his duty oblivious of its outcomes and results. We all have an illusion that we are the ones who are controlling our lives and can steer it in our direction. But it takes a deeper understanding of life to realize that we are just playing out our destiny, there is nothing much which we can do about it. All thoughts, actions, and events have a reason behind it and one does his best at any point in time no matter how it is evaluated later on because that is part of one’s destiny. So it is important for one to settle down with his destiny and accept it, this is much required to lead a peaceful life without worries. Vedas has gifted us with Vedic astrology which can provide us with insights and reasoning for what is happening in our life. Vedic astrology is also known as the eye of Vedic literature because it enables us to see what is not seen now. Jyotish means light in Sanskrit and Vedic astrology is named so because it is devised to throw light into our unknown future. It is a science which can provide you with insights about future events, happenings and the possible changes in your emotions. These are based on the interpretations and analysis of the astrologer. The impacts of celestial movements and cosmic bodies on our lives have been closely studied by great sages and gurus of the Vedic era. This is the foundation of Vedic astrology.

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