Know The Secret of A Dream Come True?

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Mina Yogii By Mina Yogii
Know The Secret of A Dream Come True?

Ever noticed how some people have it so easy? You wonder what they did to get where they are? They did not work harder than you do and yet have so much? Why are they so lucky? You are a positive person, you believe in yourself, and yet nothing is happening the way you dreamt it would. What is going on? 

It's their thinking! Their subconscious thinking. But, “I think about what I want all the time,” you say. It isn't helping. I keep repeating these desires, but I don't think it works. But why not?

Let's imagine for a moment that your conscious thoughts are named Toya, and words are called Voya, while your actions, Zoya. They are like sisters. So similar, but not the same. When Toya thinks, “I love red cars. I can see myself driving a red car,” a message is relayed into the universe world of delivery. “Hey India, 1279 Zoya ( that's you!) wants a red car.” But if Voya doesn't match what she's thinking and is talking about a blue car because she is too embarrassed to say what she really wants is a red car, the universe world of delivery puts your "order on hold" and marks it "deliveree still making up their mind."

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But when you think, talk and act consistently, your Zoya, Voya, and Toya sisters are saying one thing, the universe delivery system marks your order as “urgent.”  

There are exceptions, of course. Sometimes, the sheer strength of just your Zoya thoughts can propel things forward, especially if there aren't too many dominos to be moved in the way. It's like an "express order," small wishes delivered fast. A phone call from a friend, an old song, a perfect dress. 

This is equally true of negative thoughts and words as of positive. So if you keep thinking, “I really like the red car, but  I am sure I can't have it.” You won't.  Remember the old cartoons in which the genie would say, ”your wish is my command master”? This is exactly how the universe works.

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These three sisters combined, Zoya, Voya, and Toya, have tremendous powers. They rule the Land of Attraction.  The universe obeys their commands. How can I make sure all three are saying the same things? With discipline and training ourselves to think, speak and act consistently. To catch our inconsistencies as they happen in our conscious mind before they get to the headquarters - the subconscious mind.  

Now whether the headquarter’s frequency is tuned to Radio Abundance or Struggle that I spoke of last time will also determine whether the order is marked “urgent” or delivered by regular post or your order gets lost in the mail.  Everything affects everything.

Do share your personal experiences with the three sisters. Till then, try the magic for something small.  

     Talk soon...

✍️ By- Mina Yogii

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