Karwa Chauth Horoscope for 2019

Wed, Oct 02, 2019
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Wed, Oct 02, 2019
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Karwa Chauth Horoscope for 2019

The auspicious festival of Karva Chauth falls on October  17, 2019. This Hindu festival is celebrated nine days before Diwali. On Karva Chauth, married women keep fast from sunrise to moonrise for their husbands and pray for their longevity. Will the festival of Karva Chauth bring prosperity, longevity, and well-being to your loved ones? Will this blissful festival fill your life with love, happiness, and peace? Read your weekly horoscope to know what's in store.

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A number of you will make a series of permanent changes this week. Most of these changes have to do with your home and family. A fight between parents and children will get resolved this week. Remember, children lack experience and you must not expect more from them than they can deliver.


Watch your temper this week. Using harsh words could hurt those who love you. Consider whether your anger is worth damaging your relationships. There may be some personal issues this week that take up your energy, due to the influence of the Moon and Mars. If you are planning to start your own business, now is not the time. Talk about it with your family first and consult your elders.


Though you may have been hoping for the positive resolution of a legal matter this week, you will have to continue waiting for a final settlement, indicate Rahu and Saturn. Don't worry because when the time is right, your case will automatically take a positive turn. This will be a happy week where family life is concerned. Don't worry about your friend's personal problem. They will solve it themselves eventually.


Avoid any discussion this week. Also, try not to even comment; the situation looks like you will be tempted to become a part of an argument. Although the influence of the Moon and Rahu makes you feel some ill-will, you must fight the urge to act on it and instead remain calm. Overall, this week is focused on bringing things together instead of pushing them apart.


This week celebrate your closest business and personal relationships. It also provides you further insights into an idea that gradually starts coming together and shaping up into something exciting. It seems like a winning idea, something you can count on and build upon. This week represents a culmination of hours, weeks or months of effort finally coming into focus. There may be a reason to celebrate.

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Don't promise anything to your family that you'll be unable to fulfill. Alternately, this week will give you a fresh start, a new beginning or even a sort of confession. A  certain weight will be lifted off your chest. You start from the bottom up, addressing various shortcomings, mistakes or misstatements and then follow up with truth and solutions. You feel much better about yourself.


You will feel pulled towards spiritual or religious rituals this week. Jupiter and  Moon will help you get that peace of mind you have been seeking. Even if organized religion does not interest you, do not worry. Spiritual rituals will only do you good. Read some interesting literature on introspection or self-help. Remember, happiness is not a bus-stop where you will arrive one day.


Follow the rules and regulations of your office or you may get into unnecessary arguments with your manager. Remember that rules are made for everyone and it is best if you do not make waves in your workplace this week. The only way to stay out of trouble on any front is to focus diligently on your work.


Your thinking will get clearer and your ability to mentally and emotionally connect with others also improves. You will also feel more comfortable, more relaxed, and more at peace. This week brings out the best in you: your attention to detail, your determination to protect what is near and dear to you and, of course, your most valuable personal property.


This week will be very hectic due to the influence of Jupiter and the Moon. You may have to spend a lot of time at work. But make sure you don't neglect your family and your beloved. Towards the weekend there is an improvement in the situation and you get to relax after all the hard work. Don't make any promises this week if you will not be able to fulfill it.


This week an unfavorable Mars indicates that some of your projects or something you may have expected to materialize gets delayed. Your good decisions help you overcome problems at work and at home. Things should go well for you in anything travel related. A contract or negotiation may also pick up momentum. The time is perfect for those of you planning to go on a romantic vacation.


There is a possibility of some quarrels or disagreements at home due to an unfavorable Venus. This week you should try to avoid all these and maintain peace at home. Take time while making any decision. Keep your temper in check at all costs. Learn to take criticism in your stride. Do not let it give you sleepless nights. You would be quite emotional and disturbing this week.


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