Jupiter Retrograde 2019 and Its Impact on Your Sign

In Vedic Astrology, Planetary transits are considered significant; however, retrogressions may bring about drastic changes in one’s life. Jupiter has been placed in Sagittarius since 30th March 2019, and will start retrograding on the 22nd of April, 2019 and then return to its sign on the 5th of November 2019. You may sense difficulties in taking decisions as well as experience delays in cooperation from senior personnel, colleagues or officials from places of interest during this time period. These predictions are based on astro analysis by Astroyogi’s expert astrologers. The effects of Jupiter retrogression on all the zodiac signs are mentioned below:

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(Please note: these predictions are based on Moon Sign)


With Jupiter in the seventh place with your sign, there is an indication of troubles in the romantic paradise. Your romantic partner may not be in the best of terms with you. You need to take special care of your health. It is advised to join the gym or take up some sport on a regular basis. Making your financial decisions sensibly will go a long way.

At the workplace, cooperation is expected from you for innumerable things.


Jupiter is coming to the sixth house and indicates troubles for you. However, these troubles can show different areas of your life which you may not have known. As for your romantic relations, this time could not be more exciting with all the tension that is afloat. Your relationship will be going to the next level. Natives may face hurdles and opponents in the workplace. Investments of any sort are not recommended as you can incur losses.


With Jupiter is in the fifth house and can face constraints in your professional life. Challenges will be faced in the workplace with contracts or acquiring new projects. Natives will experience a sense of distance from their lover or spouse along with lack of cooperation. You will be healthy and energetic. Financial stability will be normal but it is advised to curb your expenses.


Being that Jupiter is coming to the fourth house, natives will find themselves to be very happy. However, you may face a lot of pressure from your senior officials in the workplace. You will find yourself strapped of cash thereby it is advised to avoid the expenditure of futile means. It will be sailing smoothly in your romantic life. You will be healthy and will feel the level of dopamine rising through your workouts at the gym.


With Jupiter in the third house, you will experience a surge of power. It is recommended to avoid any lethargy at work and focus on your work. In your romantic life, there can be confusions arising with your spouse or lover. Your financial stability will be on a steady flow, however, you may face a shortfall in an investment made in the past. Go dancing on a regular basis as it is your kind of workout as well.


Jupiter is coming into the second house, where you can experience financial insecurity. Investments of any kind are not recommended. You can be faced with quite a number of opponents at your workplace which can be quite challenging. Natives will get an opportunity to travel pleasurable short trips with your lover or spouse. You will need to do a routine check-up to take any precautions if required.


With Jupiter transiting in your own house i.e. the first house. Natives will feel emotionally drained. In the workplace, you may feel like someone else is using you and making you feel powerless. Your spouse or lover will support you and be right by your side through these difficulties. Your health will be stable and your regular dose of exercise will suffice. Past investments will bring in profits.


Jupiter is in the twelfth house where it is indicating a rise in expenditure. Investments are to be done with caution as losses can be incurred. At the workplace, you will be facing a lot of competition which can be overcome with diligence in your work. Travelling adventurously is in store for you along with your lover or spouse. It is advised to take precautionary medicines to maintain your health.


With Jupiter in the eleventh house, natives are going to be in a lazy mode. Natives will feel lethargic at the workplace. Financial stability will be stable but it is advised to curb expenses. In your romantic relationships, there will be up and downs with some tensions. Since you feel lethargic and lazy, it is highly likely you will gain some weight. Looking out for some gym memberships will be fruitful in the future.


Being that Jupiter is in the tenth house, you are likely to face obstacles and challenges. In the workplace, hard work itself is not enough, you need to also play it smart with your opponents. Investments are not going to be fruitful thereby it is not sensible to make any investments. In your romantic life, difficulties may arise which may require a third person to help fix the situation. You will be requiring to go to the gym or play a sport to maintain your health.


With Jupiter is in the ninth house, you can face some difficulty with your health. It is recommended to precautionary medicines and visit the doctor for a full check-up. It is advised to play some rigorous sport or gym regularly to avoid packing on weight. Romantic relations will hit rocky shores but can be mended with some quality time spending and gifts. At the workplace, senior officials will be looking for more hard work and result from you.


Jupiter is in the eighth house where it is recommended to take care of your health. Maintaining your weight is highly important and crucial to avoid any issues in the future. Increase in expenditure is indicated with income generation on a low. Physical pleasures will be lacking. In your romantic life, you will be happy as the relationship will be going to the next level.

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