Jupiter Transit in Sagittarius on 5th November 2019, Its Impact On Your Destiny

Mon, Nov 04, 2019
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Mon, Nov 04, 2019
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Jupiter Transit in Sagittarius on 5th November 2019, Its Impact On Your Destiny

Jupiter also known as “Dev guru Brihaspati” dressed in yellow, with a yellow body, who has four arms, the teacher of the Gods, peaceful in nature, whose vehicle is an elephant, who carries a rosary, a water pot and a staff in his hands, with a yellow sapphire crest jewel on his head, making the gesture that gives boons, may Divine Jupiter ever grant us his grace.


 On 5th November'2019, Dev Guru "Brihaspati" commonly known as Jupiter planet is going to enter in Sagittarius sign and it will stay here till 29th March' 2020. Jupiter is an auspicious, benevolent, generous planet who blesses with honesty, harmony, relationships, luck, fortune, higher education, finance, spiritual energies and travel. Sagittarius is a fire element sign and it is a sign of learning, travelling, confidence, courage, religion and fortune. Jupiter governs Sagittarius sign and to welcome Jupiter in its own home Saturn and Ketu are already there.

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Effects of Jupiter in twelve signs will be following



Jupiter will enter in luck and Fortune house and will aspect self house effort and creativity house. New opportunities in career will arrive. You will be able to get a good job or will be able to get good projects in business this is a period to increase finance. From January to March Jupiter will help if you are looking for going abroad or giving competitive exams to get admission in college. Diabetics and spondylitis can bother. 



Jupiter is going to enter the house of inheritance, unexpected money, litigation, mystery, occult, research, obstacle and accident. From here it will aspect on expenses, travel abroad, family wealth, property, vehicles and domestic happiness houses. From 5th November till 24th January' 2020 travel abroad for career purpose, expenses on medical can appear. The long-pending litigation matters will now come to an end. From 24th January till 29th March' 2020, sources of earnings will increase and you may even purchase property or vehicle. Pain in lower body and joints can bother.



Jupiter will enter the house of a life partner, business partner, marital relations and influence in foreign countries. From here it will aspect on house of fulfilment of desires, self and siblings house. At the workplace, you will get the support of team members to complete the project on time. Unmarried can get married, love and relationship will increase. Ignore minor matters to keep harmony in the family. Arms, lungs and spine related issues can appear. 



Jupiter is the lord of luck, fortune, debt, disease and enemies house. From here it will aspect on career, foreign countries, hospitalization and wealth house. There will be challenges at the workplace and hidden enemies will try to defame but as Dev Guru "Brihaspati" is transiting, all your troubles will get pacified and opportunities to increase finances will appear. New projects in business from foreign countries or if you are looking for a new job there will be good opportunities from MNC will appear. There can be misunderstanding or friction in the relationship, need to understand each other's emotions. Be careful with eyes, gallbladder and liver. 



Jupiter will transit from the house of creativity, progeny, recreation, amusement, romance, artistic talent, advice, council, intuition and previous good karma. It will give aspect on house of divine worship, fortune, friends, ambitions, gain of wealth and self house. The transit of Jupiter will increase an auspicious activity at home. The new member in the family can be welcome in the way of marriage or by birth of a baby. There is an indication of profit from investments. You will receive an award or honour in the society. Stomach and heart are sensitive. 



Jupiter is the lord of two Kendra (angular) houses for Virgo sign. It is going to enter the house of family happiness, property, vehicle, agriculture and mother. From here it is going to aspect house of ancestral property, career and expenses. The transit of Jupiter is going to give help to get a new job in a foreign country. There is an indication of a change of residence. Financial situation will remain the same. You need to keep your watch on a budget. There will be sudden travelling and expenses on medical. Property matters will now get solved. Be attentive while signing legal documents as there are indications of deceiving. Breathing, digestion and heart-related issues can bother. 



The auspicious planet Jupiter is a functional malefic for Libra sign. It is going to transit from the house of courage, written communication, correspondence and short travels. From here it will give aspect on house of partner, higher education, luck and fortune and desire for fulfilment. This is a good time to start a new venture or increase new establishment in business. Professionals will get good support from seniors. Patience is required to maintain love and harmony in the relationship. The difference of views can create separation. Frozen shoulder and nervous disorder can disturb life. 



Jupiter is the significant planet for family and it is going to transit from wealth and family house. In Vedic astrology 2,6 and 10 houses appears in arth (wealth) trikon. Jupiter is going to transit from 2nd house and from here it will activate wealth luck. Favourable period to get a job in MNC. This is a fortunate time to receive earnings. There will be a profit from investments. There will be expenses on legal matters or need to pay Taxes. Dental and ENT related issues can appear. Minor surgery can also appear. 



Jupiter The Lord of Sagittarius sign is going to transit from its own self house. It is also the house of personality, appearance and vitality. Financial and family issues which are bothering from the last 2 years will now come to an end. Gradually things will improve. It is a favourable time for love, relationships and education. It is also a good time for conceiving. Keep balance in the expectations from a partner. It is also a good time for increasing business. Professionals in a job will now get name, fame and recognition. Headache, migraine or lower back pain can irritate.   



Saturn the lord of Capricorn sign and Jupiter are enemies but presently creating auspicious "Vipreet rajyog". You may receive ancestral property or will get sudden gains from investments. If you are looking for foreign settlement this is the favourable time to get PR or visa. Jupiter is the lord of justice and now you will get the judgment of pending legal matters. There will be anxiety and mental stress from hidden enemies. Need to put extra efforts to get good earning as expenses will be more than earnings. Eyes and lower legs are sensitive. There can be muscle pull or joint pain.  



Jupiter is the lord of two wealth houses - second and eleventh. This is a favourable period for earnings. Avoid the temptation of pitfall money. You need to be well prepared to grab the opportunities in job or business. Writing a research paper or book or signing new contracts can take place. Support from siblings and team will increase confidence. Love and relationship will increase. An auspicious ceremony like the birth of a baby or marriage can take place in the family. Expenses will be on purchasing electronic gadgets. Blood circulation, skin infection and stomach upset can bother. 



Jupiter is the lord of Pisces and Sagittarius sign and going to transit from career house. There will be challenges in career. This will be the transformation time in career. It is a good time, you are looking to change the stream or job. November to 24th January'2020 is a difficult period but in the end, results will be favourable. Hidden Enemies will try to drag in office politics. You need to keep patience to clear the air. Favourable time to purchase property, get loan and house warming. Dental, bones and knee pain can disturb regular life.

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