Jupiter in Sagittarius on 30th March 2019

Jupiter is the planet which governs one’s wisdom, knowledge and also your relationship with the elderly. Jupiter stays in a sign for a year and its transit is important as it happens only once in a year.  The Jupiter transit to Sagittarius on the 30th of March is certainly one of the most important astrological events of 2019. Read on to learn more about the impacts of this major transit on each of the twelve zodiac signs.

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(Predictions are based on moon sign)


You thrive on variety, spontaneity, and change, and this transit delivers the excitement you crave. This change may manifest in your life as a new family member, baby, job, hobby, partner or possession. Your approach to life and people will be bold, charismatic and enchanting in general. People will respond to you powerfully and you should be able to get your own way. At work, you need to bring back a sense of excitement, or else you may get easily bored with the routine.


Your tenacity, perseverance, and consistency serve you well during this time period. You have powerful stores of courage and bravery within you which you should utilize at the apt time. When you need to retreat, you should not be afraid to do so, for you are unable to be there for others if you cannot be there for yourself first and foremost. Your relationships will continue to be harmonious and will offer you tremendous support even as difficulties emerge.


With Jupiter moving into fire sign Sagittarius, you will have a strong fire in your belly when it comes to the world of work. You will have your ambitions, goals, and priorities as well as plenty of opportunities around you o explore. Your relationships will feel harmonious, supportive and comfortable allow yourself to bask in the warmth and glory of your loved ones hold. Loyalty and love are as vital to a Gemini as sunlight to a flower.


Cancer, you long to develop your mind. You should see your mind as a well-calibrated instrument that you can utilize to peak perfection after the Jupiter transit. Regardless of your reasons, education will attract you, thanks to Jupiter in Sagittarius. You will find beauty in all things that involve learning. If you recently had some friction with an elderly figure in your life you, things will be sorted during this time period.


You will receive a lot of love during this time period, mainly from your parents. You may have to undertake many short errands for both personal and professional reasons. Your financial condition will be stable during this time period. The transition of Jupiter into Sagittarius lends you a sense of adventure, especially in love. You will be open-minded, tolerant, kind and full of boundless enthusiasm. There may also be a sense of restlessness, but it may be difficult to complete what you start due to distraction and diverted energy.


Your mind will be innovative and capable of creating genius ideas during this time period, giving you plenty to celebrate as well as helping you to earn a living. This is also a great time for students who utilize their brains and expertise to elevate themselves in life. A degree of indecision may haunt you, but if you can focus on your imagination and bring your ideas into fruition, you’ll feel way better.


This is a good time for you to start something new if you have been planning it for long. Also, take time to dive deep into new relationships. Learning a new skill or taking up a course to enhance your professional prowess is also a good idea. You will also be on a quest for wisdom and have a real thirst for knowledge. Your optimism and excitement keep you open to all facets of the world and society.


The Jupiter transit will bring a lot of respect for Scorpios who crave novelty – it is hardwired into your astrological DNA! This time period marks a great opportunity to begin something new; an exercise regime, a new diet, writing a book, a change of career. This is also a favorable time for those who work in the media or any other creative profession. Your heightened confidence and great health ensure that nothing will get in the way to reach your goals.


After the transit, you will continue to enjoy the benefits of luck and hard work. Life will feel joyful and everything is working marvelously for you. Your heightened sense of confidence makes sure that you perform well at work and in love. People will reach out to you for advice and guidance. This is the impact of Jupiter in Sagittarius. The ability to balance the different facets of your life is very important, especially if trying to establish a sense of well-being and meaning.


Don't stress too much on things that won't matter in the long term. Rearrange your home or office décor to bring in a fresh vibe. Focus on the small tasks which will lead to the achievement of your bigger goal. Let the bygones be bygones, and give everything a fresh start after the transit. Your love life will be quiet happening during this time period. You will also get some time to spend with your parents.


This time period marks a great opportunity to begin something new; an exercise regime, a new diet, writing a book, a change of career. Life is being so good to you that you will be longing to celebrate it in some way. Accessing a sense of gratitude via spiritual or religious rituals will appeal to you. Your fiery energy may propel you into some quarrels, which you should be controlled.


Health will stay as good as it can get for you after the Jupiter transit and you should feel happy about that. Pregnant ladies should be very careful while traveling and also during their normal day to day activities.  Your equation with your father will become better during this time period. You just need to be more empathetic and kind for a cordial relationship and general harmony at home.

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