Is RRR The Start of Jr. NTR's Newfound Countrywide Fame? Find Out Here!

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Is RRR The Start of Jr. NTR's Newfound Countrywide Fame? Find Out Here!

The singer and actor have won hearts with his incredible voice and acting skills, but what sets him apart? Perhaps the stars can shed some light. To know how Jr. NTR's horoscope will benefit him on his birthday, read the following article.

Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao Jr., better known as Jr. NTR or Tarak, is a Telugu film actor, singer, and television host from India. Throughout his 20-year film career, he has starred in over 30 films. Jr. NTR's net worth (estimated) is $60 million, roughly equal to 440 crore rupees in Indian currency.

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So, what does destiny hold for him? Continue reading to find out everything you wish to know about this versatile artist.

Jr. NTR’s Birth Chart

  1. Jr. NTR’s Date of Birth - May 20, 1983 (Friday)
  2. Jr. NTR’s Age - 38 years old
  3. Jr. NTR’s Time of Birth - 12:0:0 am (IST)
  4. Jr. NTR’s Place of Birth - Hyderabad

Jr. NTR’s Zodiac Sign

Jr. NTR’s Family Life

Jr. NTR was born in Hyderabad, India, into the Nandamuri family. His mother is a Kannada Brahmin, and his father is Telugu. Let's take a look at his family life.

  • Jr. NTR’s Father - Nandamuri Harikrishna
  • Jr. NTR’s Mother - Nandamuri Shalini
  • Jr. NTR’s Brother - Nandamuri Kalyan Ram
  • Jr. NTR’s Half Brother - Nandamuri Janaki Ram
  • Jr. NTR’s Sister - Nandamuri Suhasini
  • Jr. NTR’s Wife - Lakshmi Pranathi
  • Jr. NTR’s Children - Nandamuri Abhay Ram, Nandamuri Bhargav Ram

What Makes Jr. NTR a True Taurus?

He exhibits various qualities that qualify him as a true Taurus and a native of the earth sign. Let's look at all the qualities that this talented man possesses that define him as an earth sign.

  • Creative Soul - Taurus is a zodiac sign associated with deep creative pursuits. Jr. NTR is in the same position. His excellent singing abilities allow him to fly above the competitors. His diverse performances in films like RRR, Ek Tha Soldier, Janatha Garage, and Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava attest to his versatility. In addition, he isn't short on ingenuity when performing complex stunts in movies.
  • Romantic - Venus, the planet of love, rules Taurus. Taurus natives require affection, warmth, and, most importantly, stability in a relationship. They're not the type to make a big deal out of things. While Jr. NTR is a successful actor, Lakshmi Pranathi is his off-screen support system. His parents had arranged their marriage. Those who find their match and get married to them in an arranged marriage are incredibly fortunate. Jr. NTR and his wife are the perfect examples of “love at first sight”.
  • Family Oriented - A Taurus cares intensely about his family and highly emphasizes their happiness. So, when it comes to spending time with his family, Jr. NTR is no exception. His tight bond with his family is well-known. He expresses his love for his paternal and maternal families via social media posts. This gives us a look inside his heart.
  • Selflessness - The Taurus zodiac sign is known for its compassion, and Jr. NTR is no exception. Jr. NTR donated Rs. 20 lakhs to help the film industry during the Corona crisis. He has a Twitter handle called "NTR Charitable Services" for social work.
  • Dedicated - His dedication is a Taurus quality. His commitment to improving his skills has garnered him a lot of praise, and it is reasonable to say that his dedication has made him one of the best actors in the industry.

Achievements and Awards

Jr. NTR is a multi-talented personality. His skills as an actor, singer, dancer, and TV presenter are unbeatable. Nonetheless, he has garnered various awards for demonstrating his exceptional abilities. Let's take a look at the recognition that might adorn his trophy case at home.

  • Nandi Awards - Nandi Special Jury Award (2002)
  • Filmfare Awards South – Best Actor – Telugu (2007)
  • 64th Filmfare Awards South – Best Actor – Telugu (2016)
  • Nandi Awards – Best Actor – Telugu (2016)

Numerology Predictions for Jr. NTR for 2022

According to numerology, Jr. NTR's root number is 2. Jr. NTR will have a fantastic year in 2022. He will achieve good results this year due to his hard work. He will be in a better financial position and will be able to enjoy more luxury. This year will present him with numerous challenges, which he will overcome smoothly. It is suggested that he should concentrate on the things that motivate him.

Jr. NTR’s Birthday Predictions for 2022

The year symbolizes the beginning of a new chapter in his life. Jr. NTR can expect more opportunities on his way as growth will be the theme of this year. He will gain from meditation and visualization of his goals. When it comes to money, the previous investments will eventually pay off. This year, Jr. NTR must pay extra care to his health, which is in critical need of attention. Although the year may be challenging at times, it will still be rewarding.

Jr. NTR has a great year ahead, and we wish him health, wealth, and abundance on his birthday.

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Astroyogi wishes Jr. NTR a very Happy Birthday!

✍️By - Team Astroyogi

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