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Judwaa 2: Box Office Prediction

Judwaa 2, currently scheduled to release on 29 September 2017, is directed by David Dhawan, on the same lines as his earlier movie, ‘Judwaa', starring Salman Khan.

‘Judwaa 2’, produced by Sajid Nadiadwala has a trending star cast of Varun Dhawan, Jacqueline Fernandez and Taapsee Pannu.

Let’s see what the stars predict about the outcome of the movie, keeping the zodiac signs of the cast in mind.

Born on 24 April, the year 2017 started on a challenging note for the Taurus, Varun. Like a typical Taurus, Varun too, is hard working. He has put  his best foot forward in this movie, but its success will now depend on how supportive his stars are.

David Dhawan specialises in masala entertainment with his illogical and funny sequences, which for many, does come as a fresh breath of air in the stressful life of today. At the same time, the ridiculous situations enacted in his movies, do not go down well every time with the varied class of audience. And so, Astro gurus hope that Varun Dhawan’s hard work gets its due as the stars for Taurus say otherwise.

Songs like, ‘Oonchi hai building’ were a runaway success with a certain class of people. It was the favourite party song of its time.Dhawan has capitalised on its success and used the same song again in ‘Judwa 2’ with Varun, Jacqueline and Taapsee swaying to this peppy number in a naughty, sexy and playful mood to pull in the crowds. For the Cancer Taapsee, the year does not end very promisingly career wise, and this could be because the audience may not like her in this ‘avtar’.

While much of the box office ‘saleability’ in a masala entertainer depends on the lead actors’ ability to make the audience laugh, Dhawan makes sure he chooses the correct supporting cast (Anupam Kher and Rajpal Yadav)that can add to the much-needed humour. Incidentally, both Anupam and Rajpal share the same zodiac sign; Pisces, and 2017 seems to end on a very positive note for Pisces career. So, both Anupam and Rajpal could get accolades for their performance.

From his end, David Dhawan has left nothing to chance and even pitched in Salman Khan, most probably, in the climax scene of ‘Judwa 2’, for a brief cameo. This is a smart move from Dhawan since it is touted to be the ‘biggest highlight’ of the film.

Inspite of all odds, 2017 could end with proving both the father-son duo’s abilities to deliver. Varun’s career graph till now, has vouched good innings and the same applies to Taapsee since the hard work she has put in since her ‘inception’ into Bollywood has really paid off till now! The Taurus in the diligent and hard working Varun, when paired with the Cancerian energy of Taapsee should set the ball rolling for ‘Judwa 2’.

We may yet see David and Sajid, laugh their way to the bank by the beginning of next month.


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