Is Elli The Next Katrina Kaif?

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Is Elli The Next Katrina Kaif?

After Elli Avram's eviction from the popular reality show Bigg Boss: Season 7, the audience is anticipating whether she will be cast opposite Bollywood star, Salman Khan or not. It was quite apparent from the show itself that Elli was "Salman's favorite contestant". In the past too, many actresses have earned the golden chance to act in movies opposite Salman and carve out a niche for themselves due to his support and recommendations. For instance, Sana Khan who was a housemate in the last season of this popular reality show got a chance to act in Salman's Mental.

Swedish model cum actress, Eli entered Bollywood in 2013 with a movie opposite Manish Paul called Mickey Virus. She later gained popularity with the famous reality show Bigg Boss. Many episodes in the show have revealed Salman's likeness for this star. He even said that she resembled actress Katrina Kaif. Furthermore, Elli also has also expressed her desire to act in a Salman Khan movie.

Salman has played an instrumental role in shaping the career of many actresses like Katrina Kaif, Zarine Khan, Sneha Ullal and Bhumika Chawala. Out of them, Katrina has earned a big name for herself in the film industry. Let us see if Elli's resemblance to Katrina and her many talents including being trained in various genres of dancing from ballet to Kathak along with singing can fetch her that space.

Elli's father is a musician and mother, an actor. In fact, even Elli has acted in various Swedish movies and music videos. It was her fascination for India and Bollywood, that brought her here. Let us see what the Astro Gurus have to say about Elli and her Bollywood dreams.

According to Astroyogi astrologers, Elli is a Leo, born on 29th July, 1990. Her ruling number is 2. She has the typical traits of people born with ruling number 2 and born under the Leo sun sign. She depicts grace, sensuality and femininity. She is also very generous and understanding. She may break down if excessively pressurized. People with this number excel at music and dance, which is very much visible in Eli's case. Astroyogi astrologers predict a successful and lucrative career for Eli in the entertainment industry but she should be very careful with her upcoming projects. It is quite obvious that Eli has become a household name with her impressive personality in Bigg Boss. It will be quite exciting to see her opposite Salman and otherwise too, she will definitely make a name for herself. Hopefully, she will be successful in climbing the ladder of Bollywood. We wish her all the best!