Internet Addiction - An Online Vice

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Internet Addiction - An Online Vice

The internet has taken the world by storm in the past decade. Many believed it to be a phenomenon that would fade away as swiftly as it became a part of our lives. However, the fact of the matter remains that the internet, unquestionably, is here to stay. And if you are being able to read this article now, then remember that it is also one of the many revolutionary things made possible by the internet.

The evolution of the internet from a mere tool to connect offices to its transition to being the backbone of commerce and industry evidences its utility and our sheer dependency on it. It has changed the course of functioning of not only innumerable businesses but also of almost every individual. Today, right from basic information to entertainment to communication, everything relies on this magnificent invention and to picture a life without the internet and its unending advantages seems so overly impossible. It is unimaginable to separate ourselves from the internet and its applications, today, as in a way it defines our very existence.

However, despite its miraculous speed, efficiency and effectiveness, the internet is riddled with many flaws that cannot be brushed aside as well. The progression of internet being used as a tool to it becoming an addiction shows the graveness of the matter and especially one which needs to be addressed, immediately. Studies have shown that overuse of the internet results in physical, emotional and psychological disturbances and most of its victims are adolescents. The primary and foremost effect is the switch to a sedentary lifestyle. This has direct repercussions such as obesity, decline in physical fitness, and a decline in personal hygiene to list a few.

The aforementioned effects, however, are merely the tip of the iceberg which can be remedied with a conscious effort. Internet addiction has been linked to sleep disturbances and depression. The habit of browsing the net or playing online games before going to sleep leads to later bed times, uncertain sleeping patterns and a less restful sleep. The problem of depression is caused due to the use of the internet to substitute for real-life socialising resulting in withdrawal, depression and a restless mind.

Hence, it is time to face the reality of the situation rather than brushing it under the carpet. The first step in confronting the problem of internet addiction is to introspect. It is essential to evaluate your internet usage, whether the internet is being accessed for work and for performing important tasks or if it is being used for irrelevant functions. The internet addicts must realise what they are missing out on in real life due to the extra hours spent in front of the computer. The solution, however, cannot be an individual effort. It requires due cooperation from family, friends and close acquaintances to provide the support and encouragement required to help one get rid of this online vice.

Internet addiction isn't a single tracked problem. It has multiple causes and several layers of reasoning. It doesn't only stem from the habit of using the internet or your dependence on it for performing your daily tasks. On many occasions, for example, internet addiction is also caused as one strives to create a substitute for their real-life environment when their actual circumstances do not seem pleasant or favourable. Internet addicts, thus, engage in a disproportionate usage of sites devoted to pornography, gaming, social networking and online dating.

Hence, it becomes imperative for everyone to recognise and understand the graveness of this problem that has plagued our society, today. It needs to be addressed immediately before it progresses to a stage where there is no coming back. Remember, we are the masters and technology is our slave, and it should always remain that way; not vice-versa.