India vs Australia - ICC World Cup 2015 Semi-final Astrology Prediction

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
India vs Australia - ICC World Cup 2015 Semi-final Astrology Prediction

ICC World Cup 2015’s semi-final clash between India and Australia on the 26th March at the Sydney Cricket Ground is already being termed as the unofficial World Cup Final. India Vs Australia will be a high voltage encounter as both the teams are considered to be the powerhouses in world cricket. 

The clash of the titans India vs Australia will be one of the most widely anticipated ICC World Cup semi-final. Based on the history between the two teams Australia has won the World Cup title four times and has played the finals six times earlier. India has started off very well, winning all six group matches upsetting Bangladesh in the quarter finals to clinch a spot into the semis. India has won three matches of the last 10 ODI matches between Australia, two of the matches did not have any results. Whereas Australia has won five matches of the same. 
Both teams have been winning several matches and are in very good form.

astroYogi astrologers analyse the birth chart of both the captains to see whose team will qualify for finals playing head to head with New Zealand. This is what they have to say:

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, captain of Indian cricket team, was born on 7th July, 1981 in Ranchi, Jharkhand state of India. His Moon sign is Virgo and ruling planet is Mercury. On the day of the match, the Moon is exalted in its own transit and moves at the 9th house from his Moon sign which also happens to be the house of fortune in his birth chart. His birth chart remains in his favor while he plays in foreign soil. However, he needs to be careful as there are possible chances for an injury as his ruling planet Mercury resides at the 6th house that is also the house of the enemy. Team India should not underestimate their opponents and there is bound to be some mental pressure as this is considered to be a big match. 

Michael Clarke, captain of Australian cricket team, was born on 2nd April, 1981 in Liverpool, Australia. His Moon sign is Aquarius and ruling planet is Saturn. On the day of the match, Moon will be at the fourth house which will prove to be very fulfilling. He will be very satisfied by his performance and will encourage his team members to hold the team together. But his ruling planet Saturn is retrograde in Scorpio which does not look very good. It may have a negative impact on him affecting his decisions. Unfortunately his ruling planet Saturn does not support the way it should have on the day of the match. 

Concluding the astrological prediction for India vs Australia semi-final match, astroYogi astrologers say that the current phase of Rahu and the presence of Venus in Dhoni's chart will be beneficiary for him. But Team India will be under a lot of pressure as the match will commence in the Gemini Ascendant. Team India should be able to overcome it with 60% chances of winning the match.