Importance of Mercury in Astrology

Thursday, February 20, 2020

The ruler of zodiac sign Gemini and Virgo, Mercury is believed to be ‘the messenger of Gods’. The closest planet to the Sun, Mercury, in Vedic Astrology is also known as Budh, meaning ‘wisdom’. This planet influences trait like intelligence, wit, and humor in the native. 


In most situations, Mercury is considered to be a benefic planet, however, in certain instances, it can have malefic influences. In a positive position, Mercury can bless the native with great thinking and problem-solving abilities, while on the other hand, it can also cause anxiety, stress, and uncertainty. 


The planet exerts a strong influence on areas in the native’s life like traveling, financial situations, level, and quality of education, knowledge, and logic. Thus, natives with a positive Mercury benefit from having excellent reasoning skills and highly rely on their judgment. 

On the other hand, a weak Mercury can make the native confused and worrisome. 


In Vedic Astrology, Mercury is also the ruler of that side of the mind which controls subconscious thoughts and often behaviors, conscious actions, and the power of differentiating and reasoning. 


At its core, Mercury is responsible for how you express yourself, how you can handle stress and difficult situations, and how you react to challenges and obstacles. 


In the 2nd House, Mercury represents speech, in the 4th House, it represents the relationship with relatives and friends, and in the 10th House, Mercury controls the profession of the individual. 


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Relationship with Other Planets-  


Mercury is the smallest planet in the solar system. Being closest to the Sun, it is said to have a friendly relationship with the might celestial body and is also friends with Venus. Mercury is neutral with planets Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. However, according to Vedic Astrology, Mercury is considered to be enemies with the Moon.


Personality Traits Ruled by Mercury-


Benefic Mercury not only blesses the native with exceptional analytical abilities, but a positive placement of Mercury also makes the native loving and compassionate and blesses them with a great sense of humor. Mercury natives have a polite demeanor and have a good level of intellect. On one side, you will have good communication skills and good confidence. However, Mercury’s influence can also make you a bit emotionally detached and independent. If you learn to take that in stride, you can make these aspects work in your favor. 


Some Professions Ruled by Mercury- 


Since Mercury is associated with voice and speech, a person ruled by this planet can excel in careers related to written or verbal communication like a journalist, a teacher, a politician, working in a publication or become a writer/editor, etc. Not only that, but Mercury natives are also good in maths and calculations. Hence, you can also be successful in professions like accountancy, financial manager, engineer, bank manager, etc. Having a strong influence on the native’s discipline and determination, if you have a positive Mercury, you may also do well in areas like Law and Yoga.


Mercury in retrograde is a kind of optical illusion. A few times every year, Mercury slows down in its orbit around the Sun, creating an illusion of backward movement. During this time, your communication can become a bit impaired. And so, it is suggested that during this period, you avoid taking on new projects or assignments, as they may misfire. 



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