Lunar Eclipse 2020 - Impact of Lunar Eclipse on All Zodiac Signs

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Lunar Eclipse 2020 - Impact of 3rd Lunar Eclipse on All Zodiac Signs by Astrologer Ruchee Mittal

Lunar Eclipse 2020: Did You Know That an Eclipse Can Affect Your Life Through Your Zodiac Sign?

Visible or not in your location, it is more of an astrological transit which impacts every individual in a good, bad or neutral way. The lunar eclipse will be visible in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

Third 2020 Lunar Eclipse Date & Time : This will be a penumbral eclipse which will last for 2 hrs and 43min on 5th of July 2020, Sunday from 08:38 to 11:21 am. 

Fourth 2020 Lunar Eclipse Date & Time : This will be a penumbral eclipse which will last for 4 hrs and 18min on 30th of November 2020, Monday from 01:04 pm to 05:22 pm.



Moon will be in the Sagittarius sign (Dhanu Rashi) whose ruling Lord is Jupiter and Purvashada Nakshatra ruled by Venus. The impact of the eclipse is generally felt for six months but its result may vary due to personal placements of planets in one's own horoscope.


Aries: There will be mixed results for these people, as it will take place in the ninth house. There will be an increase in willpower to put more efforts towards achieving your goal. This eclipse will bless you with happiness and fair financial gains. But there could be a slight problem faced in relation to your family member. Due to this, you might be a bit worried. Chances of a short trip are also foreseen. 


Taurus: For Taurus people, this eclipse will lay an impact on the eight house. There are chances of loss if the decision is not taken carefully. Please take extra care while communicating with others as there can be conflicts due to misunderstanding due to the wrong choice of words. 8th house also represents your first family and in-laws. In case you are married avoid any arguments.


Gemini: This eclipse will majorly impact people born in the Gemini moon sign. The lunar eclipse seems to be in the seventh house for you.They should beware of any sudden loss, unexpected diseases or decay in physical strength due to mental stress. Take extra care when dealing with loved ones and family, as there are chances of things exaggerating. During this time take care of your mother's health and your spouse's health and also avoid any quarrel. 


Cancer: Moon is the lord of this zodiac. The lunar eclipse seems to be in the sixth house for you. This may give you mental distress. Going away from home can make you nervous. Please keep a check on any unnecessary expenditures for the next few months. Due to this eclipse impacting your 6th house in your zodiac there could be a rise in expenses on health or travelling, which might not be required actually.


Leo: The lunar eclipse will be in the fifth house for Leo. Along with giving unexpected benefits to the natives, it can also increase their income. There are chances of getting wealth from various sources, due to which you can see a sudden rise in income. Unfortunately, this is not the right time for love affairs. As during this time, your lover may have emotional troubles and you both might end up quarrelling. Therefore, be careful in love.


Virgo: The effect of the lunar eclipse will be on the fourth house of Virgo. There can be mixed results. Take care of your health. At work be careful during routine work to avoid any possible loss. You should avoid any kind of disagreement with higher officials. Relationship with father, his emotional problems and his health needs should be taken care of during this time. Do keep a check on your actions to protect your honour and dignity. 


Libra: The Lunar Eclipse in your zodiac will impact the third house. It can make you avoid or not follow your religion due to sudden and temporary disbelief. There could be a decrease in your valour. Avoid any disagreement with siblings and family. 


Scorpio: The lunar eclipse will be in the second house of Scorpio zodiac. Due to which there are high chances of facing an accident. At this time, you need to be extremely careful. Someone can also accuse you of a false allegation. At the same time, your finances may suffer a lot during this lunar eclipse 2020. You need to pay more attention to your family. You also need to be cautious about your relationship with in-laws.


Sagittarius: The effect of the lunar eclipse will be on the first house of Sagittarius. At this time, they need to be cautious about their married life. Your life partner may face emotional imbalance, which can also affect your relationship. Apart from this, if you are into business, then there may be some differences between you and your business partner.  


Capricorn:  The lunar eclipse will be in the twelth house for the people of Capricorn. This will be bringing some good impact on these people. They will get rid of their enemies and their enemies will not be able to come forward. There are high chances of getting waterborne diseases during this time. Take extra care of health to protect yourself from diseases. Your expenses may also increase, so spend wisely and thoughtfully.


Aquarius: The lunar eclipse will take place in the eleven house of Aquarius zodiac. This transit will be impacting 11th house by direct aspect so be wise in financial decisions. If your child is small, then you need to take special care about their health at this time. On the other hand, people whose children are studying, their study can get interrupted at this time and they may break down emotionally, so take care of them. If you are in a love affair with someone, you can face some differences during this time.


Pisces: There will be mixed results for these people. Take care of your health. Some gains can be attained in the workplace. The effect of the lunar eclipse will be directly on your mind. Due to this, you may get upset at little things. Mother’s health needs to be given full attention. Be cautious while buying or selling any property, land or building during this time. There could be some kind of fraud in this deal. So ensure you analyse both the pros and cons before investing. 


Remedy for All: 

Try to do pranayama or any other form of meditation daily to reduce the impact of this eclipse.  Do pray to Lord Shiva. Recite Shiv Manas Strotra.


Ruchee Mittal