How will Jupiter’s transit into Leo impact your life?

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
How will Jupiter’s transit into Leo impact your life?

Jupiter is transiting into Leo on July 14, 2015. As it leaves Cancer, its sign of exaltation, to transit through Leo and will be staying in Leo till August 11, 2016, let’s analyse its effect on the various Moon signs:

Aries: For Aries, this transit may prove to be favourable. Since Jupiter is transiting over the 5th house - the house of education, students will benefit from it. It is a good time to undertake any educational pursuits. Even professionals can expect promotions and positive changes at their work place. On the domestic front, things will be stable and it is also seen as an auspicious time for those couples who are planning to conceive. However, there is a word of caution for students and professionals as from January 10, 2016 onwards, Rahu is expected to join Jupiter in the 5th house and this can lead to some difficulties. Students might find themselves getting distracted easily and the professionals also need to remain cautious as it can hamper their growth at work.

Taurus: Since Jupiter is transiting over the 4th house (house of comfort), things are expected to go smoothly for the Taurus natives. On the career front, they will be successful and can expect promotion, a hike in salary or a change of job, leading to an increase in their income. People are likely to appreciate you for your dedication and sincere attitude. For those who had been thinking of buying a car or a new house, this time is good.

Gemini: For the Gemini natives, this transit is expected to bring rewards, accolades and recognition. Travel is on the cards and any journeys undertaken during this period will have positive outcomes. You will be your confident self and will get a lot of support from friends and co-workers. When it comes to matters of heart, you can expect a smooth ride. But you need to pay attention to your health as you might have to face some health troubles.

Cancer: As Jupiter transits over the 2nd house (house of family and wealth), this transit is going to have a positive impact on you. Investments will yield profits and you can expect other financial gains. There is a possibility that you might get drawn towards the creative fields like literature and arts. You will do well, both professionally and personally. From January 2016 onwards, there is a possibility of you facing some difficulties as Rahu will also transit into the 2nd house, so you need to stay cautious and plan accordingly.

Leo: This transit will prove to be beneficial for you as Jupiter moves into the House of marriage, destiny and education. Those who are planning to get married can expect fulfillment of their desires. For those had been planning a family, this planetary movement is favourable. There is a chance that you might get a promotion at work.

Virgo: This may not prove to be a good time for the Virgo natives as Jupiter enters the 12th house (related to foreign matters and losses). You need to be careful when it comes to expenses and be particular about your savings. Avoid unnecessary expenses. This time is appropriate for having some religious ceremony at home. Be patient and you will see that things will start getting better when it comes to finance or other personal matters.

Libra: Jupiter’s transit into your 11th house will prove to be favourable as this is the house of gains. You will do well academically and career professionals can also expect recognition and appreciation for their hard work and efforts. This movement will also favour child birth as Jupiter will also impact the House of Children/Progeny. You might find spiritual pursuits interesting and would want to explore that.

Scorpio: For the Scorpio natives, this period is favourable professionally as they might come across some good opportunities at work because of Jupiter’s movement into the 10th house (related to Profession). There is also a possibility that you might want to pursue a new profession. Businessmen might want to engage in expansion activities for their business. It is likely that you will go on business trips during this period and a new house or vehicle can be foreseen.

Sagittarius: This transit will prove to be beneficial for you with new opportunities knocking at your door as Jupiter will be moving in the 9th house (house of destiny). Frequent travel is on the cards. You will meet success in your professional life and can expect name, fame, wealth and respect to increase. Visiting some religious place is also on the cards.

Capricorn: This transit may not yield positive results for you as Jupiter will move into the 8th house (related to obstructions). Avoid making any investments during this period as this time isn’t favourable. Avoid lending money and take care of your health. There is a possibility that you will face health issues and professional tensions might also rise. It will be good if you can pay a visit to a holy shrine.

Aquarius: For the Aquarian natives, this transit is expected to bring positivity as Jupiter enters into the 7th house (house of marriage). Those who are planning to get married can expect things to go in their favour and those who are already married will experience conjugal bliss. Even on the professional front, things will function smoothly. You just need to exercise some control as far as expenses are concerned.

Pisces: As Jupiter enters the 6th house (related to health), you need to be careful when it comes to health issues. Diabetics particularly need to pay attention as their blood sugar levels could be on the rise during this period. On the professional front, you will get rewarded for your hard work but you need to avoid getting into arguments and don’t involve yourself in any controversial matters. Maintain distance from fake people and adopt a cautious approach while dealing with opponents. Keep a tab over your expenses.