How to escape from her friend zone this Valentine’s day

It’s common for guys to land up there, she would be very comfortable with you, would seem to actually enjoy every bit of the time spent with you. All signs of body language, and every tip to find out if she loves you, confirms that she has fallen for you. But when you go ahead and cross the line to propose her, she would cold-heartedly friendzone you. If this has happened to you, don’t worry 90 % men have been through it, but many brave and persistent men have escaped from her vicious friend zone too. 

The good News is, by all probabilities if you are in her friendzone, you are an interesting guy for her. So let’s begin by analyzing what exactly according to a female is her friendzone. Honestly, they are the men who are found good enough to spend time with, but whose charm does not have the minimum threshold to make it to her heart. Girl’s throw in a lot of reasons for doing this, many of which are sensible; but many times funny, irritating or even heart-wrenching. Do you think you have found your love of life, check your compatibility.

This Valentine’s Day if you think your ship is sinking in the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ of friendzone without any valid reason, let’s find out how we can get out of there. For that, you need to understand a key factor. Females brains operate on a different level altogether, their choices may not make any sense for you. They might spend hours to decide on color shades but will take just a few seconds to judge the man who she is going to spend her whole life with. A classic piece of English literature says “Where women are concerned the unexpected always happens, “so true. What influences them is their moods, feelings, and instincts. So if you are going to propose her this Valentine’s day, we advise you to check what’s on her Horoscope, because her answer will always depend on how she is feeling. So let’s be poised, and, make the right move.


If your lady is an Aries. She would be feeling confident to take your relationship to the next level. You just have to reassure that you are the man for her and that you are serious about her. She will be feeling confident to speak her heart out. So if you are going to propose be sure of a definite answer.

The rough and tough Taurus women are known for their brawn. But single women may be anticipating a proposal on this Valentine’s Day. She would have given you clear signs of her liking if she is interested in you, and if that is the case hesitation can be a mistake.

A Gemini would feel the love in air and would appreciate everything romantic this season. If your lady love is a Gemini, then a romantic surprise, will swipe her right off her feet. She is waiting for those rose bunches and pretty gifts, so making it colorful and romantic, it can make an impact.

Cancerian women will feel like speaking her heart out. If you can arrange a candle light dinner or indulge in a deep conversation with her, she will appreciate that. She would feel the need for her better half to assuage her deep felt concerns and fears. Be supportive and caring, then you can strike the right cord. 

Her attitude towards love will be much better this season due to the influence of Moon and Mercury. She would handle her problems calmly and hardly lose your temper due to the positive impact of Mars squaring Saturn. You need to be well rehearsed and there should be clarity in your communication. Why you love her, needs a very good explanation

Virgos are old school romantics. She would always be in love with her first love, no matter how hard she tries he would still occupy a place in her heart. The best thing for you to do is relate yourself to her ex and be what he couldn’t be. Just make yourself the improved version of her ex and she could be yours.

Be patient if you are in love with a Libra. She might not be prepared for it. Just give her some time. Show her how much you love her, and how persistent you are. Don’t push her, just leave her alone when she needs to be, and then you will gradually find her giving up on all inhibitions and coming close to you.

She might seem to be a bit confused. She might need your support, and assurance now. Her inhibitions and doubts may be too much for you to understand, but she is just being double sure. So you need to be by her and assure that you will be there for her and stand by through thick and thin.

She will be very much excited about the whole Valentines. Capitalize on the hype and make her happy. Outings and partying together will be highly appreciated. Just try to make some great memories and be jovial.

She might be craving for attention, and you need to pay attention to whatever she says and wants. She will find it very romantic if you pay attention to details and do something accordingly. For her that means, you care about her and would be able to bear with her. Just show her that you are in sync with her and things might work out for you well. 

She might be having mixed feelings right now. A side of her would be wanting to celebrate, but another side just contemplating on the complexities of her relationships. You need to assuage them and make her happy. Just make her forget her issues and spent some quality time with her. 

Spend more time with her, if she is a Pisces.  She needs to be well acquainted with you, and may even test you at times. Just grab every opportunity you have to spend time with her. She may be trying to understand you inside out and be sure that you project your best qualities.

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