How not to surrender to panic and anxiety!

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
How not to surrender to panic and anxiety!

The current scenario has brought with it a tough time but as all other things - “this too shall pass.” Nothing is permanent in the world - be it happiness or sorrow, then why are you so tense about the situation that is still under your control?

An age-old saying goes like this - “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.” This is just the need of the hour. You need to look into the eyes of the problem that has surrounded you and make sure that you do not surrender to it. Not at any cost!

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We all are going through difficult times but panic and surrender will not help us get out of this problem. We are the ones who will have to put every possible effort to control the situation. And the only mantra that will ensure that we pass this phase without any stress or tension is - Do not give up!

By giving up, you will give the power to control your lives into the hands of other people. You are not supposed to do that, no matter what. During these crucial times, you need to gather knowledge and take proper decisions for the welfare of your family.

There are many important things that must be taken care of during this time. The current scenario must be dealt with courage and confidence and therefore, we have a list of things that you must do in order to get rid of panic and anxiety:

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  1. Meditate
    Thousands of negative thoughts keep running in our minds when things get out of our control. Due to this reason, it has become extremely important to pause our mind and give it some time to relax with the help of meditation. Meditation can calm your mind and rejuvenate your soul. It will enable you to have a clear perception so that you make the right decisions at the right time.

  2. Follow an active routine
    When our daily routine gets hampered, it gives rise to lethargy and laziness and this often triggers panic and anxiety. We are unable to cope up with the sudden change and this takes a toll on our health and mindset. Therefore, ensure that you follow an active routine even during the current situation by indulging in activities like yoga, pranayam, indoor games, etc.

  3. Lead an organised life
    In the times of crisis, it becomes extremely important to lead an organised life so that you do not have to surrender yourself to stress and tension. Make sure that you always have a to-do list to follow and stick to the time limit that you set for yourself.  Cleaning up your place and making it tidy is something that will help you feel more organized as it will help you in maintaining your surroundings. Learn to utilize your time wisely and ensure that this time helps you come closer to your life goals.

  4. Stay aware
    It is often said that panic is nothing but a consequence of ignorance. Only those people fall prey to it who are not aware of the events that are happening around them. So make sure that you gain the knowledge of these happenings through the medium of newspapers, internet, television, radio, etc. Remember only a well-aware person is in a position to take proper decisions for the welfare of their family.

  5. Embrace the positive side of things
    The main issue is that we are focusing only on the negative side of the coin. We feel that we are trapped and nothing can help us get out of this trap. All these things give rise to panic, anxiety and insecurity. You are not realizing that this is the time to come closer to your family, to rekindle the love that was not expressed for so long. This is the time to know more about your family members and indulge in playful activities that will make your bond stronger than ever before. 

Thus, we may conclude that panic is not the solution to the problem that we are facing today. We need to stand up to it and fight it back as this will make us more powerful and give us an opportunity to display our strength, courage and confidence. Do not surrender to the difficult circumstances and rest assured that you will come out of it as a winner. 


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