How energies & vibes are connected to us?

bell icon Fri, Jun 12, 2020
Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
How energies & vibes are connected to us?

 You might not know that vibe is not a hippie word instead it is more than just a word! Many studies have proved that it’s not only the humans instead even the things and nature which surrounds us are oscillating in various frequencies.


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 Most of us think that energies & vibes are the same but my folks they are two different things but direct towards the same goal.

 So let us unbox these two terms and also know how they are connected to us.


 First, what do energies mean exactly?

 Energy is the source of livelihood. We get it from, Sun, food and also our surroundings. The other two terms are acceptable but surrounding might sound absurd to you. So let me explain! The whole universe is connected in the form of energy (positive and negative). They are both present around us. What we breathe, think, desire, expect and wish etc all makeup to the energy around us.


 For example: If we fear and think that we are going to lose the one we love then we are waking the negative energy and attracting it towards us. Doing so you are simply making them grow and surround you. Eventually, it will lead to failure, loss, low self-confidence and the list will go on. It might come as a surprise but this might also change the behaviour of people around you multiplying this negative energy even more.

No wonder, you are always asked to think positive, hope for better and stay optimistic.


Now comes the vibes! What is it?

 Vibes are undefinable feelings which generate due to emotions, atmosphere and moods. Basically, it is a sort of aura or frequency that a person gets from someone or thing. Just like energies, there are good and bad vibes.


For example: if you are enjoying a song then you are totally vibing with it. Meaning: you are connecting with the energy it emits which makes you happy. A sort of bonding. When you feel this is right or this is not right that is called Vibe!


In spite of all this, it has still not been proved why some places have good or bad vibes! The emotional residue is what the science has observed to be the reason but still, it is a vague theory. 


The connection between vibes, energies and us!

 Our body is made of water, vibes, energies which are food for the soul. If these go out of hand then we end up being sad, worried, angry etc. If the energy that we exchange or share with the environment is positive then it will keep us happy and also make sure to give better clarity and approach towards achieving your goals. On the other hand, learn to ignore the negativity around you and do not let it consume you.


Our body is a temple which should only resonate positive vibes and energies!


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