How Does a Planetary Retrograde Affect You?

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
How Does a Planetary Retrograde Affect You?

When a planet is moving backward, it is said to be in retrograde. Retrograde planets are said to be stronger as they are closer to the Earth, and thus, their influence on individuals is also stronger. All planets, except the Sun and the Moon, retrograde at some point during the year. It is not necessary that the retrograde planets be in your natal chart; they can influence anyone. The Retrograde planets in your birth chart are represented by the symbols R or Rx along the name of the planet. Eg Jupiter (R) or Jupiter (Rx).

Since the Sun and the Moon cannot travel backwards i.e. cannot be in retrograde, and Rahu Ketu are always in retrograde, it leaves the other 5 planets (Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn) that turn retrograde at different times during a year.

The Sanskrit name for retrograde planets is Vakri, which means indirect, ambiguous and evasive. Thus, in this manner the retrograde planets make people too flexible, making them feel ambiguous, and making them reflect on life ‘in a different light’.

During a planetary retrograde, people tend to think more excessively. The need to rethink or delay decision-making is believed to come from one’s past karma. Since a person tends to overthink, they may also start being critical of their own selves, often comparing themselves to others and feeling more disappointed about their shortcomings.

However, the effects of a planetary retrograde depend on how a person handles their thoughts and insights. You can either take the ambiguity in decision making as a positive sign; taking more time to think and evaluating your decision, or you can take it in a negative way and become restless and agitated with your indecisiveness. There is no inherent good or bad effect of retrograde planets; it is all in the way you perceive it.

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Retrograde planets influence the primary structure of the human consciousness and its relationship with the human life. They create disconnection and imbalances in the mind, which makes us unable to control our senses. To bring harmony back to your senses, you must become aware of how the retrograde planets may be affecting your zodiac sign. Retrograde planet dasha can also be detrimental to your health.

If you do not understand how to control the retrograde planet’s energy on your zodiac sign, you may struggle with its effects. It is advisable to become aware of the effects of the retrograde planets as it could help you counter any negative energy and struggle less with your senses, and since the planets go into retrograde annually, being aware can help you be prepared every year.

Once you become aware of the effects, you can also learn about what you should avoid doing during the period of retrograde. For example, when Mercury is said to be in retrograde, it is advised that one should not start a new project as there are high chances that the project will never get completed in the future.

You can learn more about the effects of the retrograde planets on Astroyogi and be better prepared to manage its influences in a positive way.