Holi 2021, Celebrations for each zodiac sign

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Holi Celebrations for each zodiac sign

Holi, the festival of colors is the perfect time for us to take a much-needed break from the rigors of everyday life and have the time of our life with friends and family. Get-togethers and playing with colors is a common sight during this fun-filled festival celebrated across India. 

'Gulal' (dry colors) makes Holi one of the most vibrant festivals and drinking 'bhang' can completely change your mood by making you feel lightheaded. Holi 2021 date is 28th March (Holika Dahan) and 29th March (Holi/Dhulendi). 

Our expert astrologers describe how natives of each Zodiac sign will celebrate Holi in 2021, in accordance with their typical personality traits.


Aries:  Aries likes to lead and these folks will be the first ones to assemble their friends and family and get things started for Holi. They celebrate with unending enthusiasm and love it when things are light and uncomplicated.

Taurus: Although Taurus is a very laidback Earth sign, they do like to celebrate and have a good time. You may need to ask them to take it easy on the 'bhang' drinking. They enjoy the company of close friends and would prefer to celebrate this occasion with those who are dear to them. 

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Gemini: Airy Gemini loves all things social. As long as there are interesting people around them and they get an opportunity to talk and exchange ideas, they are excited about celebrating Holi. They like mingling and interacting with people and this festival is a great occasion to know more and more people.

Cancer: As long as things are not too loud, Cancer will have a good time. They want to be included and wouldn't mind if you pay special attention to them. Only when the celebration stops making sense and is no longer a getting together of likeminded individuals, Cancer may suddenly start feeling blue and sulk in a corner for no apparent reason.

 Leo:  For Leo, a festival like Holi is the perfect occasion to grab the spotlight and remain the center of attention by doing things that are likely to draw other people's interest. They may make speeches or say funny things to ensure that everyone's paying attention. This sign loves to have fun.

Virgo:  Virgo is not too keen on getting their hands dirty with colors. They prefer to keep things as understated and simple as possible on this day. They are sentimental people but are not too comfortable with being expressive. A quiet lunch with close friends and family is preferred. Don't expect them to let their hair hang down.

Libra : Libra is a very sociable sign and for them, celebrations are all about planning how to make this day as special as it can be. They like discussing unique ideas to do something different to make Holi 2020 a memorable occasion. When the actual day arrives, Libra may take a backseat and let others take charge.

Scorpio : Scorpio may find it confusing and may not be sure whether or not they want to celebrate. There are times when they feel extremely social and at times, they want to be left alone. It all depends upon the current mood they are in. But, it's always a close-knit affair for people who belong to this sign.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius likes partying in order to celebrate festivals or other occasions. They like inviting people from various walks of life and those who belong to different cultures and countries. As long as it's not boring or traditional, Sagittarius will have a good time.

Capricorn: Capricorn will celebrate Holi but this is not a sign known for their socializing skills, so do not expect them to be in charge of making this day a memorable one for you. They like to remain on the sidelines and observe others having a good time.

Aquarius:  Aquarius is an eccentric sign and they love meeting new people and enjoy observing others in a social situation. They will be fun and they may even celebrate in a weird way. But, it's always nice to have people of this sign around during any festival.

Pisces:  Pisces is extremely excited about celebrations, but it again depends upon their mood whether or not they'll celebrate in a big way. If anyone says anything harsh or negative to this sensitive sign, they'll scowl and frown and will do anything they can to make it known to everyone that they are suffering from a mood swing. But, if things are to their liking and no one spoils their day, they will be at their cheerful best and celebrate like no other.


Astroyogi wishes all of you a very HAPPY HOLI!