He Broke My Heart! Can I Get Him Back?

bell icon Wed, Jan 25, 2017
Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
He Broke My Heart! Can I Get Him Back?

It’s true …one of the worst pains is a heart ache because it can not only ruin you mentally but also physically, turning you into a social recluse making you a depressive, non-functional part of society. It can kill you slowly from within and also encourage you to take some drastic step such as ending one’s life. Crying and wasting one’s life over one human is totally not worth it and specially someone who broke a heart.

Of course the onus can go to both the parties and that could be because of absurd behavior on one’s part. We say ‘absurd’ because when one is in love, even the sanest can show a deviated behavior. It is said, one doesn’t think from the brain then and all decisions are taken by the heart. In most cases the fairer sex gets easily affected because Mother Nature has bestowed upon her the power of tears and a soft heart. While she thinks from her heart in matters such as love, most males have the privilege of thinking from their groin. And so my dear, when he broke your heart, you first need to analyze if you were at fault.

You, of course, must be thinking that he has changed .He made full use of you and then got bored and walked off. Has he walked into another girl’s arms? Check to see if he is that variety, who flits from flower to flower. If he does, he is best forgotten. But if he hasn’t, then you need to analyze what put him off. 

Girls can be very coy and touchy, which is fine till a certain point. A boy can just about tolerate so much .After some time it can get annoying. At the same time, some girls can be very demanding of attention which can be very draining for the other person. The male species is not wired for melodrama and they may find it amusing and interesting initially, but later get tired. With many fairer sexes, their motherly instinct comes to the fore front and they want to dictate how his life should move. They love to take care of him, which is fine to a certain extent, till it becomes suffocating for him. Everybody needs their space and that is the basis of a good relationship. It’s great to be in love but allow him to breathe please. The important point to remember here is, getting physical with your man is not going to ensure that he is hooked to you for life. Love is never about sex but about like mindedness.

If you made any of the above mistakes as a result of which he moved away, there is still time to identify that and rectify it .That is, if you still are in love with that man. The pain of a heart break can ruin your future so please sort this out as soon as possible. If you are still unable to accept this breakup, do speak to any of our tarot readers to get insight into why this happened and if anything can be done about it.