Happy 41st to the charismatic Kajol

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Happy 41st to the charismatic Kajol

Kajol, the super talented actress, known for her performance oriented roles will be back on the silver screen with the much awaited Dilwale. In Rohit Shetty’s Dilwale, she is paired opposite Shah Rukh Khan and people are eagerly anticipating this film as it marks the return of this graceful actress in the world of Bollywood and also because people love and adore the SRK-Kajol pair. On the occasion of Kajol’s 41st birthday, astroYogi takes a look at what lies ahead for this powerhouse performer:

Name - Kajol Devgn

Date of birth - August 5, 1974

Place of birth - Mumbai

Time of birth - 20:20:00

Ascendant - Aquarius, Moon sign – Aquarius, Mahadasha - Mercury, Antardasha - Mercury, Pratyantar dasha - Venus, Nakshatra - Third charan of Satabhisha nakshatra

According to astroYogi astrologers, Mercury is Yogakarak for Aquarius ascendant as it confers good results; it protects the native against any negative influences and also leads to an increase in wealth and prosperity. Saturn is the ruler of Aquarius; on August 2, 2015, Saturn turned direct in Scorpio and as per astroYogi astrologers, this will prove lucky for Kajol. Her work will pick up pace and she will experience renewed energy that will help her pursue her goals. In her birth chart, Saturn is in Lagnesh which is considered favourable especially in matters pertaining to career and business. Kajol also has Gaja Kesari Yog and Lakshmi Narayan Yog in her horoscope which blesses a native with all luxuries and success.

Her personal and professional life will be smooth and her upcoming film Dilwale is also likely to fare well at the box office. The movement of Jupiter in Leo last month is also beneficial for Kajol blessing her with success and recognition at work. If she faces some problems, then it will be due to Mars as it is in a debilitated state in her chart and can cause troubles. Some astrological solutions can be followed to reduce the negative effects of Mars.

astroYogi wishes Kajol a Very Happy Birthday and a successful year ahead.