Mars Direct: A time of renewed energy

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Mars Direct: A time of renewed energy

Mars goes direct on March 10, 2010 after being in retrograde motion since December 20th, 2009. Mars is the ruler of all physical energy and has a huge impact on our will to achieve our goals. During this Mars Direct period, you must tone down the intensity of your actions. Your thought process must be calm and you must not give in to the temptation to be aggressive. Stay away from any explosive situations at this time and try not to get involved in any kind of altercations with anyone. Be extra careful when indulging in any king of mechanical or electrical repair work. A positive change that you can expect to see due to this planetary movement is that, all pending work, be it major or minor will go off without a hitch. You will be pleased with the results of these too.

The most positive aspect of Mars going direct is that you will be very clear regarding your priorities; as to what is it exactly that you want and the process that you would adopt to achieve it. It is a favourable time for Aries and Leo in your personal life, as you will be at your charming best and will have a wonderful time. Aquarians on the other hand would do best to be a bit more careful, lest you and your partner get into a serious argument.

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