Drat! It’s the Court Cards!

bell icon Thu, Oct 25, 2018
Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Drat! It’s the Court Cards!

Even the most pro in reading Tarot know how ‘troublesome’ the Court Cards can get sometimes.

  • What’s with the Court Cards?

For the uninitiated, there are four Court Cards in every suit of a tarot deck - Page, Knight, Queen and Kings. Many clairvoyants who start teaching tarot to newbies, will even go so far as to suggest removing these 16 cards from the deck while doing any reading. “Let’s not complicate things” is their motto. Many reading materials on tarot too, some times have a whole section devoted solely for the Court Cards.

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  • Why are the court cards so daunting?

Ok, here’s the answer and don’t say I didn't warn you.

Court Cards give the reader room for multiple interpretations.

Firstly, they can physically represent a person who is asking the question or more aptly, people who are significant in the seekers life.

Secondly, they may represent a situation you are going through or should be adapting.

Thirdly, to complicate matters more, while Court Cards like the Queen and King typically represent women and men respectively(between 30-50 years of age), they can also highlight the more feminine or masculine qualities of men or women respectively! (Thankfully, Pages can represent either/any sex, so one less confusion).

Are you quickly reaching out for the deck to remove the court cards too?

Don’t do that because these cards do make the reading very interesting and also spot on.

  • Lets learn what the four court cards basically represent as a person -

 (the age mentioned is the rule of the thumb, but not set in stone)

While Pages represent youngsters (a child upto teen years) who are in a new stage of their life, Knights (teen upto 30 years) represent the next action-oriented stage of a person. The Queens and Kings (over 30 years of age) are mature and more in control of themselves and the situation they are in.

So, during a reading, when a Court Card comes up and you want to know if it is a person or a personality trait that needs to be embraced, simply pick an additional card from the deck. If that turns out to be another court card, then it is a person and if it is not a court card, then it is a personality type that needs to be adopted.

For example, if the King of Wands comes up in a reading and you want to find out if its a King of Wands type of person(confident, business-like, risk taking, demonstrating leadership skills) who is manipulating/having an effect on his life or if the querent needs to adopt the quality/personality of a King of Wands type of person, the reader simply pulls an additional card for help.

  • When too many court cards come up in a reading, it can mean that lots of new people may come in your life or people may be helping you or it could also mean that you are easily getting influenced by others or it may be you who is playing a role in someone else’s destiny. Which of this or these are true, will depend on the other cards in the spread.

See! How simple it is!