Do’s and Don’ts in Astrology

All of us are aware of the fact that the movement and position of the celestial bodies have an influence on our lives. By studying these movements, astrologers can give a lot of information and guidance to their clients by predicting significant events in their lives. This in turn, makes it easier for the clients to be prepared to cope with certain circumstances better.

But this subject is not a cake walk and sounds easier said than done. Astrology is a vast subject and most people normally relate to this, simply with their sun-signs. Sun-signs or the zodiac signs; is the simplest form of astrology where the native simply needs to know his/her birth date and get some generalised information about themselves.

Vedic astrology, on the other hand, is a complex subject; as it takes into account the sign in which the planet was at the time of the birth of the native and combines it with other elements, such as houses and angles; to form a composite and specific profile of a native's personality, life and the future.

So, the astrologer has to be learned in this subject and should have several years of experience before he can make accurate predictions. But there are certain do’s and don’t that the natives have to follow if they want correct information.

To get an accurate reading, it is important that you have the correct facts about your birth date, place and time. The more accurate the time, ie, in seconds; the better will the reading be.

When you consult an astrologer for the first time, do not expect a precise and accurate feedback. Astrology is a science coupled with a form of divination and the astrologer needs to ‘connect’ with you for giving a more detailed reading. In the first instance, they normally give an overall reading. So, be prepared for a few visits, if you want to go into deeper reading.

An astrologer may not be able to answer specific questions like, would you be able to meet your life-partner this year. So don’t get anxious if yes/no questions are not answered in a word. A good astrologer will help you prepare for receiving a person in your life in a certain time period when the stars are aligned positively for an alliance. Whether this turns out to be a life long commitment, could be a question mark.

Thus, simply expect that an astrologer could answer your query by reframing it in terms of the big picture depicted by your birth chart for you.

The important suggestion here is that, when you approach an astrologer; be prepared to just listen. Do not interfere as the astrologer will actually be telling you why you are going through what you are going through at that moment, keeping the bigger picture in mind. While, on the other hand, your focus at that time could be on what is happening now.

So, there is a fundamental difference in the attitude and approach towards the subject, between the astrologer and the client.

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