Do You Know How to Unlock Unlimited Wealth into Your Life?

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Mina Yogii By Mina Yogii
Do You Know How to Unlock Unlimited Wealth into Your Life?

While money certainly isn’t the answer to all of life's problems, let's say it definitely helps! But I'm asked often "How come some people find it so easy to get rich, and others who work tirelessly their whole life and yet are not able to fulfill their dreams?" "What is it about the people who get wealth easily that is so special, that others don't have?" "What is that secret code?" Hard work? Helps. Innovation? Yes. Determination? Absolutely yes. Positive thinking? Of course. But none of these are the secret code. So what is the secret code and where do I find it?

The secret code is hidden deep inside you. Unless you tap into it, you will not find it. The secret code is hidden in our subconscious mind. Not in our conscious mind and thoughts but the layer under it, our subconscious mind. Too many people are talking and thinking of money and wealth, which is great but till this part of our DNA is not active, not much will move. Please note, at no point are they desperate. 

So when our subconscious mind is running the abundance program, and is playing the "I am sooo rich and I always have more than enough and I deserve success" song, does it activate abundance in our life? The vibrations of our subconscious mind are the strongest and most effective vibrations that unlock the secret code that tunes into the universe's frequency of unlimited wealth.

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First it's important to understand that wealth and money are not the same thing. Wealth requires an abundance mindset, but money not necessarily. Basically your subconscious frequency needs to match that of the universe. How does that happen?

Your subconscious frequency is based on your belief system, which is usually developed during childhood. If your parents always said to you, there is a money crunch, or how are we going to manage this month, then your belief system, which is embedded in your subconscious mind, will always experience a money crunch, or find it difficult to manage within your means. On the other hand if you had parents who would say, there's more than enough for everyone, we are blessed with more than we could ever imagine.... even though they had limited means. The belief system is one of abundance. So even though solutions at times may somehow have appeared very conveniently for your family at the very last minute, it would be the universe delivering on your subconscious belief… it is not as many believe a coincidence. There are no coincidences in the universe. That is how many people with limited means have achieved so much.

On the other hand, people with a mindset of "lack" are always imagining the worst.  Whenever you talk to such people, their entire belief system is doom and gloom.... guess what happens to them? Yes you guessed it right, some bank loan, money scam or lost opportunity is appearing in their life, one after the other.  

The wealth in your life is a function of your abundance mindset. If you inherited a flawed mindset from your childhood, then you need to change it at a cellular level, in your subconscious mind. Until that happens your financial situation will not change radically.  So do I need to change my thinking? Yes but its not enough. Do I change the way I talk? Yes, but again not enough. Do I change the way I behave and spend money....yes, but again this alone. is insufficient.  Remember we spoke about aligning thoughts, words and actions to our dreams in an earlier conversation? We need to do everything… at the same time till our subconscious beliefs are replaced with new beliefs, nothing changes.

How Do I Change My Beliefs?

It requires you to say you are rich, think like a rich person, look at fancy cars and homes and most importantly truly believe they deserve to be yours. Truly believe you deserve success, and then take all the actions that are necessary to propel success your way.  The actor Jim Carrey carried a cheque for a million dollars in his own name in his pocket for years till it was actually presented to him. Most people read these stories but while they wish for many things, they don't believe deep in their subconscious that they will get it or even deserve it. So their wish remains a wish. 

How we can change our subconscious mind is not for the weak hearted and requires tremendous internal work that rewrites whatever it is childhood taught. More often than not, it is the people who don’t really care too much about it, are the ones who get it. The ones who spend their time on their passion, and believe in their own success. In such cases, money is a byproduct of their mindset. I have experienced this for myself.

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I grew up in a home where a lot was spent and we lacked for nothing except the actual belief that it was easy to get. Maybe that was my parents' way of keeping me grounded but I ended up fearing spending in case it ran out and losing money instead of embracing abundance. Of course I have done much inner work since then, and now I don't work for money, I simply believe in the abundance I deserve and no matter what happens in life, this belief always serves me. Sometimes it's very last minute keeping up the suspense but it is delivered.

To share a very recent story, I lived in a rented home for several years and despite asking the owner that I wanted to buy it, he said he is not interested in selling. Meanwhile I continued to decorate the home as though I owned it. New wallpaper and painting and ever so many small changes. I talked about it as my own. I told a friend I'm going to build a patio here and she laughed and said it's not your home. I responded of course it is my home, it's just not my house…..yet! Fast forward a few months later I think of investing in a property and ask the owner yet again, he declines. I go look at a new home and almost finalize it. A few days later I got a call. The owner is selling all his properties and he has several and is offering the first one to us at lower than market price! This is not a coincidence....this is manifestation working incognito. When I went looking to buy a property the universe head office said, "ok she's serious.... we need to move quickly." I am now busy planning my patio.

Remember one thing "you don't ever own money,  it's just your turn to use it." Just believe you deserve it!

✍️ By- Mina Yogii

Mina Yogii is an inspirational speaker and writes a weekly blog, 'Yogii…A Little Bit of Magic,' showing people how to find their abundance and tread their life’s journey more gently. She enjoys helping people unfold their unlimited potential in a manner that is very simple to understand. You can share your feedback with her at You can also follow Yogii on instagram.