Decoding Narendra Modi

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Decoding Narendra Modi

Born on 17th September 1950, Narendra Modi is the prime ministerial candidate of the BJP for the 2014 Indian general elections. One of the most prominent leaders of the BJP, Modi devoted his life to politics, and is currently serving his fourth consecutive term as the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Astrologically, the analytical abilities and organizational skills of Virgo are present for all to see. His appearances in public have demonstrated how well prepared he always is. He speaks his mind and is highly critical of every single aspect that does not go in accordance with his line of thought. Like a typical Virgo he is quick to let his rivals know what he thinks about them and forgiveness is not a trait one can associate with this sign. People who belong to this sign would prefer shutting out those who are not worth their time. This well explains his authoritative personality often labeled as aggressive. A closer analysis of his life will reveal that he is a disciplinarian and has worked methodically his way up the political ladder. He doesn't give up and knows the value of hard work. It is often said that Modi can find opportunity even in case of adversary and it's the truth.

The rise of the longest serving Chief Minister of Gujarat, from selling tea at the railway station to the aspirant of 7, Race course road is an interesting journey that's sure to inspire many to think big. In spite of multiple controversies over various issues, he has succeeded to charm the masses with his charismatic personality and win popular support for his party.  Fighting against all odds, his Virgo traits of practical and logical approach help him realize his ambitions. His visionary goals changed the face of the semi-arid region of Gujarat and these days, the state is well known for being one of the most well developed Indian states. Narendra Modi is credited for the growth of Gujarat and rightly so.

His humbleness touches a base with the common masses and Virgo's down to Earth nature helps him connect with one and all. The biggest hurdle in his path is the 2002 Godhra riots, even if the court has stated that they did not find any incriminating evidence against Modi, many people still hold it against him.

As per numerology, Modi's lucky number is 8 and calculating further, his destiny number rounds off to 5, thereby adding the planets Saturn and Mercury, which are responsible for influencing the major events of his life. Mercury strongly influences his communication and the presence of Saturn in his birth chart makes him susceptible to various ups and downs that are visible in his political career.

As far as the race to the Prime Ministerial position in the upcoming elections goes, Narendra Modi will enter his 64th year in 2014, which when added rounds off to number 8, which is his lucky number. Hence, he will be able to create his magic, but due to the influence of Saturn some hurdles are indicated in this path. There are chances that his party will find it difficult to form an alliance which might create problems for him. Hence, it will be too early to predict anything for him since a lot depends on his party too. Personally, his stars are well aligned but how his party performs will be a deciding factor in the elections. He will help the party in winning various states definitely. Despite the opposition, the NaMo effect cannot be ignored, as there is a good section of the society which finds a great leader in Modi and strongly believes that the wave of change will come when he's elected the Prime Minister.