December Zodiac Sign - The Optimistic Sagittarius

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December Zodiac Sign - The Optimistic Sagittarius

Those who are born in the last month of the year majorly have Sagittarius as their sun sign (12 November - 21 December). Sagittarius belongs to the element of fire and is ruled by the planet Jupiter. This zodiac sign is directly related to the hips and thighs of an individual and have a major impact on these body parts.

The people with the December Zodiac Sign are extremely positive in their opinions and very confident about their endeavors. They tend to be cheerful even when life shows them its dark side. Their loyalty is unmatchable and therefore, you can readily trust them and share with them your gravest secrets. Also, they are considered to be very patriotic and love their country like a mother. This is evident through the fact that many war heroes share this zodiac sign.

Another trait of the Sagittarius that attracts other people to them is their witty nature and their amazing sense of humor. Wherever they go, they spread smiles and make people laugh out loud. So do not forget to call upon your Sagittarius friends whenever you plan to throw a party as this would set the mood right and they will lighten the surroundings with their awesome jokes.

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Qualities of a Sagittarius:

1. Sense of righteousness - Every Sagittarius has a sense of righteousness embedded in their soul. They never tolerate anything wrong happening around them and therefore, it is likely that they would never cheat anyone.

2. Highly responsible - Sagittariuses are very responsible people who fulfill their duty with utmost honesty and never fail to skip the work assigned to them. This quality makes them an ideal employee who can be readily trusted with important positions.

3. Strong moral principles - They tend to act very seriously in matters pertaining to deceit and dishonesty and ensure that the one who did wrong is punished accordingly. 

4. Liberal and idealistic - Sagittarius people are very liberal in their nature as they readily accept the different opinions of people around them and devotionally follow the ideals that they have set in their lives.


Vocation and Finances:

Sagittariuses are excellent planners who plan out all the minute details of the projects at hand and then undertake the actions to execute their plans. They study everything in detail and believe that they can turn their dreams into reality. This is the reason that they achieve success in all their endeavors.

The carefree Sagittarius enjoys a career that has a carefree nature such as tourist guides, ambassadors, traveling salespersons, artists and so on. They are the ones who wish to have fun while earning as well as spending money. They are high-spirited people who have a positive attitude that gives them the confidence that they would be able to manage their finances without any major issues.

Love life and Relations:

Sagittariuses have a tendency to make friends wherever they go. They possess an attractive and humorous personality and therefore, everyone likes them and wishes to befriend them. They appreciate every person discarding the differences in their opinions, cast or culture and this results in the diverse friend circle of a Sagittarius. It is very important to remember that the Sagittariuses value all their relations but not at the cost of their liberty and freedom since it is very dear to them. 

Coming to the love life of a Sagittarius, we can say that they prove to be excellent lovers who are loyal and dedicated to their partner. But one must never try to cage the free spirit of a Sagittarius as this would lead to disastrous consequences. They love their independence over everything and cannot respect anyone who tries to crush them under the burden of relationships and bonds.

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