When You Share the Same Zodiac Sign With Your Lover

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When You Share the Same Zodiac Sign With Your Lover

Being with the same sun sign can be tricky at times, it can either be a match made in heaven or living hell on earth. How fascinating it can be when the other person will be just like a walking mirror exhibiting both your positive and negative traits. Some same sign unions may not be very compatible. But eventually it all depends on the two of you to either fix the problem or just let it go. Do you want to find out if you are compatible with your partner having the same sign? Astroyogi’s expert astrologers explains:

Aries - Aries:  This is undoubtedly a tough match, where two fire signs meet to cause an explosion. Since The Ram is head strong and hot headed, two Aries partner may not be compatible unless they stop butting their heads into each other. This partnership can only work if they allow their impulses to be their inspiration. They can ignite each other’s passionate nature and have lot of fun together if they really want to.

Taurus - Taurus: Two earth signs can be quite compatible as they enjoy stability together. However, one needs to exercise caution because the Bull is known to have a one track mind. All is well till both the partners are thinking in the same direction. Things will turn upside down if they tend to have different opinions as it will be difficult for both of them to adjust beyond their comfort zone. Balance will be the key to make this relationship successful. 

Gemini - Gemini: Twins can never be boring together; a fling can be quite exciting and can safely be considered as a whirlwind of passion between the two. But when it comes to compatibility in the long haul, things can become doubtful. The problem here would be lack of stability and too much unpredictability. Both can easily drift away from each other when one partner gets bored. If they do want things to work, they need to work towards stability in order to stay together. If you are one such match and have been experiencing turbulrnce in your relationship, consulting an Astroyogi astrologer online will not only help you to overcome current situation but will also guide you to nurture your relationship and make it stronger. 

Cancer - Cancer: The relationship between two Cancer individuals can be considered a good match. Both are nurturing and sensitive by nature, but this can also be a problem. The emotional factor can ruin this relationship if they do not learn to accept the presence of a sensitive partner. It is important that they learn to endure each other’s mood and take things a little easy.

Leo - Leo: This can be an unpredictable match or rather an explosive combination as both feels the need to dominate. Both desires attention and may tend to sulk if they don’t get it. Although it can be rare, true equality is much needed in this combination where both need to trade their power to dominate back and forth. Passion may run high in this relationship, but both need to keep a check on their temper and grow mutual respect for each other.

Virgo - Virgo: Fussy and meticulous, two Virgos can truly be a match made in heaven. Both of them have high expectations from each other and can set higher goals if both are on the same page. Owing to their critical nature, they should also learn to accept each other instead of trying very hard to change each other. But either way both may end up helping each other to become better people.

Libra - Libra: The union between the two can be lovely, but it can only work if they choose their battles well. Their compatibility depends on how well they are aware of each other’s issues or problems. Both yearn for harmony, but problems may arise if they do not communicate and allow resentments to rankle them. A fine balance of a little bit of everything and their ability to remain fair to each other can make this relationship work. Do you often feel like there is a transparent wall between you two? You have been trying to speak your heart out to each other but all attempts have failed. It's high time you broke that wall and pour your heart out to each other to know each other much better. 

Scorpio - Scorpio: Mystery, danger, passion and so much more when two Scorpios are together. It can be too much to handle at times and these intriguing qualities in both of them may not make the union very compatible. Jealousy or suspicious nature, coupled with fights and a lot of emotional turmoil, can lead to the relationship being on the rocks. Trust is one of the most important trait necessary to make this relationship last.

Sagittarius - Sagittarius: This can be a fun match as both enjoy competition and adventure. Their strong opinion on different matters can lead to serious but enjoyable discussions. But the real trouble looms when one fears of infringement of his/her freedom or when one partner wants commitment and the other prefers to remain free. If both are willing to work on these issues, it can considerably be a good match.

Capricorn - Capricorn: This match is devoid of any delusion and there is every possibility for this relationship to work. The reason being both partners are aware of each other’s needs outside the relationship. They have respect for each other’s work and space as well. Their relationship slowly develops from a deep bond of shared values. But if they allow worldly ambitions to come between them problems may arise.

Aquarius - Aquarius: They can be the best of friends as both are open minded and are highly tolerant individuals. But the world of emotions may not be their strongest point and passion may be a missing factor between the two. This is when trouble creeps in and both may ignore the emotional aspects of their relationship. To make this work, they need to venture out of their comfort zone and stop being coy about their true feelings.

Pisces - Pisces: Two dreamers in a relationship may dream of things together.  But without any plan of action this relationship can be devoid of any results. Both the fishes may float deep around endlessly in their dreamy fantasies, which may or may not work for them. They like to wear their rose colored spectacles and may tend to remain naïve, never resting their anchor into something substantial. This union can only work if one of them have his/her feet firmly on the ground. 

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