Common Myths about Tarot Reading Cleared by Mita Bhan

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Common Myths about Tarot Reading Cleared by Mita Bhan

Tarot cards have recently gained popularity in India. Though Tarot cards have been used since medieval times in Europe, they were only formally and professionally introduced to India, by the late Ma Prem Usha, in the 1980s. Today nearly 40 years later, they have grown immensely in popularity across the country. Some people are still wary of its esoteric past and hesitate to believe in its authentic predictions, because of the myths surrounding it.

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Some common myths about the Tarot are:

  1. MYTH – Face to face readings are more accurate than Telephonic readings:  Tarot readers tap into your energies through meditation, and so, the accuracy levels are the same in telephonic as well as face to face readings. However, no reading is ever 100% accurate and no prediction is ever set in stone, be it done online or in person.
  2. MYTH Tarot cards have to be touched with a particular hand: Many people believe that they have to use their right hand while picking out the tarot cards. However, no such rule exists. A querent customarily uses their dominant hand as they are comfortable with it and that is perfectly acceptable.
  3. MYTH – Tarot cards lose their power if touched by anyone other than the Reader who owns it: The illustrations, symbols, numbers and vivid colors, used on all 78 cards, are for all souls to understand and interact with, and can be touched by anyone who wants to read the cards and not just the owner of the deck. The reader simply has to clear the deck of others energy, before using it.
  4. MYTH – Tarot predictions are time sensitive:  Validity of any prediction depends on the question asked by the querent. Tarot is not a tool of prediction, but more of a tool for guiding a person towards a positive life. Depending on the type of questions, the prediction can be valid for a few months or a year. For example “Where do I see myself professionally placed in the next 5 years?” ” What are my chances of relocating in the next 3 years?” “What can I improve on, to ensure I get promoted in my upcoming appraisal next month?”
  5. MYTH – Women who are pregnant, should not read cards or get their cards read.  Pregnant Tarot readers are known to continue their practice of reading the cards till a day before their delivery and yet have healthy, bouncing babies.

These are just some of the many myths people have. Remember, Tarot is just a form of divination; a tool in the hands of a Tarot Reader; who can help you understand your past, your present and help guide you gently onto the right path. They help you create a wonderful and successful future. To get the best out of your Tarot reading, it is important to not get misguided by the outdated and unwarrented myths circulating about this powerful form of divination.