Chocolate Day: Why Is It Important And How to Celebrate It?

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Chocolate Day 2022: Celebrate The 3rd Day of Valentine’s Week

The 3rd day of love week, Chocolate Day, is celebrated to honor the sweetness in your relationship. This day is all about giving chocolates to your loved ones. Read to know all about Chocolate Day and how you can celebrate it. 

Valentine's week is calling out to all the lovers out there! This is the day to embrace the magic of Valentine's week, which starts from 7th February. This is the right time for people to profess their love to their beloved and for couples to reunite. Valentine’s week is the perfect time to shower your significant other with admiration, praises, and compliments. The magical love week begins with Rose Day and ends with the day of love, i.e., Valentine's Day on 14th February, every year. 

When it comes to giving gifts to your beloved, the most common and yet the most loved gift you can give is chocolates. Everyone loves chocolates! This is why an entire day is dedicated to giving chocolates to your loved ones, known as Chocolate Day. The third day of Valentine's week is the much-loved Chocolate Day. On this occasion, chocolates are given to loved ones as a gesture of love.

Let's get to know more about Chocolate Day.  

Chocolate Day Date 2022: Find Out Here!

Chocolate Day is celebrated on 9th February every year. The Chocolate Day 2022 is on 9th February 2022, which is a Wednesday. 

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What Is The Significance of Chocolate Day? 

There's no denying that a box of chocolates makes a great gift for Chocolate Day. If you want to make your bond a little sweeter with your loved ones, there is nothing better than chocolates. The idea behind celebrating this particular day is that the lovers hope to enhance the sweetness in their relationship by giving chocolates to each other. It is also to celebrate the love you share with your loved ones and to wish for longevity in your bond with your beloved. 

For the longest time, chocolates have been a special gift that can be given to anyone, especially to your beloved. As it is considered a sweet gesture, people gift decadent chocolates on this day to their partners to tell them their feelings. Not only couples or lovers, but even friends and family members exchange chocolates on this day to add a touch of sweetness to their relationships. Chocolates tend to have a strong emotional and psychological effect on people. Pop one chocolate in the mouth of your beloved and see how their expression changes when they feel the smooth, silky richness of the chocolate as it melts in their mouth.

Chocolates boost the production of feel-good hormones, i.e., Dopamine and Endorphins, from the brain. Almost everyone loves chocolates, so you really can’t go wrong there! These melt-in-the-mouth pieces of cocoa and sugar are considered one of the best aphrodisiacs. They are also known to increase energy levels in a person. Chocolates are fun to gorge on, and they are a great way of telling your partner how sweet you find the relationship. 

Chocolate Day is when you can forget all the worries in your life and only focus on spreading joy by giving chocolates to your near and dear ones. As everyone is eager to give a bar of chocolate to celebrate with their loved ones, shops and bakeries overflow on this day with assorted chocolates. To make this occasion special for your lover, you can choose anything from a bar of humble wrapped chocolate to exotic boxes of assorted chocolates. Add a beautifully written message that expresses your innermost feelings for your loved one. When you hand it over to them, you will see a smile on their face. Undoubtedly, this will make you realize that the effort you put in has been worthwhile. 

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How Should The 12 Zodiac Signs Celebrate Chocolate Day? 

One cannot deny that an assortment of chocolates is one of the best gifts to give your loved ones, especially your beloved. There are several reasons why chocolates make the perfect gift for your significant other. Nowadays, a huge variety of chocolates are available in a wide range of pricing. This gives you an excellent chance to choose according to your spending capacity. Fortunately, whether you give one chocolate or a bouquet of chocolates, the message sent across to your loved one will still be the same.

If you want to make Chocolate Day memorable for your significant other and choose chocolates that best define them, then their zodiac sign can help. Each zodiac sign has a set of unique personality traits. The zodiac signs can offer insights into the personality quirks and characteristics of a person. Getting to know their zodiac sign can offer insight into their likes, dislikes, and preferences, all of which can give you insight into what they would like. You might find it surprising; however, believe it or not, there's a perfect chocolate for everyone out there. 

  1. Aries:- If your beloved or the person you are giving chocolates to is an Aries native, you must know these individuals are extravagant, fiery, and open. Their love is warm and bright. Their fiery temperament goes very well with a bit of spicy kick in a bar of chili-infused chocolate. Aries natives will like some crunch in their relationship; hence, wafer-chocolates like Kitkat are also a good pick for them. As Aries natives are indulgent and extravagant, they would like timeless desserts such as chocolate brownies and chocolate-chip cookies. You can also opt for something simple yet amazing, like gourmet milk chocolate. 
  2. Taurus:- Taureans are known for being grounded, stubborn, and warm. The Earth element rules this zodiac sign. This is why if your partner is a Taurean, a decadent, delicious, and earthy hot chocolate can be a good choice of beverage for them. Taureans seek luxury, which is why rich Lindt chocolates would be a great choice. Choco lava cake is also an excellent chocolate delicacy that will suit a Taurean. Any chocolate with toasted nuts and coffee will be a perfect pick for Taureans. This rich and earthy blend will match a Taurean's preference. 
  3. Gemini:- Gemini is symbolized by the twins, and these individuals are known to be spontaneous, flirty, fun, and versatile. If your partner is a Gemini native, you should know that they are always up for trying out anything new. You can go for chocolates with a slight tart flavor, like chocolates with lime zest in it. This will be an exciting gift for them. Giving them chocolate cupcakes on Chocolate Day is also a good idea as they can eat a cupcake whenever they want. A Cadbury Silk can also be an excellent pick for them. 
  4. Cancer:- If your significant other is a Cancerian, you should know that Cancerians are sensitive and sentimental beings. As they are pretty sensitive, they tend to hide underneath a hard shell to safeguard themselves as they are aware of their emotional shortcomings. Dark chocolate like Bournville is the perfect gift to elevate their mood. Any chocolate with a sea salt flavor will also be an excellent choice for Cancerians as sweet with a savory twist can match their taste palate.  
  5. Leo:- Leos are courageous, proud, and they love attention. If your significant other is a Leo native, you must know that the flashy and extravagant Leos won't like a simple and boring bar of chocolate. If you want to give chocolates to a Leo native, you have to go for more dramatic options. You can give them a box of handmade chocolates and treat them like royalty. Dark chocolates with a citrus element like orange can be a spectacular choice for Leos. Leo natives love over-the-top and extra things in life, so a rich and decadent chocolate cake is also an excellent choice of dessert on Chocolate Day. 
  6. Virgo:- The perfectionists of the zodiac sign, Virgos, are pretty practical and meticulous. When presenting your lover, who is a Virgo native, with chocolates on Chocolate Day, make sure to keep things simple and confess your true feelings along with the chocolate. Give them some of the best dark chocolates, as these chocolates will match their palate. Dark chocolates have the perfect balance of depth and slight sweetness. Virgos also love luxurious things, so getting them chocolate truffles as dessert can also be a phenomenal idea. 
  7. Libra:- Libra natives are known for being charismatic, curious, romantic, and they like to maintain harmony. If a Libran is your desired partner, you should know that chocolate and strawberries are an ideal pick as they will appeal to their sensual side. Some of the finest dark chocolates, infused with a fruity strawberry flavor, are the best picks for the die-hard romantic Librans. Librans would also appreciate homemade chocolates or a humble chocolate bar as a dessert because they care more about the thought than the gift. 
  8. Scorpio:- If your significant other is a Scorpio native, then you should know that they will love it if you surprise them with innovative chocolates on Chocolate Day. The mysterious, sensual, and intense Scorpios need more than the standard chocolate to catch their attention. You can gift them intense and decadent chocolates, so a chocolate bar rich in cocoa would be excellent. A decadent molten chocolate cake or a rich triple-layered chocolate cake will also be a good dessert choice. 
  9. Sagittarius:- Sagittarians love freedom, opulence, and spontaneity. If your partner is a Sagittarian, then a box of assorted chocolates would be a good gift for them as they will be able to enjoy a variety of flavors. Chocolates combining smooth dark chocolate and refreshing mint are a great pick, as these will take the Sagittarians on an adventurous journey. As these individuals love to indulge, they would like rich and over-the-top chocolates. So, a chocolate cheesecake or a chocolate cobbler are good picks as dessert. 
  10. Capricorn:- Capricorn natives are known for being ambitious, practical, and traditional. If your partner is a Capricorn native, they would appreciate an upgraded classic like double chocolate cookies, chocolate-chip cookies, or something traditional like a chocolate doughnut. Capricorns need assurance and commitment in their relationship, so giving them heart-shaped chocolates is also a good idea. A decadent bar of dark chocolate with classic hints of vanilla is the perfect match to a Capricorn native's nature. 
  11. Aquarius:- Aquarians are known for being social, creative, and ethical. If you are thinking of giving chocolates to your lover who is an Aquarius native, then get them chocolates that they can share with others. This will impress them, as they have a philanthropic streak in them. They are known for having a unique, nutty, and eccentric personality, so a combination of dark chocolate and roasted almonds or chocolate-coated nuts will be the ideal pick for them. You can also choose a decadent black forest cake or chocolate fudge to appeal to their fancy side. 
  12. Pisces:- Pisces natives are known for being dreamers. They are often lost in their own fantastical la-la-land. Creative Pisces wouldn't like it if you give them run-of-the-mill chocolates. The artistic Pisces likes grand gestures, albeit genuine, so you can gift them a box of Ferrero Rochers on Chocolate Day. They would appreciate the nuances in a delicacy like a chocolate layered cake or a rich chocolate cookie for desserts. Any chocolate that combines dark chocolate with crunchy coconut would also be perfect for Pisceans.

Checking out the zodiac signs is an excellent way to prepare a thoughtful gift for your lover, friend, or other loved ones. Instead of gifting them with an old bar of chocolate, seek out unique Valentine's chocolate that matches their sign. So, give them the best chocolates on this day and don't forget to tell them- "My love, Happy Chocolate Day." 

Always ensure that you make the most of Chocolate Day. Unfortunately, if you are not in the same city as your beloved, do remember to send them a box of chocolates. People who are open to trying out new chocolates will get a wide variety of unique chocolates to satiate their curiosity on this occasion while also adding a tinge of sweetness to their relationships. 

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Summing Up 

The way chocolates can be sweet and bitter simultaneously, so can be love. It's common for any relationship to go through ups and downs. If you are having a tough time in your relationship, today is the day to mend your relationship and patch up with your loved ones. Remember that there is no feud that cannot be solved with a gorgeous box of chocolates. 

On Chocolate Day, indulging in the delicious chocolates can be a joyful and blissful moment that you can share with your partner. So, make the most of this day and create beautiful memories. 

If you are apprehensive about your relationship or want love-related advice, consult a love astrologer or a Tarot reader on Astroyogi, and they can guide you in making the right decision. 

Astroyogi wishes you a Happy Chocolate Day!

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