Can Our Past Deeds Affect Present Life Decisions & Results?

Thu, Jun 25, 2020
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Thu, Jun 25, 2020
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Can Our Past Deeds Affect Present Life Decisions & Results?

Actions speak louder than words! Which is indeed true in our lives. 

As a child or even after growing up, you must have seen a lot of people mention this word 'Karma'. Our parents, teachers and even friends have mentioned that our present deeds result in creating the future. Therefore, doing well is the true mantra of life which is how we are nurtured! 

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 But Is It Always True? Is Everything so Simple!

Can we always opt for good actions or be good? As humans, is it possible that we cannot do anything negative or wrong?



At times, obligations, need and desperation leads to ways which push people to take a negative approach. Categorise it as unwantedly or wanted, eventually, Karma keeps a track of all deeds!

Some actions are a result of unknown circumstances and situations, while some we are well aware of. It might sound strange to you that at times it’s the universal force that leads you towards a path which is not your choice but you end up opting for it.


Ever felt that?

The stars and planets are behind all this mechanism! Would you believe me if I say so? I doubt!

That is why I decided to unfold the connection between past deeds and astrology!

Time and again most of you must have felt that despite being so cautious, you face challenges, trials and hardships! This breaks you and even doubts your dedication and efforts. 

You might not be aware that the unpleasant times or situations which occur in your life uninvited are a result of your negative karma. It can be associated with your past life or previous years of the present life.

According to astrology, your present life is linked to your past and future. And astrology is the only way you can study all three dimensions at present.  

The result of your deeds is called the boomerang effect.


How do I Know My Troubled Present is a Result of Past Deeds?

As a layman, we might not keep a track of all our deeds or even have any idea about which act of ours can lead to a problematic future. But astrology does.

Astrology is an age-old study which helps one connect with the universe, soul and even the almighty. Not just this, it also gives you an insight into how your previous life has been and what all you need to keep in mind to safeguard it in order to have a better future.

As humans, we all like to be cautious about our decisions, approach or even choices so that we do not regret them. With the help of astrology and the right astrologer, one can do so.

The astrologer will prepare the birth chart. It is the blueprint which gives you a clear analysis of your life from the time you were born or even before that. It's created based on your birthdate time and place. It will hold all the details regarding the placement of planets in various houses, the current period which is going along with the reason as to what lead to an unfavourable period or incidence.


How Does Astrology Work to Settle Scores With Karma?

Where astrology covers every incident, event, association, effect in one’s life, reason etc on the other hand Karma just concentrates on the deeds.

If an expert astrologer will give you a detailed insight into what led to a problem, basically the reason behind it. Also, help you improve your karma so that your future is more stable and positive.

Basically, astrology is a way to strike a deal with the Karma to make life better and learn from past mistakes.

At Astroyogi, you not only find the best astrologers in India but also life coaches who will help you safeguard your present from the past. 


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